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Organization Aurora ~ OoC Thread

Discussion in 'Roleplay Archives' started by Shadow, Sep 7, 2011.

  1. Uh crazE, Devis tied Stu with rose prickles, not ropes. Fix that.
  2. Alright. Seems like my previous warnings about the flow of this RP have been for naught, so we've decided to take a different course of action. Originally, I had planned for a certain event to occur this IC Night, however, because of the slow progress we've made over the past few weeks, I've decided to simplify this for the sake of ending the day ONCE AND FOR ALL.

    - Finish Scott Conflict: Wrap the conflict up, which is probably happening in a few posts because of the sheer outnumbering.
    - End the Night: Small conversations can ensue afterwards, but DO NOT take entire days just to post two or three messages. Otherwise I'll simply call a timeskip.
    - Little Development: A small little something I have planned, it will just take a single post, so don't worry. I can merge it with the timeskip post if you guys want.

    That will be all. So Giga, Zio and Nate, get posting, and quick. I've decided to fade Fallen's characters into the background because of his sudden absence, just so you know. We'll come up with a decent excuse as to why they haven't interacted if he returns, so we don't have to worry about it for now.
  3. Can't right now. I'm on the 3DS. At school. Yeah...
    I'll get home in a couple of hours.
  4. yeah, you got home in a couple of hours, but uh, you still didn't do anything.
  5. Your impatience never ceases to astound me.
  6. It's been half a week, just a friendly poke. Btw Eebro, it's been a full week and a half for ToA. Just a friendly suggestion.

    And to be fair, the impatience is not on the progress of the post. It's the impatience of waiting for one to come up with self motivation. No one seems to be motivated anymore, a real tragedy.
  7. Maybe you're mistaking lack of motivation with not being obsessed with getting the next post in?
  8. I do push a lot, but only because I feel if I don't then the subject RP wouldn't truly be brought up at all for at least several weeks. I'm sure masq is as eager to keep his RP moving. I also yearn that people may not look so inwardly about what THEY want. These are group RPs, and posting whenever YOU want may not benefit everyone else's wishes. If I really am the only one wanting OA or any other RP activity here moving, then fine. I just liked it when we actually had activity every few days opposed to weeks and we never had any of this nonsense gaps between where we suddenly don't feel like it....

    EDIT: Well, it seems hypocritical of me to say more activity when I can barely try for any. Eebro did say RPs were for everyone. This is just a friendly reminder for everyone though, please try and get something in at least. It's been almost a week for this (as agreed the time for friendly reminders are) and idk where to put for ToA to get activity there.
  9. [​IMG]

    Picture of Isabelle for all who wondered. Have fun trying to defeat her :>
  10. crazE, can you not give Isabelle a font colour of plain white? ZEJ Default users read this RP too.
  11. changed for my little eebro<333333
  12. Started a post, but kinda got stuck... yeah irdk... Really should start paying more attention to this. :-/

    At any rate, I saved the post as a draft for now. Will definitely finish the post tomorrow.

    EDIT: Posted.... meh...
  13. Here is the formatted log from the CPing session. From here, we should try to adhere as much as possible to what happened, so that nobody is thrown off. Post if you want to change anything from this log first, but other than that... let's make some progress!

    Giga, Nate, and others who were not around for the CP, feel free to jump in where you feel right doing so. We do NOT mean to exclude you from OA, we just wanted to get this done and going again, so PLEASE feel free to post wherever suitable. We would love to have you still in~

    Isabella: *the sky darkens rapidly, the world enclosing itself from the sun. The breeze halts itself as a form is seen above a hole in the ground, dark whispey wolf-like forms growling and staring around with beady red eyes. The human form kneels down by the hole, smiling*
    Isabella: Bryce... you are so weak... no wonder my master has kept you. You feed him so easily...
    Isabella laughs as she stands up, summoning a swathe of darkness over her and the wolves and conjoining into a large whisp of dark matter. The large whisp seeps through the hole and makes a swirld around the room, reforming the beings within moments
    Ramiro is standing in a part of the dim forest, peering deep into the bush where Micayla insisted she saw something frightening. "What is it, that you want."
    Micayla: *panicking, having fallen back onto the ground* Ramiro... I-I... don't. It's gone... must have been a trick of my eyes...
    Isabella: *another whisp slides past the corners of the group's eyes, followed by another and another. It seemed as if the trees were playing tricks...*
    Sharra 's expression soon contorts into one of immediate uneasiness as she stops mid-sentence from saying something to Kaneli. She had felt it again, just now. She almost instinctively draws her weapon, looking around almost wildly for the source.
    Kaneli stiffens up, glancing at Sharra with a look of worry. "S-Sharra..? Are you really okay or am I just...ugh...I don't know....I'm not feeling so good.."
    Aniu glances back over his wing to make sure Fyuren is still in no danger of falling onto the cold snow far below. /Can't have him falling to his death when it was his self-appointed protector he was riding on,/ He thinks idly, scanning the trees and snow below.
    Ramiro narrows his eyes behind his hollow mask. "No. I definitely saw it this time. Get up, Micayla, and get behind me. Watch yourself."
    Sharra ignores Kaneli, walking to the center of the room warily. Her senses tell something is very, very wrong. The grip on her handgun tightens.
    Bryce: *opens his eyes slowly, then widely as he sees a full-figured being at his bedside, cold metal touching his head.He wanted to scream, but his body was so out of it, a mere gasp was all he could muster*
    Fyuren gathers his courage and peers over the golden plush beneath him to view the tundra wilderness. "It's more beautiful from above..."
    Isabella smiles, pushing Bryce's head with her pistols. "Shhh... it's alright.. I'm just here to ruin yours and everyone else's life. But I'll be back to end it.."
    Kaneli looks away with silence, thinking to herself with an increasing feeling of worry. Was it the nightmare's touch causing her anxiety? Or was this some other ungodly force making her feel like this. Kaneli shaked her head slightly to calm down. She didn't need that kind of thinking."...mmph.." She whispers under her breath, walking past Sharra and towards her room carefully.
    Ramiro draws his scythe from his back, and brandishes the blade as it ignites impossibly with seeming momentum from the air around him. "Show yourself, demons of winter! Torment us no more, for I will purge you from this WORLD!"
    Aniu: It is, isn't it? *chuckles* It's rather pleasant to just spend the day flying over this place. It's not like there's much else to do. Fewer travelers come here, so there's rarely anybody that needs protection.
    Sharra stops Kaneli with her free hand, grasping her shoulder. "No, stay here," she almost hisses in a tone conveying both gravity and wariness. "There's something wrong."
    Isabella: *the air begins to slowly fall into a deathly silence, then evermore. All that could be heard now is the ringing in one's ears, as if an eternal blackness of sound overcame the area*
    Kaneli looks back, listening to Sharra's assertive hiss for a moment. But something was wrong, her words began to fade-lowering in tone until an annoying ring in her ear began to hog up any sound in the shelter. This wasn't good at all. "Hm.? W-What..?"
    Isabella: *the dark blotches continue the fade in and out of the group's sight, until finally one loan being stands in the midst. A black cloak with a sort of frothing darkness slowly emanated from the openings of the cloak. It stood enigmatically still, seeming to await something*
    Fyuren 's hands quickly grasp the collar as a stronger gust beats him. "Will we be landing soon...?"
    Isabella: *the dark blotches continue the fade in and out of the group's sight, until finally one lone being stands in the midst. A black cloak with a sort of frothing darkness slowly emanated from the openings of the cloak. It stood enigmatically still, seeming to await something*
    Micayla: *clings to Ramiro's arm* Ramiro.... I have a bad feeling about this. Don't do anything rash...
    Scott: *Steps out and spots Ramiro. Already feeling quite stressed about being in a different planet, Scott's arms raised quickly in order to summon his bow and arrows.*
    Bryce tries with all his might to yell out, make some form of communication. His hand reaches out toward the girl Shakily, trying to plead for her to stop.
    Aniu flinches at the grasp on his collar and begins to reply, but then looks around suddenly as his usually keen hearing begins to pick up less of the buzz of wilderness around him, normally ever present. And then his aureate fur bristles as he sights... something. Below him. Dark.He growls and takes a gradual dive to get closer.
    Ramiro points his scythe commandingly at the being of darkness, blade crackling with Fire Mana. He entirely disregards Micayla, and asks, "What. Are. You."
    Sharra narrows her eyes as the world muffles into an eerie silence. The signature pulses even more with wickedness. /One of the rooms./ she mentally assures herself. A simple glance around the main room tells nothing is visibly wrong but...
    Fyuren 's grip tightens as gravity's pull lightens and his stomach backflips. He tries to cry out but his mouth refuses to open.
    Micayla, having caught a glimpse of the raised arms in the distance, whispers quietly to Ramiro, attempting to get his attention "Ramiro... over there... something coming... It has /weapons/!"
    Isabella points a gun at the wall, feeling the beings on the other side and positioning a slightly faltered shot. She pulled the trigger, and yet as the bullet propelled itself encased in a dark aura andthrough the wall, no sound of a bang is made. She smiled as she knew this bullet would miss; it was intended to. What was the fun of an instant kill?
    Isabella: *the dark being stays still, dark whisps floating off of it still. Suddenly, dark wolves begin to appear aroundthe group, manifesting from the air as whisps of glowing red eyes come into formation*
    Scott: *Suddenly snaps into a firm position, immediately pulling back on the arrow towards the dark wolves. Not a single word was said* ...
    Aniu narrows his eyes; something is very, very wrong. More dark entities had formed below- and those were /humans/ down there. He curtly says to Fyuren, "Maintain your grip," before taking a steeper angle for speed.
    Ramiro leaps into action, slashing wildly at the figure in front of him with its red, demonic eyes. /Beasts like you should never have been formed!/ He mentally preaches, scythe in prime position tocleave a good chunk of the figure's right side. "Micayla, on your guard. Do not get touched. We do not know what we are-" turning to try and get a better vantage point, "-dealing with."
    Sharra reacts almost in instinct. Leaping back, the soundless shatter of ice caused by the bullet impacting two walls following immediately after. The shadow bullet had missed its mark, yes, but this means there is something even more dangerous beneath this all. In an instant, she flashes out of existence, blurring in an out of reality as she uses a technique--a teleport illusion--to surpass what naked eye can see of her fluid motions. Her momentum carries her to the hallway, whatever it was had to be on Bryce's room. Inertia carrying her still, she pulls the trigger as she goes past the door, just perfectly to shoot a single bullet through its wooden form and hopefully hit the unseen enemy.
    Scott: *Begins to swiftly fire bright green energy arrows at the beasts, moving swiftly in order to not seem like a sitting duck target to these....things he saw.*
    Ramiro is startled slightly by the arrow of energy as he spins violently around to see where the shot came from. "SHOW YOURSELF!!" He calls out, fearing for his safety. The shot had come very close to Micayla and him, after all.
    Aniu flares his large eagle-like wings to keep himself from crashing into anything or anyone; swiftly, he buzzes over the shadow wolves, his aura blazing brightly as he howls out at the abberations, "Begone!"
    Scott: *Suddenly runs up behind Ramiro, flashing his green eyes at the man with some degree of fear. However, his face did not show any emotion.* ...
    Fyuren bites his lip to keep what little composure remains. Certainly flying was the worst form of transportation.
    Isabella: *the being immediately disfigures into nothingness, reforming a few feet away. This time it moved swiftly, shedding the cloak to reveal a wickedly grotesque skeletal monster, a mass of black bones mounted with an ungodly viciously-toothed skull and piercing and flowing-red eyes. It immediately dashed forward at an astonishing speed, attempting to rip its black bony claws through Ramiro*
    Ramiro processes the events unfolding around him. The sniper had revealed himself, though clearly he was not the enemy to do such a bold thing. A strange, demon-riding man descended from the skies to fight away the wolves, though Ramiro would deal with it later. For now, the incoming skeleton was slashing madly. Ramiro put up his scythe to parry, slicing downwards at the claw of the beast in order to sever its main weapon.
    Micayla gasped in shock, seeing the events transpire.
    Isabella feels the aura move at unfathomable speeds, smiling as it does so. So one of them carried speed. She bit her lip as she smirked, liking this form already. /I bet I'm faster./ Isabella immediately launched herself from her place as a bullet flew through the wooden barrier to the hallway, bringing up her pistols to fire bullet after bullet through the silent atmosphere. Although having no sound to the scene, Isabella was used to it. She trained to use it, after all
    Isabella: *the dark wolves dissipated in a small explosion of dark and green energy, but more easily took their place, whisping out of the air to aid the assault. several wolves surround Micayla and Scott, snarling viciously*
    Aniu growls at the wolves, memories and instincts of his days of life coming back to him. But he couldn't effectively fight with Fyuren on his back. Glancing back at the human, he asks, "Do you want off?" His voice would hold amusement were it not for the situation.
    Fyuren releases his tension long enough to sneak out a reply. "If that is possible, yes."
    Aniu nods and lands briefly- just long enough to allow Fyuren to get off. Then he leaps among the shadow wolves, becoming nothing more than a golden, winged-wolf-shaped light, releasing a burst of strange energy to attack the dark abberations.
    Kaneli barely gasped while snapping her head up at the slight sight of a trailing dark bullet going through the walls and blasting a cascade of ice and dirt. Her focus on the bullet then seemed to slow everything down for her---The omen of doom stopped her at her tracks. All she felt was her beating heart, and an aching pulse through her veins. Everything seemed to have gone in a blur- Sharra was suddenly gone, and a raining cascade of ice shot out without warning. Despite that, there was no sound from that either. The hammer-wielding woman froze on the spot, not really knowing what to do since she didn't even understand what was going on.
    Sharra 's form slides on the frozen floor due to the inertia, the consecutive shots failing to impact on her ever-moving form. All carefully planned. /Shit./ a curse runs through the all-consuming mind's echo as she steers expertly, back into a standing, combat position. She had fought without the use of her eyes as part of her training, but sound was vital. She grits her teeth as her eyes fixate themselves on the battered door, arm raised to point her gun at it. It seems like Sharra has to rely on her eyes now.
    Fyuren quickly leaps off the furred sky devil and staggers when he realizes his legs are not working properly. /A side-effect of fear? I'm never afraid.../
    Scott: *Widdens his eyes, taking Ramiro's attack towards the beast as an opportunity to fire his arrow at the enemy- now surging with a bright curtain of energy.*
    Isabella: *the skeleton continues, its black bones reflexively detaching and allowing the scythe to pass over. The skeleton pulls back enough to suddenly let out an ear-piercing screech despite the silence, red energy forming around its claws as it locks eyes with Ramiro. As soon as the eyes meet, a strange feeling begins to emanate into the beholder...*
    Isabella: *A large puff is soon seen by Sharra as Isabella is immediately next to her, pistols pointed at the girl and smiling. Despite the silence, her voice is heard clearly and almost painfully*
    Isabella: Hello, girl. I find you fun, so give me a challenge.
    Isabella: *more wolves start to spawn as the energy from the glowing wolf dissipates a few. They begin to growl and bark before in an organized fashion jumped out at the group, black teeth bared to rip apart*
    Aniu calculates quickly as he takes to the air, reverting to his Material form. Would they be forced to retreat from the onslaught? Could he carry four? He sends out another burst of energy to try to distract or deter the wolves.
    Sharra 's gaze darts to the figure next to her. Her words sound despite the unnerving silence consuming the atmosphere...It must be her. In an astoundingly fast whipping motion, Sharra slams--or attempts to, anyway--the butt of her gun at the newcomer's side, as she leapsforward, turning in midair to delivers several muted shots at her distancing enemy.
    Ramiro is locked in a death gaze held by the skeletal figure, red eyes piercing through Ramiro's own haunting mask. /It will not... end like this. Salvation! Find me!/ He screamed inside of his head. All seemed almost lost, when suddenly...
    Kaneli looks closer to the hallway scene- Who was that there? What was going on? With all these questions, her focus shifted on someone other than them and herself- but her fear seemed to have caused her whole being to freeze up helplessly.
    Isabella pulls herself swiftly at the wall, easily jumping off and twirling. In this cascade of twirling ponytails and clothing, two pistols materialize into view as Isabella points her gun back at Sharra, swiftly and repeatedly pressing the triggers. Immediately a massive surge of bullets were released as if by an army, and inevitable wall of cold steel dots moving at swift speed toward their target
    Fyuren finally regains of his rebellious lower limbs. He could not afford to be useless at this time; his mind was racing, calculating. The golden wolf takes flight, leaving Fyuren with the dark land dwellers. "Come over here, I have a treat." He says with a distractive wave toward the creatures.
    Ramiro: *A powerful beam of a golden colour shot directly through the ribcage of the skeleton, piercing it right through. The energy stopped on the other side of the being, forming an ethereal guillotine on the other side, primed to sliced directly downwards upon the skeleton*
    Scott: *Prepares to fire an arrow until the powerful beam of golden light pierces directly into the skeleton* ..../Ja..../
    Ramiro: *The source of the beam - Micayla -had her eyes glazed over in the same, glowing golden colour.* "You will not harm him. Flee now, lest you end in suffering in the netherworld."
    Isabella: *The skeleton's vertebrae immediately dissipated as the energy blasted right through it, the eyes locked on Ramiro immediately breaking. The top half hits the ground, bones shattering into their singular pieces, head rolling through the snow a little*
    Aniu snorts in general amazement at the sudden beam of energy, piercing through the dark creature that seemed to be the leader. His own bursts of spirit energy seemed to be slight shocks in comparison...
    Scott: *Glances back at Micayla-shocked and lowering his bow slightly* ./Deinem fa.....dein enfreno..?/
    Isabella: *the wolves direct their attention at the enticing man. Although there was perpetual silence, the wolves noticed the obvious enticing movement, gladly surrounding the man within moment*
    Fyuren shakes his legs of their final urges of rebellion as the wolves approach. /Like locusts to the field./"Why not attack all at once."
    Sharra has landed by now, eyes locked on her adversary. They widen now as she realizes what she is about to do--conjuring twin pistols. She almost feels a glacial shiver through her body as the triggers prepare to be pressed. As the soundless bangs ensue, she blurs into nothingness. Her motion includes dashing almost haphazardly to her left, tackling the wary Kaneli out of harm's way. The cascade of sped metal practically shatters the opposite wall, but Sharra doesn't care. Standing up immediately, she taps the blue core of her gun, which glows an unearthly, icy cyan.
    Ramiro is set free from the gaze of the skeleton, seeing its skull upon the forest floor. He looks back at the glowing Micayla, baffled at her sudden energy... before she collapses.
    Kaneli , slowly turning her head back instantly saw the sight of her world bluring again. She felt her body struck powerfully to the ground without a second to spare. This time she felt completely lost. After her body slams onto the cold floor, she looks up with surprise and yells without any sound. ./GAH/
    Ramiro immediately rushes over to the girl, cradling her head. The aura of death within her resonates far stronger than ever before.
    Aniu glances over at the girl, slightly concerned as she drops, but that is not his greatest concern at the moment. Seeing the shadow wolves surround the one he protects makes him bristle, and he leaps among them once more, now buffeting them with his wings while still releasing bursts of spirit energy.
    Scott: *Looks back at Ramiro and runs towards the duo. Even without any sound around them, he motioned to the man showing his definate standing- a good guy standing.*
    Isabella: *the wolves dissipate at the blasts of energy, but more still fly from the air as they leap, enclosing the area around the beings immediately withing snapping jaws and tearing claws*
    Aniu snarls soundlessly. /This... is not working./Quickly he extends a wing, holding himself in a way to tell Fyuren to get back on.
    Ramiro stands, leaving Micayla alone in the snow, before once more igniting his scythe, and slashing wildly at the unending stream of the wolves. /I do not care how many demons I must eliminate. They will ALL PERISH!/
    Scott: *Snaps his attention back at the wolves, snarling under his breath and forming another batch of arrows between his fingers* ./Errek......dieneme errek volvens nomo eim va../
    Isabella: *the skeleton's head suddenly rolls back toward its bones, dark energy pulling the pieces back up while astonishingly adding more. The skeleton turned and looked at the small girl, piercing red eyes whisping out as it opens its sharpened jaws*
    Ramiro wheels around, viciously slamming the butt of his scythe directly into the skull of the unending beast of death. /DO NOT HARM HER./
    Fyuren scowls. His precision plan ruined by some golden wolf diving seemingly from nowhere. Whatever this radiant entity was it seemed focused on dispatching its wingless counterparts. Then the rescuing creature approached him in some kind of manner that appeared to suggest... a ride. He shakes his head, not trusting the being.
    Scott: *Quickly and swiftly fires an array of glowing arrows at the remaining numbers of wolves that Ramiro did not get to in his bout of rage. Each arrow exploded on contact with the wolves, something even Scott didn't count on happening*
    Isabella lands and rolls, turning swiftly around to meet the eyes of Sharra. A fun and smiling face was on her, almost portraying a look of innocence were it not for her holding two very large and fatal weapons in either hand. "Good with your speed AND your guns... I wonder what happens if I do this..." she says. Suddenly, the air began to darken dramatically, the air thickening with dark energy dramatically to the point of barely any visibility
    Kaneli quickly stands up, her eyes suddenly glowing slightly under the dimming light around her. Now she was putting together the pieces. If she wanted to help out Sharra or actually save her ass from this battle, she needed her hammer with her.
    Isabella: *the wolves keep a firm hold on the spiritual material of Aniu's being, not being swayed so easily as they start to rip apart what they could from the being, dark fang meeting light fur and feather. Although the light seemed to be holding off some damage, the wolves soon began to surround and encompass the group, all jumping out as a pack*
    Isabella: *the skeleton's skull suddenly knocks from the neck of the body, hitting the snow powerfully and digging into the white flakes from impact. The body immediately dashed into the snow and gripped the skull, pulling it out to try and place it back onto its being*
    Sharra blinks as the voice fades, and the overall light of the room darkens dramatically. Core's Mana-based glow helps her to discern the immediate distance, but nothing else. Everything is shaded, darkened unnaturally... and vibrating with that accursed dark energy. The trigger is pulled one, two, three times, her gun's barrel shooting forth chilling bullets of Ice Mana as warning shots. She takes a step back, orienting herself from memory. The exit is on the distanced wall behind her...
  14. Deviated slightly from the log but I needed to speed up the Aniu/Fyuren scene a bit cause I took too long to post anyway.

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