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Organization Aurora ~ OoC Thread

Discussion in 'Roleplay Archives' started by Shadow, Sep 7, 2011.

  1. Hey! Welcome to Organization Aurora. I shall be posting the Prologue Thread and the Sign-Up Thread very soon, I promise.
  2. Liar. Peruvian promises mean nothing to me.

  3. Argh, hurry up, people, I wanna RP >_>
  4. Who are we waiting for??? :/
  5. .... Fallen, have you forgotten Jase is in this too, and that he won't be able to sign up until he has internet again? --__--

    Before starting Organization Aurora, we need to have a VERY IMPORTANT decision that will greatly affect how the Roleplay will progress, In-Character. Organization Aurora, like most groups or teams, need a leader. Now, I only need ONE vote from each, but you are free to debate about the matter in this Thread--just don't go out of hand. Remember, upon choosing, explain your reasoning so everyone can see where you're coming from and what you're exactly aiming for. I need input from EVERYONE in order to end the voting process.
  7. Leader: Sharra Xirro
    Second-in-Command: Kaneli Edison

    As I mentioned in the chat just moments prior to this post, whenever I've read anything from Organization Aurora until now, I've had Sharra pegged as a leader in my own mind. I don't know about the rest of you, but she seems to command respect while in-character, which is absolutely KEY in a leader. She also owns the property which the Organization uses as a hub, which gives her another slight edge. She is firm about what she believes in, and has a level head when attacking situations, and even though she could be considered a 'lone wolf,' she seems to get along with everyone just fine.

    Kaneli, I must say, seems like the obvious choice to me as a second-in-command. Her moral stance is different to Sharra's, as are her beliefs. Starr mentioned that she could possibly "teach Sharra to be less of a lone wolf," and even though Sharra and Kaneli have gotten in fights during the chatplays in the past (as far as I know), they contrast well and complement each other. Kaneli would be able to offer that sober second opinion that a good leader needs once in a while; that sort of wake-up call moment when they are high on their own horse.

    As for other characters, I personally don't know enough about each to peg them as leaders. Zio, Nate, Kuda, and my characters have either been briefly in the RP, or not at all yet, which puts them out immediately. Starr mentioned Scott as a potential second-in-command, though later said that he was in a culture shock state, which wouldn't give him very much in-character reason to be a leader. Stu... well, no comment. Bryce and Devis both seem to be more reserved background people than leaders, but I may be wrong about both. Fallen's characters, I don't know anything about at all, so I'll leave that up to the people who are actually involved in the canon to determine a verdict there.
  8. Don't particularly care about second in command, but Sharra immediately gets my vote for leader. She has the attitude of someone who would not only be willing to step up and take charge in a crisis but would actually be ABLE to do it. She also seems to know the area and such best, from what I've seen, and as a common argument is- they are using HER shelter as base. She's cool, collected, and doesn't act like someone who would cave under pressure like my cou main.
  9. Gonna pretty much echo Kuda here. Shares seems best for leader, and idfk who could be good for second. Maybe that place should be played out a bit.
  10. As I've said during the last CP for this, Sharra for leader.

    Second-in-command, idk
  11. I honestly don't care.
  12. My vote goes for Bryce. Before any of you call me out for conceitedness of choosing my own character, let me bring my reasons:

    1. Because of my erratic timing, I was unable to make Bryce's profile descriptive and left out some what was thought to be little details. But now, this brings a big thing for Bryce. Bryce himself was high in power on his homeworld, a prince, but wasn't favored because of recklessness. But after his whole world was destroyed in front of him, he's had to grow up a lot. He now has characteristics of responsibility and humbleness while also having the obvious fact he's been trained all his life to lead a kingdom. (Also that's how he obtained his sword. Only high in power crysians obtain mana-infused swords)

    2. Bryce just lost his homeworld. He's got no one else to turn to but everyone around him. This bonding with everyone will have him get to know everyone on a personal level. Also, he has nothing left to live for anymore, seeing as his planet just been swallowed. His whole life would now be devoted to his companions and allies.

    3. Bryce, being trained his whole life to make big decisions, won't just choose one second in command. Like Congress, he will have multiple people who would help him out: Sharra, Kaneli, and Scott. Sharra for knowledge and wisdom along with survival tactics, Kaneli for region history and mapping, and Scott for military tactics and also a constant right-hand man. Together they would be a powerful force.

    4. Bryce is passionate about his goals and duties. He will undoubtedly be devoted to OA in all ways possible. Not only that, but will have a personal drive to prove his father he can be a successful leader.

    Call me selfish and/or conceited for choosing my own character, but simple logic is written in front of you.
  13. I vote for Sharra as first in command mainly because she seems very in-tune with her environment- knowing whats what around her, etc. She also has no hesitation into making decisions and also has a warm feel around her as she is usually quite alright with everyone and respects their opinions and such.

    As for second in command, I was going to vote for Scott (Don't hate me for choosing one of mine, I have reasons to do so that don't have to do with the fact that they're my characters.) but now that I've given a deeper look into Scott's persona in general- Hes too quiet and reserved. He can't communicate efficiently judging by the fact that hes not familiar with English. Sure, he could understand what everyone's saying most of the time, but in any high position, communication is key. So my vote goes towards Kaneli. Shes very assertive and "by the book"- ish. Shes composed as well as very vocal about her opinions. Also, she considers everyone's opinion as a valuable part. Besides all that, she seems to be a rather determined and hard working girl. Those are only some reasons.
  14. Well I'll just I vote Sharra for leader and Kaneli for second-in-command because everyone else pretty much covered what I was going to say.

    Like Eebit said, most of the characters are fairly new such as Zios, nate, and jason's. Stu is too random and well sleeps a lot. Rein is too much of a womanizer that gets side tracked a lot, while Scott is just too quiet.

    Obviously Sharra would be leader because it is her place and she is pretty strong. For second in command, I was considered Storm, Kaneli, and Bryce, but in the end Kaneli seemed like the best choice. Storm is good with people, but sometimes she can easily lose her temper. Bryce seems very responsible, but I just don't know too much about him and Kaneli seems like a better choice. She works well with a lot and respects peoples decisions, plus she clashes with Sharra.
  15. Just a note: I will be will not be posting until late tomorrow (that is, if I do end up posting tomorrow).
  16. I'm not posting, I'm just saving my things as drafts for now because I keep getting epically ninja'd and I hate editing my posts now.

    Okay, I cleared my name here without needing too. Yeaaah! [​IMG]
  17. Sorry for bad post, Eebit, but I forgot about the whole backstory thing at first, and it is really hard to type on this phone.
  18. Starr, make Kaneli reply to Fyuren and serve dinner already. We GOT to get this moving.
  19. On it, On it, On it.


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