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Old Pieces of Paper On the Internet (AKA Elder Scrolls Online)

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Conjectures' started by Nebulon Ranger, May 4, 2016.


Is the gay civil union between Ilus-Lei and Nelvaari canon

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  1. [​IMG]
    "Zeira go home you're drunk."

    "OH GOD"


    "I don't want to leave this screen." ----@Keileon 2016
  2. [​IMG]
    Made myself some Breton armor so I could have level-appropriate (VR1) gear with some of my new dyes on it. Realised I need to change the tabard colors. Just gotta get 2k for that though, which isn't hard to come by in Veteran Glenumbra.
  3. What colors for the tabard? Just a darker gold to make it match both of us?

    Because in that case it should only be 1k, one color.
  4. I was changing both the border and flame to a darker gold; 2k.
  5. debating starting up ESO and getting into things or just continuing on my morrowind journey #293820983 (lots of good times tho, this is the first time ive played it on anything that isnt an xbox. gotta say im loving the ability to patch out gamebreaking bugs)
  6. I can drop you a guild invite if you get on. Already sent you a friend request.
  7. What were the addons I should be downloading? I've got the SkyShards addon, I remember one was a minimapp (though i have several to choose from here, I can't remember the specific one), and the third one is ???
  8. The ones I have are AUI, Skyshards, Lorebooks, and ESO Theater.
  9. I've got AUI, ESO Theater, Clock: Tamriel Standard Time and Harven's Dwemer Clock.


  11. So ZOS moved all of the VR skill / attribute points to levels 40-50. I, however, got all of them for free even though I was only VR2. Neat.

    This means that when another one of us gets into the 40s, they'll start getting two of each point instead of one.

    On another note, inner Anvil is definitely pretty:

  12. Oooh, I have 30days of ESO plus sitting around, I'll activate it once I've levelled up a bit more

    I downloaded ESOTheatre and the AUI addon but it says theyre out of date? Im assuming its safe to just ignore that
  13. Next time you're able to log in, go to Settings -> Addons and check Allow out-of-date addons.
  14. yep, did that already. the mini-map is blocking my quest journal and i found the AUI stuff to be too distracting but the other addons are good.
  15. You can drag and resize the minimap~
  16. So, Ilus-Lei and Nelvaari did the Pledge of Mara yesterday and my first thought was "this is basically a gay civil union between a dunmer and an argonian".

    See attached poll.
  17. ESO is currently half off on Steam if anyone wants to get it.


    @"The Kakuzato" since you wanted it eventually
  18. Today on ESO: Nelvaari and Sisselriam become vampires, Starr gets the Dark Brotherhood DLC and everyone goes on assassination sprees, all with a generous helping of Dylan getting attacked by guards.
  19. Okay so, after wandering around Craglorn a bit and accepting a couple quests, I have deduced that Adventure Zones (i.e. Craglorn and the upcoming zone in black marsh) are basically gigantic group dungeons.
  20. First, Ilus-Lei has a new look. Same color scheme, this time in the Primal style! I really need a steady supply of Argentum though. Got any?


    Second, this is the kind of shit I just randomly find in dressers while stealing during a Dark Brotherhood quest.


    Not in a hurry to use it, as I don't have any particular attachment to Daedric and I need the skill points for other things. I'm saving it for later though.

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