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Oblivion Phantasy ~ The Obstinate Odyssey 【Profile Thread】

Discussion in 'Profile Threads' started by Shadow, Jan 3, 2012.

  1. ~ Plot ~

    The World of Phantasia.

    A fantastical world of flowing Mana, unsolved mysteries and crawling danger. During the Era of Origin, it was a harsh world filled with chaos; and both Mortal and God alike formed a pact bound to last eternity to set a definite order. While the humans were gifted to grasp the concepts of both magic and science alike, the higher beings they now worshiped as their deities reshaped Phantasia into the world it is now. Or so the legend tells. The world itself is like a jigsaw puzzle--many vital pieces that necessary to comprehend it are missing and complete exploration of the planet is severely restricted by the natural hazards that exist. And thus, while a vast mantle of undefined danger conceals a majority of Phantasia, the slowly-growing patches of thriving population that exist contrast it into perfect harmony. I shall welcome you to the universe of Oblivion Phantasy, a collection of tales spanning the length of time of this world from the start, through the end. All within one's grasp.

    Boreana. A perpetually frozen, harsh continent, a land of forever winter. It is the least populated and explored continent, obscured by other better-known continents such as Dharmastia and Lienaell, and locked by the most dangerous sea of Phantasia--Lapriconea's Sea. Boreana has been a subject of interest for years ever since the discovery of the Aurora Vortex, an area surrounding the exact north pole of the world which seems to be a major flux of Mana to Phantasia. Ever since the disappearance of an expedition team in the Aurora Vortex, all current investigations were immediately ceased and further attempts were prohibited. But the tale does not start there.

    Pyun'en. A remote, mostly inaccessible region in the Boreanean fields due to the violent snowstorms completely enveloping the area. A young Shapeshifter dashes forward, numb paws crushing the dense blanket of snow underneath as his wolf form struggles against the cruel cold. He would endure the freezing temperature. He would squeeze through the veil of raging blizzards. He would ascend to the Scheque Mountains. His determination? An infinite reservoir of stubbornness.

    Oblivion Phantasy
    ~ The Obstinate Odyssey ~

    Now on your local ZEJ Theaters, 2012.


    ~ Profile Template ~

    [b]Next Level:[/b]
    [b]+ Skill #1:[/b]
    [b]+ Skill #2:[/b]
    [b]~ Stats ~[/b]
    [b]X Gauge:[/b]
    [b]Skill Points:[/b]
    [b]Upgrade Points:[/b]
  2. ~ Inventory ~

    Normal Items

    Potion x2 - Restores 25 HP upon usage. Range: Self or Adjacent Cell.

    Ether x3 - Restores 10 MP upon usage. Range: Self or Adjacent Cell.

    Soul Tonic - Revives a KO'd Character with 25% Max HP. Range: Adjacent Cell.

    Ability Sphere - Applicable to Equipment. Unknown Effects. Range: Self, Adjacent Cell or Outside-Battle.

    Equipment Items

    Longbow - A simple wooden bow. [+1 Atk / Range: 3 Cells (No Adjacent) / Weapon / Equippable by Jason and Henry]

    Ice Gear - Peculiar gear-shaped accessory with no discernible purpose other than carrying it around. The ice it is made from is astoundingly durable and doesn't appear to melt. [+5 MP / AP: 0/10 / Accessory / Equippable by Everyone]

    Raugelite - Extremely rare remnant which is usually disintegrated after a Living Ice's death. It is a peculiar crystalline formation resembling ice in structure but is colored a startling red instead. [Enable Redfrost / Accessory / Equippable by Everyone]

    Material Items

    Normal Arrows x25 - Arrows crafted from wood without any remarkable quality whatsoever. You've got a shitload of them. Yeah. [Arrow Rounds]

    Cool Fur x7 - Patch of fur belonging to an Arctic Wolf with a peculiar coloration--soft grays with a tinge of icy blue.

    Ice Fang x2 - Fang broken off from an Arctic Wolf; it contains a hollow root from which Ice Mana is meant to pulse out of.

    Ice Shard x10 - Ice chipped off from a Living Ice's body which is lightly enveloped by a ghostly mist. It seems to contain traces of an ethereal energy.

    Key Items


    Currency: 361 Gold


    ~ The World Map ~


    + Pyun'en Region

    > Blizzard Veil

    + Is'helgt Region

    > Town of Baerja
    --- Ruined Square
  3. Enemy Profiles

    Name: Hujiel, Crelia
    Level: 3
    Monster: Cryominid


    + Ice Sharpen: Sharpens the user's body to increase overall physical strength. Increases User's Base Atk by 25%. Chain Basic Attack. Use Time: Instant. Accuracy: None. Variance: None. Range: Self. Element: Neutral. 1 MP.

    + Magic Blow: Disorienting blow dealt as a blunt smash which is somehow augmented by the residual magic which is stored in the user's icy body. 120% Atk Damage. Chance of Confusion. Increases Confusion's Calculated Chance by 5% per Magical Hit delivered to the User this Turn. Use Time: Instant. Accuracy: 100%. Variance: 0%. Range: Adjacent Cell. Element: Neutral. 1 MP.

    + Frost Claws: Attacks the target mercilessly with viciously long claws bearing the Element of Ice which then lingers on the wounds... 4 Hits. 90% Atk Damage (Every Hit). Chance of Wound. Progressive Chance of Freeze if Target is Wounded. Use Time: Instant. Accuracy: 100%. Variance: 20%. Range: Adjacent Cell. Element: Ice. 2 MP.

    R-Ability: None
    S-Ability: Simple Unit: Minimizes the User's MP Costs.
    E-Trigger: None
    X-Ability: None

    ~ Stats ~

    HP: 40
    MP: 5
    Atk: 7
    Def: 4
    Int: 3
    Spr: 5
    Critical: 8%
    Evasion: 3%
    Movement: 2 Cells (Cryominid Monster +1)
    X Gauge:


    Name: Koel, Aiwa
    Level: 3
    Monster: Living Ice


    + Batter: Batters the target with snowy appendages that aim to incapacitate it. 110% Int Damage. Chance of Paralyze. Chance Modifier +1 if User is Camouflaged. Use Time: Instant. Accuracy: 100%. Variance: None. Range: 2 Cells. Element: Ice. 8 MP.

    + Wide Frost: Sends a shockwave of Ice Mana that enters objects and beings in order to attempt to freeze them. Chance of Freeze. Use Time: Instant. Accuracy: 100%. Variance: 0%. Range: Surrounding Cells. Element: Ice. 10 MP.

    + Ice Spike: Forms icy spikes out of thin air and jabs the target with them. 140% Int Damage. Chance of Wound. Use Time: Instant. Accuracy: 100%. Variance: 10%. Range: Adjacent Cell. Element: Ice. 10 MP.

    R-Ability: None.
    S-Ability: Snow Camouflage: Increases the User's Evasion Ratio by 15%. In addition, the User can be "camouflaged" as a Frozen Rock Cell.
    X-Ability: None.

    ~ Stats ~

    HP: 15
    MP: 35
    Atk: 1
    Def: 3
    Int: 7
    Spr: 4
    Critical: 2%
    Evasion: 1% (Snow Camouflage +15%)
    Movement: 2 Cells (Living Ice Monster +0)
    X Gauge:


    Name: Quaflor
    Level: 3
    Monster: Hydraglia


    + Cold Growth: Gathers and propagates cold through one's ethereal body to progressively increase power. Increases User's Current Atk and Psy by 15%. Indefinite Duration. No Stack Limit. Use Time: Instant. Accuracy: None. Variance: None. Range: Self. Element: Ice. 10 Use Counters.

    + Aqua Force: Expands air humidity into a concise boulder of water which is used to repeatedly smash the target. 3 Hits. 110% Atk Damage. Chance of Weak. Use Time: Instant. Accuracy: 100%. Variance: 0%. Range: 5 Cells. Element: Water. 13 SE 9 SE.

    + Frozen Launch: Concentrates Ice Spirit on one's extendable appendage before it suddenly dives in to devastate the target in a single, impaling strike. 130% Psy Damage. Chance of Blood Loss. Use Time: Instant. Accuracy: 100%. Variance: 20%. Range: 5 Cells. Element: Ice. 18 SE 13 SE.

    R-Ability: None
    S-Ability: Inherent Elemental: Decreases the SE Costs of All Water or Ice Elemental Skills by 30%.
    E-Trigger: None
    X-Ability: None

    ~ Stats ~

    HP: 75
    SE: 50
    Atk: 5
    Def: 0
    Psy: 5
    Fai: 0
    Critical: 1%
    Evasion: 1%
    Movement: 2 Cells (Hydraglia Monster -2)
    X Gauge:
  4. Name: Jason "Kuda" Shaver
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Level: 4
    Next Level: 5/16
    Appearance: Jason is somewhat lanky, with a pale complexion on a somewhat skinny frame. His jet-black hair is untidy and a fair bit longer than he likes it, though never getting in the way of his sharp emerald-green eyes. The most notable thing about his eyes is their luminosity, as they seem to give off a faint glow, improving his lowlight vision. He wears a loose, black t-shirt and faded black jeans, as well as a pentagram necklace that is often tucked into his shirt. On his back a quiver is strapped, along with his signature weapon- a composite bow. Attached to his waist is an ornate sheath carrying a dagger should Jason decide to get closer to his opponent. All of Jason's animal forms are black with green eyes, even if this coloration is impossible in nature.
    Profession: Shapeshifter [Form Skills]
    -- Form Skills: User's skills under the "Shapeshifting" A-Ability can only be used in those specific forms.
    Weapon: Hunting Bow [+2 Atk] [3 Cells (No Adjacent)] [Feral Damage Output +10%] Improved bow for hunting with a simple enchantment allowing for the wielder to perform better against beasts.
    Armor: Normal Clothes [+1 Def] Just... normal clothes.
    Accessory: Dragonbone Flute [+5 MP] An ivory-colored flute with a sweet tune, made from the tip of a dragon's wingbone.

    A-Ability: Shapeshifting

    + Wolf Form: [Critical: 6% / Evasion: 5%/ Movement: 3 Cells] 0 MP.
    -- Fang Slash: Jase slashes at his opponent with his fangs... Duh. Chance of Wound. 120% Atk damage. Range: Adjacent Cell. Element: Neutral. 8 MP.
    -- Trip: Jase lunges forward, using his forelegs to trip his opponent. 120% Atk damage. Chance of immobilize. Range: 2 cells. Element: Neutral. 10 MP.
    --- Aspect of the Pack: Calls upon the inherent pack instinct of the wolf in order to give strength to the team. Increases Dominant Offensive stat by 20% for 3 turns. No stack. Range: Self and all allies. Element: Neutral. 16 MP 14 MP.

    + Cobra Form [Critical: 7% / Evasion: 3% / Movement: 2 Cells] [Basic Attack gains Added Effect: Poison (Mod. 0)] 0 MP.
    -- Serpent Strike: Jase lunges faster than the eye can see and bites the opponent. 120% Atk Damage. Chance of Poison. Range: Adjacent Cell. Element: Neutral. 8 MP.
    -- Venom Shot: High chance of Blind. Range: 3 cells. Element: Neutral. 12 MP.

    + Aurora Dragon Form [Critical 4% / Evasion 7% / Movement: 4 Cells] [Airborne]
    -- Snow-Blind: Intensifies the light stored in the user's scales to hide the user. Bestows Cloak. Range: Self. Element: Light. 10 MP.
    -- Luminous Swipe: Focuses the aurora and light energy into the user's claws, striking the enemy with the intensified hits. 2 hits. 130% Atk damage and chance of Wound each hit. Range: Adjacent cell. Element: Light. 14 MP.

    R-Ability: N/A
    -- New Hide: Shapeshifters heal naturally whenever they shift. Likewise, Jason heals 10% Max HP whenever he shifts into another form.
    -- Focused Shot: Jason may sacrifice his Move command in order to use a Basic Attack.
    E-Trigger: Fluid Shift: Allows the user to shift into another form once per turn as a free Act Command, but lowers the effectiveness of S-Ability: New Hide by 5%. Infinite duration. 5 X-Levels.
    X-Ability: Drakine Spirit: Jason allows the spirit of a dragon to possess his body, though it still gives him full control of his actions while bolstering his strength. Chance of Burn to any he hits, 200% piercing Atk damage. Range: 2 layers of surrounding cells. Element: Fire.

    HP: 30
    MP: 25 (Dragonbone Flute +5)
    ATK: 7 (Hunting Bow +2)
    DEF: 4 (Normal Clothes +1)
    INT: 2
    SPR: 4
    Critical: 5%
    Evasion: 3%
    MOVE: 2 Cells (Shapeshifter Job +1)
    X Gauge: {/////}{/////}{/////}

    Skill Points: 0
    Upgrade Points: 0

    • Apr. 3, 2012
    - +11 Exp, Level Up.
    -- +3 StP(+5 HP, +1 Atk, +1 Spr). +1 SkP. +2 UP.
    -- Exp: 1/10.
    • Oct. 18, 2012
    - +23 Exp, Level Up x2.
    -- +6 StP(+5 HP, +5 MP, +2 Atk, +1 Def, +1 Spr). +2 SkP. +4 UP.
    -- Learned "Aurora Dragon Form", "Focused Shot" and "Aspect of the Pack". -3 SkP, -3 UP.
    -- Decreased Aspect of the Pack's cost to 14 MP. -3 UP.
    -- Exp: 4/16.
    • Nov. 29, 2012
    - Fixed phrasing on a few abilities.
  5. Name: David Shaver
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Level: 4
    Next Level: 4/16
    Appearance: David has mid-length dirty-blond hair and pale blue eyes. He wears whatever happens to be in his closet, be it a pair of jeans and a T-shirt or sweatpants and a jacket. He usually seems to have a smirk on his face, as if planning a prank.

    Profession: Rainmaker [Basic Attack: Int Based]
    Weapon: Rain Stick [+1 Int]
    Armor: Jacket [+1 Spr]
    Accessory: Bucket [+5 MP] It's... a... bucket... That somehow replenishes mana...

    A-Ability: zomg rain

    + Stone Pelting: Invokes a short rain of stones above the target that continuously pelts it with sharp edges. Chance of Wound. 120% Int damage. Range: 3 cells. Element: Earth. 10 MP.

    + Rain of Mercy: Creates a rainstorm of healing water. 100% Int healing. Range: Self or 3 cells. Element: Water. 6 MP.

    + First-Aid: Invokes the power of the Rain Stick to make it rain items. Or, well, item. "I really need to figure out how to work this stick..." Adds a Potion, Ether, or Antidote to inventory. Range: Inventory. Element: Neutral. 3 Use Counters.

    + Meteor Shower: Creates a barrage of epic meteors that kill the enemy. ... Okay, not really. It's just a bunch of flaming rocks. You get the idea. 110% Physical Int damage. Chance of Burn; if target is Burned, -10% Def for the duration of the Burn (nonstackable). Range: 4 cells. Element: Fire. 13 MP.

    + Icicle Fall: Obvious references out of mind, the user summons a hailstorm of shards of ice to rain down on the foe repeatedly. 4 hits. 90% Int damage each hit. Progressive chance of Wound until target is Wounded. Range: 4 cells. Element: Ice. 13 MP.

    R-Ability: None.
    -- Splash Damage: Skills under the "zomg rain" A-Ability affect cells adjacent to those targeted, as long as an additional 2 MP is used up.
    X-Ability: Lightning Storm: With rain storms come lightning. Chance of Seize, chance of Instant Death. 100% piercing Int damage. Range: All enemies. Element: Thunder.

    ~ Stats ~

    HP: 25
    MP: 30 (Bucket +5)
    ATK: 2
    DEF: 4
    INT: 7 (Rain Stick +1)
    SPR: 4 (Jacket +1)
    Critical: 5%
    Evasion: 2%
    Movement: 2 Cells (Rainmaker Job +0)
    X Gauge: {/////}{/////}{/////}

    Skill Points: 1
    Upgrade Points: 0

    * 11-29-12
    -- Made sister update profile
    ---- Changelog added
    ---- -6 UP; +2 Use Counters (First-Aid)
    ---- -1 SkP; +Meteor Shower
    -- Made Shadow update profile
    ---- -1 SkP; +Icicle Fall
  6. Name: Eileen Clemment
    Gender: Female
    Age: Frozen at 17
    Level: 4
    Next Level: 5/16

    Profession: Tundra Phantom - The one who claims this profession is an adept being of a spiritual nature, made entirely of ice. [PSY-Based Basic Attack] [Ice Affinity I] [Immune Freeze]

    *Ice Affinity I - User acquires permanent "Ice Affinity" Properties. Increases the Damage Output of Ice-Elemental Basic Attacks or Abilities by 10%. In addition, Decreases the Total Damage received by the Ice Element by 20%.

    Weapon: Frozen Staff - A staff composed entirely of ice... similar to its wielder. It emanates an otherworldly vibe. [+1 PSY] [Range: 3 Cells]
    Armor: Translucent Dress - A dress that seems to be made up of frozen water, which masks the wearer's body, but does very little else. [+1 FAI]
    Accessory: Frigid Earrings - These earrings are clearly beautiful accessories worthy of one frozen in time. [+5 SE]

    A-Ability: Lingering Frigidity

    + Temperature Drain: Eileen delivers a weak blow to the target's psyche, absorbing the damage as health for herself, keeping her cool and collected. 80% PSY Damage. Total Damage Dealt is Recovered as HP. No Chain. Cast Time: Instant. Hit Rate: 100%. Variance: 0%. Range: 3 Cells. Element: Ice. 8 SE.

    + Psy-Frostwave: An assault on the target's very spirit, the user unleashes a small wave of frigid temperature, shaking up the being of the target and sending a chill directly through them. 110% PSY Damage. Low Chance of Freeze. No Chain. Cast Time: Instant. Hit Rate: 100%. Variance: 10%. Range: Adjacent Cells. Element: Ice. 8 SE.

    + Tundra Whiplash: Eileen reaches out for the target's soul and lashes at it with unseen tendrils of Spirit Energy, which are then frozen, leaving an imprint of the bitter arctic chill on their very core. 130% PSY Damage. Delayed Chance of Freeze (one turn) / 10% Max MP Damage if Freeze is successful. No Chain. Cast Time: Instant. Hit Rate: 100%. Variance: 0%. Range: 2 Cells. Element: Ice. 13 SE 11 SE 9 SE.

    + Cryoshell: The user unleashes a slight pulsation of Spirit Energy to embrace an ally, sheltering their psyche from harm with an otherworldly presence. Increases Target SPR by 20% for 3 Turns / Target's SPR Stat is treated as a FAI Stat for 3 Turns. No Chain. Cast Time: Instant. Hit Rate: 100%. Variance: N/A. Range: 3 Cells. Element: Ice. 10 SE.

    R-Ability: N/A
    --- Solid Ice: Eileen's DEF is innately boosted by 10%.
    E-Trigger: TBA: [TBA]
    X-Ability: Frostbite Victim -Beyond Salvation-: Spiritual pulsations of icy cold emanate from the user, swallowing all nearby targets in its bone-chilling embrace and shocking them to their very cores, reducing their manoeuvrability substantially, and reducing their Mana Pools. From the core of this endless torment, the user pierces their staff from the depths of the cold, releasing a crushing torrent of spiritual energy to let the cold claim the targets as they lie near their very deaths... Two-Turn Move. First Turn: Eileen's Movement reduced to 0 Cells (duration of X-Ability), all enemy targets within Range have Movement reduced to 1 Cell until out of range. 30% Piercing PSY MP Damage. Second Turn: 150% Piercing PSY Damage and Chance of Freeze to targets within Range. Cast Time: 1 Turn. Hit Rate: 100%. Variance: 0%. Range: Two Layers of Surrounding Cells. Element: Ice. 10 X-Levels. 1 Use Counter.

    C-Ability: N/A

    ~ Stats ~

    HP: 20
    SE: 40 (Frigid Earrings +5)
    ATK: 2
    DEF: 4 (Solid Ice +1)
    PSY: 7 (Frozen Staff +1)
    FAI: 3 (Translucent Dress +1)
    Critical: 4%
    Evasion: 5%
    Movement: 2 Cells (Tundra Phantom Job +1)

    Skill Points: 1
    Upgrade Points: 0

    Last Updated: November 27, 2012 (10:16pm EST) - Lowered SE Cost of A-Ability Lingering Frigidity - Tundra Whiplash by 30% (-6 Upgrade Points).
    • March 26, 2012 (1:00am EDT) - Level Up! Added stat points to HP (+5), DEF (+1), and PSY (+1). Added +1 Skill Point to total. Added +2 Upgrade Points to total.
    • October 18, 2012 (11:02pm EDT) - Level Up (x2)!! Added stat points to SE (+15), DEF (+1), and PSY (+2). Added +2 Skill Points to total. Added +4 Upgrade Points to total. Unlocked A-Abilities Lingering Frigidity - Tundra Whiplash and Lingering Frigidity - Cryoshell (-2 Skill Points).
  7. Name: Ikane Karoseike
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Level: 3
    Next Level: 4/10
    Appearance: Charcoal black hair and glowing orange eyes, pale skin and tattoo pattern on her left hand. Standing at 5’ 11” with a long black coat, thick black pants, and a crimson red scarf on her neck.
    Profession: : Energy Manipulator: The one who claims this profession has a simplistic manner of managing energy to her own needs. [Basic Attack: Int based.]
    Weapon: Netherworld Pyro Katana: Although it has the word “Pyro” in it, it doesn’t necessarily mean it shoots out fire energy ALL the time. [+1 Int]
    Armor: Long coat: Plain coat with a little bit of thick shoulder pads and dense padding on the front. [+1 Def]
    Accessory: Cyan Bandana: A mysterious Cyan-colored bandana which glows an ominous hue every time Ikane attacks. Some say it’s cursed. [+5 MP]

    A-Ability: Slash and Protect

    +Slash Curtain: Ikane slashes her mana-surging blade, causing a protective ‘curtain’ to veil her form from attacks slightly. No Damage. Effect: 20% damage taken away from attack, duration is 4 turns. Element: Neutral. MP: 8

    + Slash Wave: Slashes out a wave of energy as sharp as her katana itself towards her target in a ’roaring’ fury of energy in order to inflict damage. 110% INT Damage. Effect: None. Range: 3 cells. Element: Neutral. MP: 7

    --Rations: User regains 3 MP and 2 HP every 5 turns by manifesting a small hint of energy in her palm and applying it to her forehead- An mgs reference indeed.

    X-Ability: X-Rush: Ikane raises her katana and swiftly slashes it diagonally to her right, then to her left, creating two individual fire energy slashes which propel themselves towards the victim. As they are heading towards their target, the two slashes separate and become sharp-ended fragments of fire energy in which then impact the enemy and thus, delivering it’s said damage. 200% Piercing int Damage. Effect: High chance of blood loss, impalement, chance of instant death, chance of hitting other enemies in range, delivering half of the damage. Range: straight line. Element: Fire.


    HP: 20
    MP: 35 (Cyan Bandanna +5)
    Atk: 2
    Def: 3 (Long Coat +1)
    Int: 6 (Netherworld Pyro Katana +1)
    Spr: 3
    Critical: 3%
    Evasion: 5%
    Movement: 2 Cells (Energy Manipulator Job +0)
    X Gauge: {/////}{/////}{/////}

    Skill Points: 2
    Upgrade Points: 4

    Update Log:
    Oct 18 2012: Level Up x2- Added stat points(total of 6) to MP (+10), HP (+5), and +1 DEF, +2 INT. Received 4 upgrade points. Received 2 skill points.
  8. Name: Masquerade
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Level: 78
    Next Level: --/--
    Tall with long, wavy/curly brown hair. It looks awesome. 'Nuff said. Green eyes, a little dark underneath. Creepy teeth. Black graphic t-shirt with electric blue and purple designs. Dark blue jeans. Converses. A digital watch and silver chain bracelet on the left arm. Fingers are covered in rings, two on the left hand and three on the right. Heartless insignia tattoo on my left bicep. Trenchcoat for additional awesomeness, black in hue. Don't ask me where I got it. Okay. I stole it. That's all you need to know.

    Profession: Hero - In all meaning of the word, the one who claims this profession has been on his fair share of adventures and has saved the world behind the scenes time and time again, only serving to grow in strength and awesomeness over time. (Basic Attacks +3)(Inner Strength)(Quick Reflex)(Power Play)

    *Inner Strength: Innately boosts ATK and DEF by 10%.
    *Quick Reflex: Innately boosts Evasion by 10%. Null Sure Hit (when attacked by Sure Hit moves, always have at least 10% to dodge.)
    *Power Play: Physical damage output +25%. ATK cannot be reduced by any means.

    Weapon: Ancient Vanguard - A type of sword only fit to be wielded by blademasters, it is passed down to those who have done great deeds to the world. (Added Effect: Petrify)
    Armor: Midnight Trench - Trenchcoat black as the darkest shadows only serving to enhance the cool appeal of the wearer. (Damage output +10%)(Absorb Dark)
    Accessory: Digital Watch - Makes the wearer a master of being on time. (Sure Hit)(SOS Haste)
    Accessory: Chain Bracelet - A pretty awesome silver chain bracelet. (Immune Seal)(Immune Immobilize)(Immune Disable)(Immune Paralysis)(Immune Petrify)
    Accessory: Heartless Tattoo - Epic tattoo of the Heartless insignia from Kingdom Hearts, one of the best games ever in the history of video games. (Immune negative mental status effects)

    A-Ability: Defend Yourself:

    +Cut: Do you know how to slash an enemy? Shit. Just do it. 110% Atk Dmg. Range: Adjacent cell. 5 MP.

    +Guard: Um, you might want to block that incoming attack, genius. Halves all damage taken for one turn. Range: Self. 7 MP.

    +Critical: The enemy does have vital spots, you know. 100% Atk Dmg. Range: Adjacent cell. High critical hit rate. 8 MP.

    +Combo: Remember when you slashed it once? Do you think you could manage to slash it...again? 90% Atk Dmg. Range: Adjacent cell. 2 hits. 6 MP.

    +Guts: Good, good. Gather that courage up! It'll give you strength, obviously. Boosts ATK by 10% for 5 turns. Range: Self. 6 MP.

    +Cleave: Huge horizontal slash with great power. Now you're getting it! 150% Atk Dmg. Range: Adjacent cell. 9 MP.

    +Whistle: Just when hopes were high, you take the time to whistle a little tune? What could that possibly...oh. No damage. Range: 4 cells. Chance of Sleep. 11 MP.

    +Treat: Downs a quick snack to replenish stamina. ... Fatty. 10% Max HP Recovery. Range: Self. 7 MP.

    +Haste: Speed it up, slowpoke, or you're never going to get anything done! Bestows Haste. Range: Self. 8 MP.

    +Ultimate: YEEEAAAAHHH!! Ultimate super powerful move time!!!!1!1! 200% Atk Dmg. Range: Adjacent cell. 14 MP.

    A-Ability: Lash Out:

    +Adept Blade: Sharpens sword-wielding skills to allow for swifter combination attacks. Boosts number of hits of basic attacks and skills by 1. Range: Self. 11 MP.

    +Vitality Rend: Smashes the flat of the blade into the enemy causing a resonance that vastly weakens the enemy. No damage. Range: Adjacent cell. Lowers target ATK and DEF by 10%. Chance of Weak. 15 MP.

    +Mind Rend: Grabs the enemy's head and sends a vicious pulse through it to scramble the enemy's thoughts and dissipate its resolve. No damage. Range: Adjacent cell. Lowers target INT and SPR by 10%. Chance of Apathy. 15 MP.

    +Flame Draft: Surrounds oneself with a blazing aura and unleashes a mighty blow not without consequences. 180% Atk Dmg. Recoil: 10% of damage dealt. Piercing. Range: Adjacent cell. 10 MP. Fire elemental.

    +Rushing Spin: Lunges forward while spinning, cutting enemies as one passes them before hitting the target at last. 130% Atk Dmg. Range: 3 cells; user lands in cell adjacent to target in row/column; hits all enemies on both sides of the user's path to the target. 16 MP.

    +True Blow: A slash of the blade that always hits the mark in some way, shape, form, or fashion. 150% Atk Dmg. Range: Adjacent cell. Sure Hit. 13 MP.

    +Mist Swell: Plunges sword into the ground conjuring a thick mist of pure magical energy to surge and surround the user. 30% Piercing Atk Dmg to target's MP. Range: All surrounding cells. 14 MP.

    +Keen Strokes: Makes all slashes of the blade more precise, and, in turn, more lethal and dangerous. Boosts Critical hit rate by 10%. Critical hit damage +10%. Range: Self. 15 MP.

    +Air Tremble: Sheathes weapon and swipes the air with a hand directing blades of wind mana to soar high and then dive towards the intended target, slashing it mercilessly. 80% Atk Dmg. Range: 3 cells. 4 hits. 10 MP. Wind elemental.

    +Moonlight Fang: Leaps into the air after dealing an upwards slash to the enemy, spins in a vertical circle several times to build up power, and then drops down to slash the enemy again with a brilliant white flash causing an explosion amplified by the power of the moon. 110% Atk Dmg for first hit. 220% Atk Dmg for second hit. Range: Adjacent cell. 2 hits. Absorbs 50% of the damage dealt by the last hit as HP. 36 MP.

    A-Ability: Lay of the Land:

    +Crossroads: Diagonal slash followed by another quick diagonal slash in the opposite direction. 110% Atk Dmg. Range: Adjacent cell. 2 hits. 6 MP.

    +Compass Rose: Stabs forward creating three arrows to pierce enemies in all the other cardinal directions. 130% Atk Dmg. Range: All adjacent cells. 9 MP.

    +Fated Path: Upwards slash unleashing short shockwave followed by a downwards slash unleashing another shockwave of the same magnitude. 100% Atk Dmg. Range: 3 cells in a row/column; one direction. 2 hits. 14 MP.

    +Scope: Quickly analyzes either the land or an enemy to find traps and gain detailed knowledge of the foes. Locates traps on the field or gains info about an enemy such as elemental weaknesses and resistances. Range: Set. 24 MP.

    +Sandstorm: Swings weapon with great force to create a whirlwind to lift a great sand from the ground and swirl it about to buffet enemies and blind them. 120% Atk Dmg. Range: All enemies. Chance of Blind. 18 MP. Earth elemental.

    +Retraced Steps: Takes a moment to focus, recalling past adventures and places traveled, harnessing all the experiences from one's journey and turning them to true strength before unleashing a powerful flurry of slashes based upon the strength conjured by reminiscing. Deals Piercing damage equal to the user's level. Range: Adjacent cell. [#Level] MP.

    +Blurred Tempest: Conjures a wind around oneself and holds one's weapon out before rushing forward like a speeding arrow, slashing through any enemies that get in the way. 140% Atk Dmg. Range: Same row/column; one direction. Boosts user's Move by 2 cells for 3 turns. 24 MP. Wind elemental.

    +Brief Diversion: Distracts enemies with the prospects of their greatest desires, luring them away from traveling their own roads to true destiny. No damage. Range: All enemies. Chance of Slow. 16 MP.

    +Spirit Sway: Indomitable resolve is needed to traverse the path of life, and thus the user amplifies the user's own to resist the foul play of those who would wish to divert the user from the user's own. Boosts SPR by 50% and reduces all magical damage taken by 25% for 5 turns. Range: Self. 36 MP.

    +Lost Cascade: All that was sacrificed for the journey...it now comes back. The user jumps into the air and thrusts one's weapon multiple times into the air in the direction of the target, the result being a barrage of blades of pure Malice striking the foe. 120% Atk Dmg. Range: 3 cells. 8 hits. Reduces target MP to 0. Chance of Apathy. 49 MP.

    A-Ability: Salvation:

    +Blitz Welle: With a swing of one's weapon, creates catastrophe by unleashing an array of white hot lightning to singe foes. 160% Atk Dmg. Range: Fan shape; large span. 18 MP. Lightning elemental.

    +Richtshwert: Lunges forth and slashes the enemy several times with a blade coated in energy before shooting upwards and slashing downwards with the speed and power of a bolt of lightning. 90% Atk Dmg for first three hits. 180% Atk Dmg for final hit. Range: 3 cells. 4 hits. 18 MP.

    +Verurteilung: Thrusts one's blade into the air and calls down blades of light to strike down foes at random. 140% Atk Dmg. Range: All enemies. 8 randomized hits. 32 MP. Light elemental.

    +Luziden Eifer: Slams a palm into an enemy with great force causing it to combust in white flames before turning swiftly to deliver two deft slashes and finishes by knocking the enemy back by a great wind. 110% Atk Dmg for first hit. 80% Atk Dmg for second and third hits. 130% Atk Dmg for final hit. Range: Adjacent cell. 4 hits. Knocks target back 4 cells on final hit. 18 MP.

    +Herz Leidenschaft: Darkens the sky and unleashes a raging flame in the shape of a red phoenix hurtling into the air, lighting the darkness with its brilliance before crashing into the target pointed out by the user. 240% Atk Dmg. Range: 4 cells. Chance of Severe Burn. 32 MP. Fire elemental.

    +Uberwaltigen: Leaps into the air and plunges downward to stab enemies unleashing a pool of plasma along with an array of lightning to render enemies helpless. 120% Atk Dmg. Range: All enemies; all surrounding cells of each primary target. Number of hits equal to number of enemies. Each enemy is hit once as a primary target. 28 MP. Lightning elemental.

    +Kosmischen Grasen: Scathes the ground with one's blade eliciting an invitation for astral entities to unleash giant beams of concentrated light to disintegrate all things in the path of fire. 150% Atk Dmg. Range: Same row/column and a row/column 2 spaces away on each side. Chance of Frail. 42 MP. Light elemental.

    +Ersatz-Strom: Radiates pure power that infects one's allies making them as strong at heart and soul as oneself, their bodies taking on the blessings that have been received by the user. Copies all buffs on the user to all other allies. Range: All allies. [8 x #Buff] MP.

    +Entfesseln: Breaks free of all physical and mental restraints to enter a state of pure power unknown to this world--a power that could destroy all who crosses the user's path, but eventually reduces the user to a pathetic shadow of what the user once was. Boosts all stats by 250% for 2 turns. After the 2 turns, all stats are reduced to one and the user is Stopped for 5 turns. Range: Self. 128 MP.

    +Himmels Glanz: Sweeps low with one's blade and lashes upwards before executing a spinning slash and lunging back, raising one's blade and focusing creating a giant glyph to appear behind oneself, pulsing with energy and eventually releases an intense ray of light that wipes everything it hits off the face of the planet. 90% Atk Dmg for first two hits. 130% Atk Dmg for third hit. 200% Atk Dmg for final hit. Range: Adjacent cell for first two hits; all surrounding cells for third hit; same row/column for final hit. 4 hits. Chance of Oblivion. 98 MP. Reduces X-Gauge to 0.

    R-Ability: Swift as Nightfall - When attacked from an adjacent cell by any means, strikes back with a basic attack that is always critical.

    S-Ability: Devoted Soul - User automatically receives Reraise status at the start of battle. Boosts ATK and DEF by 10% after being KO'd once.

    X-Ability: Soulbound Oath (Light) - Unleashes a roar as one's body is enveloped by an intense light turning it into light itself, filling one with energy so that one may rush forward and speed through an enemy like a bullet, soaring into the sky like the brightest star, circling around above until a solid ring forms. In the center of the circle, one reclaims one's true form and commandeers the stars to morph into blades of light sending forth a shower to riddle the worthless enemies below with wounds, feeding the earth with their malicious blood. Deals 100% Piercing Atk damage to all enemies on the battlefield.


    HP: 315 (+105 from Chain Bracelet)
    MP: 285 (+70 from Heartless Tattoo)
    Atk: 51 (+39 from Ancient Vanguard)(+10 from Chain Bracelet)(+5 from Inner Strength)
    Def: 44 (+10 from Ancient Vanguard)(+24 from Midnight Trench)(+15 from Chain Bracelet)(+4 from Inner Strength)
    Int: 19 (+0 from Ancient Vanguard)
    Spr: 38 (+30 from Midnight Trench)(+18 from Heartless Tattoo)
    Critical: 29%
    Evasion: 19% (+10% from Quick Reflex)(+5% from Digital Watch)
    Movement: 2 cells (+2 from Hero profession)
    X-Gauge: {/////}{/////}{/////}

    Skill Points: 0
  9. Name: Rein Oflit
    Gender: Male
    Age: Looks about 10, but is actually ~16
    Level: 3
    Next Level: 4/10
    Appearance: He's a simple-looking chap with really childlike appearance that belies his true age and intellect. He has long grey-silver hair that's odd for his age. A brilliant silver robe with blue streaks is his favourite choice of attire, a piece of clothing that augments his weird aura. Simple, black half-rim glasses lets his soft, violet-grey eyes scan the world around him. Being around him makes one feel playful and merry; his childlike mannerisms and innocence are somewhat contagious. He's also prone to chattering on and on and on and on until people go mad, even with strangers!

    Profession: Runekeeper - the one who claims this profession has a brilliant knowledge of words and language, and has the innate ability to command the mystic runes and glyphs of a foreign tongue. [Basic Attack: INT-based]

    Weapon: The Orator's Album - a beautifully hand-printed book that contains ancient-looking words that seem to magically float off the pages... The aura it exudes makes one feel loquacious. [INT: +1]

    Armor: Lunar Robe - hey, you can't go wrong with a simple robe, eh? This simple robe is a beautiful moonlight-grey and blue and is pretty comfy - and thick fabric helps absorb blows, too! [DEF: +1]

    Accessory: Smartglasses - makes you look like you're super-studious, though you actually aren't! No, not really - but for some reason it does give you a little more mana to spend. [MP: +5]

    1. A-Ability: Wordiness
      The Runekeeper's skill with words and language enable him to tap into their power.
      [*]+ Tirade
      Begins to shout and rant, causing thunderous and enraged runes to appear and wreak havoc on the foe who wishes s/he'd never got out of bed to receive such a scolding!
      [INT: 117% Damage; Range: 3-cell; MP: 7]
      [*]+ Benediction
      Summons runes of hope and healing that imbue themselves into the target to somewhat up current HP. Really, let's never have to do this again.
      [INT: 102% Heal; Element: LIGHT; Target: One Unit (or self); Range: 3-cells; MP: 6]
      + Heated Spirit, Burning Soul
      Blood boils within, heated by this fighting spirit - raises output damage of the stat associated with the target's Basic Attack, and gives the target heat to resist the frosty flows of wind and snow.
      [Increase ATK/INT (depending on Basic Attack) by 10%; Bestow: Resistance to Ice (3 Turns, No Stack); Element: Fire; Target: One Unit (or self); Range: 3-cells; Stack: 3 Times Max; MP: 10]
    1. R-Ability:

    • S-Ability:
    • Carefree
      Yeah, he preferes fighting from afar. He's not really the best melee-fighter, so he takes a hit hard. As protection, he keeps a string of runes etched on whatever he wears. A word meaning 'carefree', it channels his flighty nature into physical protection.
      [DEF: 115%; Permanent (Passive) S-Ability]

    • X-Ability:
    • Verba Terra
      - The Runekeeper shall draw a glowing circle that looks like a planet in the air. The Runekeeper shall utter the Verba Terra - Words of the Earth - which shall cause the circle to envelop an enemy and spew brilliant green and brown light that shall envelop the foe in a brilliant, eulogistic hymn of the earth. This shall summon the great Gaia herself, who shall condemn a foe and his surrounding allies to an earthen ruination, by encapsulating them in a mausoleum of silt and stone.
      [INT: 171% Damage; PIERCE; Element: EARTH; Range: 6 cells; Target: 1 Enemy unit + INT: 86% Damage to surrounding Enemy units; Status Effect: Chance of IMMOBILISE]

    1. C-Ability:

    - STATS -

    • HP: 20 [BASE: 15; UPGRADE: +5]
    • MP: 40 [BASE: 25; SMARTGLASSES: +5; UPGRADE: +10]
    • ATK: 2
    • DEF: 5 [BASE: 2; LUNAR ROBE: +1; CAREFREE: +1; UPGRADE: +1]
    • INT: 5 [BASE: 4; THE ORATOR'S ALBUM: +1]
    • SPR: 5 [BASE: 3; UPGRADE: +2]
    • CRIT: 5%
    • EVADE: 1%
    • MOVE: 2 Cells [BASE: 2; JOB (RUNEKEEPER): +0]
    • X Gauge: {/////}{/////}{/////}
    • Skill Points: 2
    • Upgrade Points: 4

    • 18th Oct 2012 - Level Up! x2
      +6 Stat Points (+5 HP, +10 MP, +1 DEF, +2 SPR)
      +4 Upgrade Points
      +2 Skill Points
  10. Name: Henry Flamedraw
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Level: 1
    Next Level: 0/10
    Appearance: He's a medium height, fair skinned, young man, with an average build. He has short, snow-white hair, and grey, piercing eyes.

    Profession: Element Archer, a being who uses mana to infuse arrows with elemental aspects. [Basic Attack: Atk based]
    Weapon: Longbow [+1 Attack] [Range 3 / No Adjacent]
    Armor: Coat [+1 Spirit]
    Accessory: White pendant [+5 MP]

    A-Ability: Elemental Sniping

    + Skill #1: Flame Arrow. Fires an arrow infused with the fire element. Low chance of Burn. 130% Atk damage. Range: 3. Element: Fire. 10 MP

    + Skill #2: Lightning Arrow. Fires an arrow infused with the lightning element. Low chance of Paralyse. 130% Atk damage. Range: 3. Element: Lightning. 10 MP

    S-Ability: Archer's Eyes: Increases Critical chance by 10% passively.
    X-Ability: Piercing Flame Shot: Fires a powerful, long-ranged, piercing fire-arrow. High chance of Burn. 200% piercing Atk damage. Range: 5. Element: Fire.

    ~ Stats ~

    HP: 25
    MP: 15 (White Pendant +5)
    Atk: 4 (Longbow +1)
    Def: 3
    Int: 2
    Spr: 2 (Coat +1)
    Critical: 6% (Archer's Eyes +10%)
    Evasion: 2%
    Movement: 2 Cells (Elemental Archer Job +1)
    X Gauge: {/////}{/////}{/////}

    Skill Points: 0
    Upgrade Points: 0
  11. ~ Bestiary ~

    001 Arctic Wolf ((Location: Blizzard Veil / Enemy Type: Feral / Defeat Count: 5 / Exp: 3 / Gold: 5 / Drop: Cool Fur, Ice Fang))

    002 Living Ice ((Location: Baerja Town / Enemy Type: Inorganic / Defeat Count: 3 / Exp: 3 / Gold: 12 / Drop: Ice Shard, Raugelite))


    ~ Inflictionary ~

    Main Inflictionary >>

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