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Oblivion Phantasy ~ A Decaying Flux 【RP Thread】

Discussion in 'Roleplay Archives' started by Shadow, Sep 11, 2011.

  1. The Ice Mana that had previously encased the illusionist began to disperse, and Kaya could feel the frosted prison she had been trapped within begin to relent on its hold. She was numb, as the relatively ineffective Ice spell had not harmed her much, but the combined efforts of the Complex Staff with the frigid encapsulation had left her relatively weak. As the Ice Mana faded, Kaya felt a soothing mist that could only have been brought on by one other person… Serenity. A voice with an air of concern pierced the air as the girl spoke herself, inquiring whether or not everyone was alright. She looked over her shoulder, smiling yet another drained smile. “It seems that I owe you another ‘thank you,’ yeah? Don’t know where we’d be, had you not shown up. So… thanks, again.” Deep in her mind, Kaya wondered just what had brought the mysteriously aloof girl to the Complex… but presently, her mind turned to Krie, who seemed slightly anxious… something shockingly out of character for him, despite his ever-present, chilling smile being flashed.

    However, Krie is right. There is not really much time to wait around… and we can talk on the fly, anyways. Let’s go.” It was important that the team continue, as the sound of the blaring alarms had returned to prominence with Krie’s spoken words. The illusionist knew better than to wait around in such conditions. “Chiasma, and… I don’t believe I caught your name.” She stated, plainly, looking at the girl. “I must apologize for the conditions we meet in, but I assure you that we mean no harm to you or Chiasma.” She looked helplessly at the rest of Team Delta-Q, hoping for someone to step up and back up her credibility. Clearly, the girl was not about to roll over and take anything Kaya said… something Kaya appreciated deeply, though now was not the time for arguments.

    Let’s walk and talk. It’s much faster, that way.” She said, motioning for the others to follow her.
  2. Over. Battle's conclusion encroached upon the somber hall of steel, technology and concrete, faintly illuminated by the distant alien lights from branching corridors leading further beyond the Minerva Complex. Consumed in yet another flash of eerie scarlet, the alarms continued their monotone, constant beeping in the background. Chiasma did not even bother to sheathe back his slashers, for the Slayer who approached had spoken the truth--safety was not guaranteed, still, at this point. Merely dropping his stance, the Mortal Slasher glanced at the remaining people.

    "I wouldn't have if the situation wasn't so... locked." he nodded at the man, his eyes--almost unnatural, brown tinged with a hint of blood red--scanning the rest of the area. He was not truly sure of who exactly he was "allying" himself with, or so to speak, and so he made a repeated mental note to be exceedingly cautious. Nothing had changed, save for their position... it was unsettling, in a sense he could not truly grasp. Meanwhile, Anima was more than ready to question Kaya's intentions.

    "Chiasma, and… I don’t believe I caught your name." With a quick motion involving her hand, the mesmerizing fan had been folded into temporary rest, signifying she did not intent to fight... at the moment. Her voice sharp and direct, yet holding no trace of hostility, she spoke almost immediately after the Illusionist had referred to her, "Anima Dellaline. I... will take your word for that." Anima nodded, almost as if defeated, but it couldn't really be discerned. She sighed, continuing after a short pause, "I still don't happen to know who exactly you all are. Are you, perhaps, specialists from another continent? Dharmastia?" she inquired, and as she did so, the Pulse Tapper closed her eyes, as if focusing part of her attention onto something invisible. Ethereal power collected for a second time as an immaterial mass colored a faint, transparent yellow.

    Spirit's manifestation onto pseudo-tangible form swirled around the immediate area, touching those who were harmed in the relatively brief encounter. Physical damage was mended, magical stability reattained, spiritual self alleviated. It was clear it was a force much distinct to Mana. The spheroid eventually faded into nonexistence as it completed its commanded duty, and Anima opened her eyes again.
    "Let’s walk and talk. It’s much faster, that way." she ended with a motion indicating that it was time to proceed. Chiasma's gaze darted to one of the chunks of broken metal lying on the solid floor. On the smooth surface quite certainly pertaining to the frontal sides of the titan of a gate that once existed, it read,


    It seemed the journey back to the surface of Secchu'ra would not be as pleasant. Warily, both followed the Illusionist as she walked.
  3. Toiran followed the group somewhat quietly, Nixis still at his heels, somewhat tired. He bent down and scratched the fox between her ears; "Take a rest for now, you've done well." Nixis looked up at her master with chocolate brown eyes, then in a swirl of cyan mana vanished. The beastmaster showed a hint of a grin as he stood straighter and briskly walked to catch up with the group. In his mind ran possibilities for the next battle- Nixis needed a rest, perhaps he'd use one of the others.

    He nodded at Serenity as he caught up with the group. "I must thank you as well, for your help. Small blessing that our numbers seem to grow even as certain individuals stop pulling their weight." He cast a short glare at Hendrix. Then he looked over the rest of the group, his eyes resting on Chiasma and Anima, taking in their appearance now that they were not preoccupied with battle. He seemed to nod in satisfaction, but said no more.
  4. "I am happy to be of service," Serenity said and smiled warmly, the glow surrounding her being brightening for a short moment before fading into the edges of her clothing. Glimmering blue eyes glanced over at the illusionist, red lips parting to speak before pressing together upon seeing the urgency in their situation. Her eyes softened and again, she smiled, nodding silently in agreement before following the rest of the group as they continued onward. Though she did not know when she would return to Tenkai's side, these people were in need of help and Serenity would not abandon them.

    Besides, Serenity lightly held onto her staff while gazing at each member of their group, this was what she was born to do.

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