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Nightfall reboot/port

Discussion in 'Out of Character Discussion' started by CodasterTheDisaster, May 2, 2013.

  1. okay well here's the shit for it and stuff
    it'll be in a generic city and stuff yo so yeah. I want tree level posts if I know you're capable of them, otherwise at least five sentences.

    It's the year 2020. Technology is booming. Cancer treatments and cures, cybernetics, androids, computers, vehicles, you name it. Chances are, if you've heard of it before, it's been improved or invented. That's the problem; humans did too much.
    In an attempt to discover ways to travel faster through space, to make travel between planets easier and faster, scientists experimented with inter-dimensional prototypes. The objective was to open a wormhole through another dimension that lead to another location, as a sort of 'warp travel'. It was working, and a wormhole was opened.
    But it wasn't a wormhole. It was a portal.
    Thousands upon thousands of monstrosities poured out. Nonhuman creatures, things that were grotesque and powerful. Demons.
    They poured out of the portal in a seemingly endless stream. They tore through the lab, out into the city, and virtually overnight the entire country of Sweden (where the experiments had been taking place) was wiped off the map. Shapeshifter demons learned how to invade boats and airplanes, to carry demonic troops all over the world, and within a month, most of the world had been taken over by the demons.

    But it wasn't only demons that were expelled onto Earth.

    There was a virus, harmless to humans. Beneficial, even. It made them slightly faster and stronger, smarter, virtually improved in every way. It wasn't enough to make the small amount of humans that contracted it able to stand up to the demons, but it didn't matter, they weren't looking to take back Earth yet.
    The humans solely lived in the shells of old cities, barely surviving.
    It was this survival that created Them. Women who had contracted the virus, and had children with men whom also contracted it had greatly enhanced children. They had the same attributes as their parents, aside from one thing; elemental powers.
    These few children with powers were easily able to kill demons, even at young ages. The small pockets of civilization trained them to be fighters, to take back buildings and cities. They were sent out into the world, to retake their planet from the demonic invaders.

    I think I'll make it so that it takes off where it was at on Magnolia, so I'll probably just copy over everything.

    Also this:

    First-gen: Born prior to/during initial invasion. These would be the older kids. Please, no older than 20.

    Second-gen: these are kids born after the initial invasion. They'd be like 5 at this point. I did more thinking about this. These li'l buggers will come into play later.

    also, the elemental characters WILL be OP as all hell. It's supposed to be that way. This RP is designed for you to have a sense of extreme power, though they can still be taken by Greaters if they don't team up or fight defensively.

    EDIT: Nah, lets just restart it...Fuck it.
  2. Cool. I will continue as the 'Zo' once more~
  3. Let's do this, bro.
  4. Seriously? This is it's fourth incarnation. I'm in, I guess...
  5. Conisdering using someone else, still anthro - we'll see when my post gets out.
  6. I hope that you don't consider tripping Epsil godmodding.
  7. I'm going to thoroughly enjoy the 1st fight. :)
  8. [​IMG]
    Just gonna point out that if Rose doesn't post by Monday night, fruit will be eaten. And I will film it.
  9. I'm killing off her character if she doesn't post by Monday at 12AM Central Time. 28 hours to write at least a paragraph. I'll be watching the clock.
  10. I gave her until 10PM Monday since that's when we made the deal.
  11. It's still my roleplay. I still say until midnight tonight, my time. She has three hours.
  12. Hold on, hold on. I need some clarification. I've been under the assumption Anon had the shadow stuff. I just recycled her from the Magnolia reboot, where she had the shadow powers. But what does Epsil have?
  13. Could you clear that up before I post please? I'm so confused.
  14. That's the point. You're going to be more confused around Epsil if you try to understand him.
  15. I don't want to feel like I'm stealing his powers.
  16. You aren't. Trust me. Do your thing.

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