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Musical ZEJ

Discussion in 'Creation Station' started by Vero, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Welcome to Musical ZEJ! This is the place to listen to music on ZEJ, (who knew?) if you want to submit your or any music that you like just P.M me with a hyper link so I can find it. (I am Vero, I think my name is right beside the URL Avatar, just click on that then find, 'Send Vero a private massage' if I approve it I will create a hyper link to it on here.).
    As this topic grows the sorting system will also. (If I get many different types of games music I would sort them in their own groups, but I need music to sort.)
    The music I will not accept are the following: Raciest, already accepted, repetitive swearing (I see loopholes!).
    I do not own any of these songs.
    This list can be changed at anytime.

    Song list​

    Pirates of the Caribbean- Only watched the first movie.
    Jack Sparrow
    He's a Pirate.
    The Kraken
    Davy Jones
    Barbossa is Hungry

    Linkin Park- (Any suggestions anyone?)
    In the End
    Breaking the Habit
    Somewhere I Belong.
    One Step Closer

    Cake- Yet another band I heard while camping.
    Commissioning a Symphony in C
    Frank Sinatra
    Comfort Eagle
    I will Survive.
    Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.
    Short skirt, long jacket.

    Flight of the Conchords- These songs are quite catchy.
    Robots (with lyrics)
    You don't have to be a prostitute.
    Were both in love with a sexy lady (lyrics).
    Were both in love with a sexy lady (Video).

    Star Wars- You know what that is.
    Imperial march
    Anakin VS. Obi-Wan
    Force Theme
    Yoda's theme
    Star Wars (John Williams)

    Pokemon Songs- you watched it as a kid, now you hear it as a member.
    Pokemon- Double Trouble.
    Pokemon mystery/time- Dialga fight music
    Pokemon Johto Masters, full song
    Pokemon We R Pokestars

    Kingdom Hearts- This game has some great music.
    Kingdom Hearts piano medley.
    Organization XII Theme.
    Roxas' Theme.
    Night of Fate.
    Sora's Sacrifice
    Kairi 1.
    Title Theme (Dearly Beloved).

    Found on ZEJ- Used to be FoF.
    Duel Puzzle (Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D)
    Legend of Mana-Silence of Time
    G Free- Final Dream
    Thunder Plains
    Project: Doom (Deepest Reaches)

    Plants Vs. Zombies- Who knew your lawn would save your life in a Zombie Apocalypse?
    Plants Vs. Zombies- Main Menu
    Day Stage
    Pool Stage
    Dr. Zomboss
    Fog Stage
    Roof Stage
    Night Stage

    Final Fantasy- remember this strategic game?
    Final Fantasy VII- Boss Battle Theme
    Final Fantasy IV- Boss Battle music piano
    Final Fantasy VI/6- Kefka's theme
    Final Fantasy XIII Theme song Reversed
    Final Fantasy VII- One Winged Angel

    Klonoa- (suggestions anyone? Haven't played it.)
    Klonoa- King of Sorrow Boss music
    Klonoa 2- Cursed Leorina
    Baladium's drive boss music
    The Moon Kingdom
    Volk Factory
    Cave of Poison

    Dragon Ball Z- the action packed game and television show.
    Freeza by Maximum the hormone
    Dragon Ball Z opening one, guitar
    Gohon VS. Freiza

    Game songs- Songs related to games.
    Legend of Zelda, Mix
    SSBB Mute City
    Castlevania Simon's Quest-Bloody Tears
    Castlevania Curse of Darkness- Abandoned Castle
    Legend of Zelda Windwaker-Dragon Roost Island- Piono and Guitar.
    Chrono Trigger- Corridors of Time piano
    Chrono Trigger- World Revolution
    Chrono Trigger- Battle with a Magus piano and guitar
    New Super Mario 2, Space Overworld remix

    Band Songs- songs with guitars/drums/singing
    Ludo-Love me dead
    Ludo- Go Getter Greg
    Ludo-lake Pontchartrain
    Monkey Majik- Change
    Sometimes Say Never- Rustin Hieber
    AC DC Thunderstruck
    Mariah Carey- Touch my Body lyrics
    It goes around the world- a touch of class

    Random songs- songs that are not with a group
    Llama song- lyrics
    Amazing Mario level song
    Tuts my Barreh, funny Touch My Body
    I am Cow
    Nintendo 64
    Folder 5-Ready
    Folder 5-Believe
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1jbYsYOiO3Y&list=FL33n2BK-yFN0&index=2
  3. How about PORTAL MUSIC:

  4. do i actually like fuzzy for once :x

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