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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Conjectures' started by Jonno, Mar 31, 2016.

  1. when i saw the update come out i knew there was going to be a very happy krista somewhere
  2. We've all known and loved Plant-Bread, and one day he will make his return... 

    In the meantime, I bring you....


  3. [​IMG]

    I would have added more people but there's only so much room in a Miifoto.
  4. Shitposting on Miitomo is a good time. There's something about it that makes shitposting on the app that extra little bit more entertaining. I think that hearing my Mii just totally botch every third word never gets old.

    I'm kind of sad that they fixed the pronunciation of "meme"
  5. That's literally a picture of ZEJ
  6. Fear not, and let its pronunciation of "favourite" take you away.
  7. [​IMG]
    Why is ZEJ Kart not a thing? It needs to be a thing.
  8. I saw this photo  in the app and I was laughing so hard. 

    ZEJ cart would be hilarious but it would have to be more of a "Mario cars" kind of game as opposed to a "Mario kart" game.
  9. So Miitomo just got an update! And...


    We're now able to do a 'Candy Drop,' which allows you to spend five candies for a chance to win a Game Ticket (or a Ticket Stub; collect ten to receive one Game Ticket). You get one free Candy Drop per day, and can win a max of three Game Tickets each day. Cool stuff. Kind of makes you wonder why it wasn't in the game to begin with, but at least there is some use for candies now.
  10. You could use candies before to unlock answers from your friends. I forget what for. I think it's their answers for the question of the day or something? When you answer it you can go to a screen with your friends' answers but they all just have a long line of "???" which presumably adjusts to the length of their answer. If you pay a certain number of candies it un-blocked their answer for you to read.
  11. Yup! It used to be for unlocking a friend's answers if you went to their room and exceeded some threshold of answers listened to, or if you wanted to listen to a specific answer to any question. I think I saw in the patch notes that they've removed that functionality. Although it was kind of useless anyway because you could just listen to your friends' answers through your own Mii (and I always run out of answers to listen to anyway ha ha ha ha haaaaaaa i'm so lonely save me)
  12. When there's a Puppy Pal on sale in the store (2,080 Coins!!!) and your girlfriend decides to farm you and your answers for coins
  13. So Miitomo had a Drop event going for maid outfits, and I couldn't pass up the chance to spend all of my Game Tickets and coins, so let me introduce you guys to...



    (dare 2 compare)
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  14. I've been meaning to get back into Miitomo for the past two months. Someone flag me down and tickle me with frog emoji if it doesn't happen this week.
  15. I'm always enthused when I see a new answer pop up during my Miitomo My Nintendo point runs! So I hope to see you there soon, Jonno!

    In other news, I got a sword from the Fire Emblem collaboration, so now Eespira is just that much more accurate.
  16. Hold my pug, Janet. I'm comin' to Miitomo!

    Well, it seems like at least a few of us are still using it, so I'll give it a look-see. Just need to work through my ever-present workload a bit further since there's actually money involved hooray, but beyond that, not much will keep me from it for long!
  17. I am thoroughly impressed by the new updates! A lot has happened over at Miitomo since I've last been on (which apparently was in early December). My favorite feature, outside of becoming a larger community and engaging with users worldwide on those answers and style areas, has got to be the poster feature for rooms. Mostly because I'm now going to paint Plant-Bread's walls with the faces of ZEJ in truly epic fashion. :5

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