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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Conjectures' started by Jonno, Mar 31, 2016.

  1. [​IMG]
    @Skolli @turbotaxer


    8 days and this thing is still fire amirite.
  2. who's that cutie above Krista, lmao hahaha a aha a  a a
  3. Successfully remembered ZEJ password! (Hooray mobile shitposting) Now I need to remember my puush password so I can post garbage in here
  4. Have you tried hunter2
  5. hahahahaha
  6. [​IMG]

    Two ties.

    Because why not.
  7. goddamn glorious
  8. This is a serious indication that even Plant-Bread is in dire need of some evolution.
  9. By the power of Grayskull...! :5

  10. @Skolli irl

  11. So, we're a while into Miitomo, now. How is everyone holding up with using the app, still? I mean, I'm logging on every day but I guess I'm stuck in a lull with it since I've been busy elsewhere; I can't say that I'm super duper interested in changing my outfit or responding to some questions that my Mii is asking me, right now, though I'm still enjoying what little newly updated conversations that I am seeing on there between all of my friends. I'm sure it'll kick back up for me over the next week or so, though.
  12. I'm still enjoying the app, although I can tell its appeal is starting to wane. I really enjoy listening to everyone's answers on the app, for sure. There's something that's just so damn therapeutic and mind-numbing about hearing my Mii's computer-generated voice crooning to me, LOL.

    But everything is so! expensive! as far as clothing goes. I'm always feeling like it's not going to be #worth to buy a new outfit, in case there's something cool in the shop the next day. I've consistently been hovering around 2-3k coins, but I don't really want to spend 1.5k of those just to get a new outfit for my Mii to wear one time. I wish they would have more ways of generating that sweet coinage -- after you accumulate a certain number of friends, you can get about a hundred coins a day from doing your daily listening, commenting, and answering. That's it! It doesn't feel like enough.

    I like hearing the stories/interests of my pals, though. It's always interesting to see how much of a person's personality is displayed through their answers and subsequent conversations that it generates.

    All in all, I just wish there was more to do -- a minigame or two here and there would go a long way. The Drop game is fun, but I don't care particularly for the current outfits that are available. (The pancake suit was a must get, though).
  13. I'm also in a lull. I need things shaken up a little bit, but this app is still pretty new. It's version 1.1.1 right? I'm sure there's going to be more additions to this app once it's cleaned up. The clothes are very expensive though, and it's tough to grind and save up for it. Especially on a busy schedule. I want money!!!
  14. Fam I think you might be a couple updates behind, I see 1.1.3 when I boot up the app. Although I don't actually think I've seen what they've changed in the form of patch notes...
  15. Maybe it's an Android thing, because I'm on 1.1.1 too and my iPhone isn't telling me that there's any applicable updates. All said, surely these are all related to the ever-pertinent "increased stability" that Nintendo loves to pump into its OSes, let alone its first app.

    Just talking about it seems to get me back into Miitomo a bit more than I was, say, this morning. Not unlike yourself, I'm a big fan of the automated Mii voices and their glorious vocal seduction. Holding exchanges on the app is significantly more entertaining than the average Twitter or Facebook exchange for me, too, almost entirely because of the Mii interaction and this kinda niche way of bearing your heart with friends. I feel closer to several of you people already because of Miitomo, in this totally personal, yet impersonal way fed through the app's consistent stream of answers and responses. It's intriguing.

    All the same, I, too, am yearning for a bit more content, though, of course, you can't quite argue with "Free" in terms of Miitomo's initial pricing, either. I'm all for upcoming minigames to bring some variety into the mix - perhaps some you can even play with friends, live - and I'd be willing to pay a couple of dollars to get them, too. In the more immediate sense, I agree that everything is a bit too expensive, right now. We all now Plant-Bread is OTP, anyway. :5

    Anywho, here's this for @Rose. 

  16. I would like to be able to choose to answer a question if I see a good one while reading my friends' answers.
  17. Yeah, I would like for answers to be a bit more streamlined, too. I have like 30 that I've put off in the sidelines that I'm not interested in or can't answer right away, but see several that my Mii or a visitor hasn't asked me yet that I would be so down to answer... only, I never have been asked it, and even have gotten repeat answers before some of these fresher ones.
  18. I've found the reason to visit Miitomo daily again: revisiting @Skolli's photo of Eebit and I goading turbotaxer in the most Krabbian way applicable. :5
  19. Hahaha yes! 

  20. I can now be a puppy. That is all.

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