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Melsborough Streets

Discussion in 'Roleplay Archives' started by Spaughtyena, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. He nods. "Mm Hm, we've had quite few of those, seems you and the Cameron fellow are the only ones left, you know, if your looking to do something productive, I'd sign up to do a documentary, we've alot of interesting characters in Melsborough!" he wipes off his shoulder brisquely. "Including myself, I've tried to get Cameron involved but he says he's much more comfortable in his house... can't imagine why, I swear the only time that man gets out is to buy supplies!"

    "But enough of this, well met! I hope to talk to you again soon Mr?......" he lets his voice trail off, implying to conclude the conversation with pleasantries.
  2. "oh Gale i Say Gale Silvermoon" extending my right hand
  3. He nods and shakes your hand. "As I said, I'd like to see you involved! come by anytime at the desk, tell Vicky to send me out and I'll be right by. He walks back to his office and lets you go about your business.
  4. after he leaves i pull out my laptop and set it up I also go and close the door and window i sit down on the couch and turn on the tv hoping for inspiration for my next book i sit down and start typing a storie in where a man kills his family to cover up a scam so big it could tear his world appart. i twich and look at the clock and then decide to go to bed for the knight
  5. You are awoke abruptly in the night, the first thing you see is your clock 2:07, you smell smoke, and smell a faint Vulpine scent.

    Above you is a small fox boy, you've met him before... he had shaken you from your sleep and yelling at you frantically.
    "Get up! get up! C'mon the whole place is coming down, we gotta get out, it on fire, the whole place!" The boy coughs and jerks you once more, jarring you from your intoxicated state, and begins to drag you out the door.
  6. I look at the fox person trying to place a name to the face i notice that there is smoke "shit my stuff " I say as I run past the living room when I get there i grab my laptop and bag which is currently by the door I look down the hall and back at him" i have seen you before" I say as I look around
  7. Kyte leads you to the door, and pulls on it, the door doesn't budge. Kyte tugs harder but flops onto the floor. he coughs, unable to catch his breath due to the sheet of smoke, he looks at you. "I can't..... open it..." He ttries once more, but is hoplessly wasting his oxygen.

    The room is getting hotter now, and it is becoming hard to breath, you fell lightheaded, and Kyte is close to unconsiousness, you have to get out... but how?
  8. i quickly look around and grab my flash light and my spare belt i run over and break the window witch shatters out wards and attached my flash light to the belt and spun it quickly forming a halo of light and as the fire fighters rushed around to get something ready for us i grab Kyte and runs back to the window
  9. Kyte jerks as you hoist him over your shoulder, you look down and you stand at the balcony's edge.

    Beneath you see four firefighters, holding a large trampoline with a target painted in the centre, the look up at you. "Jump, the building is coming down!" you hear kyte Gasp the clean air outside, allowing him to get a word out. "Jump?!"
  10. I tosses Kyte at the trampoline as soon as they got him off of it I jump and land on the trampoline "Kyte are you okay ? " i say as i roll over
  11. You throw Kyte, and he lands with an audible 'Oof!' then you jump, the sound of the wind rushing through your ears blocks out any other sounds, it is only when you hit the trampoline, and you hit hard.

    Your weight was all to sudden, and the trampoline bends until you feel the hard cement onyour spine, like a boulder had been thrown at high speeds, as you get up and ask whether or not Kyte was alright, you hear Kyte respond. "Yeah, that was fun, if the building wasn't on fire I'd ask to do it again!"
  12. " Yah i say as i look up or if the building was not falling down" as i force out a laugh i then check my lap top to make sure it still works i then get up and make sure everything works i look over at the building " um Kyte how exactly did you get into my room?"
  13. Kyte looks at you for a moment, slowly his face turns to that of guilt, "Well,see it was like this: I was walking in the lobby, in circles, and um.. asked the lady if I could rent a room, but she said she can't rent rooms to minors, so I uh... picked the lock on your door, and just took a peek around, and um.... I hope you didn't want any of those Turkey sticks, I sorta ate em' all..."

    The building behind you makes a rumbling sound, and begins to collapse, you hear a fireman shout, and everyone begins to clear the area. your arm is snagged by one of the firefighters as well as Kytes, and you are hauled away from the building, you watch as it falls, embers and smoke blot the sky as the building collapses in on itself, as well as the comforting room you had lived in for two days.
  14. "um no it was okay " i head toward the near by parking garage i grab my black Harley and pull it out " hey Kyte so where are you going? now" i ask

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