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DISCUSSION Manaverse Canon Timelines

Discussion in 'The Manaverse Wiki Project' started by Keileon, Oct 20, 2014.

  1. I made a spreadsheet on Google Docs, showed it to #Manaverse, and then put it on the Manaverse Talk Page. Anyone can edit (just be considerate with each others' canons).

    Click here
  2. Note to all: I'm most likely going to add an additional column under Standard Canon Time. Be prepared to make adjustments as a result.

    EDIT: Column added.
  3. Should we make a page for this, considering "SCT" and "Standard Canon Time" is thrown around a bit on the wiki?
  4. Depends, I guess, on how much people would be willing to contribute to it. It's a term that should be defined, but what is there to say about it? How much information can we squeeze into the page?
  5. If nothing else, we can make it a section of the Manaverse page.
  6. Updated Hirasu Legacy

    +Applied more detailed sumarries of many of the sections.
    +Renamed/restructured a few sections.
    +Added a black border around the cells that had none, helping to distinguish between parts.
    +Added a split timeline
    -Removed the first three timeline cells regarding the beginning of existence; more development is needed to fill these spaces.
    -Removed herobrine.
  7. Honestly, based on a previous conversation I had with Shadow, I kinda want to see a page for the supposed era SCT lies within.

    In either case, it'd probably be an explanation of what it is, followed by a list of plots/events in each canon that take place within that timeframe. And in the case of the era, it could have SCT as a subsection, and the list could be divided by events occuring prior to, during, and after SCT within the timeframe.

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