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DISCUSSION Main Page and "About"

Discussion in 'The Manaverse Wiki Project' started by Eebit, Apr 13, 2015.

  1. So, obviously we're currently sitting on a very WIP front page that really only contains our 'mission' as a Wiki in a rough form. I think this would be better suited to being placed on the currently-nonexistent About Page.

    However, I don't currently have any ideas for content to replace the main page. Are there any ideas as to what we could throw up there? Something like a featured article? Important concepts? I don't know.
  2. To get the creative juices flowing for the front page...


    e: That kind of thing for a header. Content-wise, I'm not a hundred percent sure what to put on it. I have a vision of using the planetary icons as page links to their respective planets somewhere on the page, but that requires some (i.e. significantly) more work to be put into those.

    Text-wise, I'll figure something out. If anyone has any suggestions as to what is important navigation-wise for the front page, let me know.
  3. idk. Like I've spent a good chunk of time looking at various wikis. I've seen a good amount with main pages containing things similar to what we have on our main page.
  4. Whipped this up in Pootershop earlier today when I couldn't sleep / was discussing shitposting with @CodasterTheDisaster


    This is kind of the rough layout I was thinking about. It could still use some work, and it's just the beginning of what we could do for navigation, but I think it works as a jumping-off point. Gives our front page a little navigation -- a little visual interest. A smorgasbord of what we have to offer, once more Wiki icons get finished.

    e: for posterity, here are the two logo images. Not as though they're difficult to find, but I thought I might as well put them in this post.


  5. I have added an "About" section to the front page, which is to be used for a meta explanation of what it is. If anyone sees this, could I get them to comb through the rough explanation and tell me what needs to be better explained? Particularly to this end, I am looking for outsider input -- those who may not necessarily be involved in the Manaverse, or are otherwise confused as to what it is.
  6. Updating our "goal statements" might not be a bad idea at this point... given that we're shifting our focus away from the planets and towards establishing our base concepts, it might be high time to update those statements. Thoughts?

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