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Kirby: Revenge or marx

Discussion in 'Interest Checks' started by metashadow555, Oct 14, 2011.

  1. Marx from kssu has come back, for revenge, and he is now completley overpowered anf broken (Kidding) Anyway takes place in Popstar, dreamland. In the year "????" (Seriously, thats the date in kssu.)
  2. RE: Kssu roleplay

    I am Bobson the Grandiose. I battle asparagus for a living and never eat anything unless it's gone through a blender.

    Seriously, this "RP" has absolutely nothing. Nothing. Not even a name for goodness sake. Build an RP before you start it =/
  3. RE: Kssu roleplay

    Kirby wants his dignity back now.
  4. RE: Kssu roleplay

    I don't do fan character roleplays.
  5. RE: Kssu roleplay

    So, I'm browsing through the Roleplay Signups... And I stumble upon this. My instant reaction: what no.





    Seriously. Are you trolling the magnificent world of RPing? Or are you just clueless as to how it works? I'm leaning for the latter. First of all, the basis of RPing is creating ORIGINAL CHARACTERS. Without them, nothing will ever run because the same crap is played over and over again. Then, you need a setting. Assuming "kssu" is Kirby Super Star Ultra, then you've already got a setting and world developed--which you need to either describe or link the viewers to so there aren't any confusions. Then, you need a plot. Without a plot the RP is hollow. Like this little thread. Intrigue the viewers with an in-depth storyline, not just post a phrase as the whole SU (Sign-Up) post. You also need a SU Sheet. What's required for the character to be created? Name? Powers? Limitations?

    Oh wait.

    I forgot you didn't like "fan characters".


    Sir, I recommend you to try again and learn more about roleplaying before posting something such as this. Or else, everyone will mock you severely (Psst it's happening right now).

    *Rocket jumps his way out*
  6. RE: Kssu roleplay

    WTF is a kssu?
  7. RE: Kssu roleplay

    Ok, i got lazy. Anyway, i don't think fan characters are needed for roleplay. Mainly because, noobs will just say:
    OmG MaI ChaRaCtEr Is BeAsT I uSe AttAcK On U inStA-Kill I R THE GREATEST WARRIor
  8. Do you even understand the concept of RPing?
  9. @metashadow555: And that's why they're called "noobs". :-/

    Now, I've noticed you added some actual information. Now, here's my advice to you:

    1. FIX THAT TYPO IN THE THREAD TITLE! Seriously, "Revenge or Marx"? That actually makes it sound like there's an actual choice to be made. :-/
    2. EXPLAIN STUFF!!!! Explain stuff for people who have probably never played Kirby Superstar or Kirby Superstar Ultra (or quite possibly any Kirby game for that matter).
    Ex. Not everyone's gonna know who Marx. And for that matter, how exactly is he going to pull off his revenge scheme? Can you explain that?
    Ex. What's Popstar? Is it a planet? Is it some kind of mystical land? Is it an ice cream factory? What are the people like? Explain please!
    And for that matter, what exactly is the plot? Like how is Marx going to be stopped? Seriously man, EXPLAIN STUFF!!!
    3. Sign Up sheet! Kinda needed!
    And don't spill your crap about "no fan characters allowed". The unlikely people that join this "RP" would kinda have to be required to create their own characters, as that's what you're supposed to do in an RP. Restricting players to the original game characters limits their creativity, which is really stupid.

    Frankly, you think you know what the hell you're trying to do, but when you got 6 people telling you otherwise, that's not a good sign. So please get your crap together and make something actually worth joining, or else you risk this whole thing being left to collect dust.
  10. While I don't exactly agree with the way everything is being presented here, I must say that everyone has raised valid points when it comes to this Roleplay. I'd like to recommend that you take a look around these parts to see some good examples of how you can improve on this RP, because right now it's severely lacking in any detail that would make me want to even consider joining. Giga has laid out some excellent jumping-off points for you, if you would care to follow them!

    As for this whole fan-character debacle, I guess it depends on the scenario. Really, in an established canon (such as Kirby), it could be good to have a few characters so long as they are within the limitations set by the series. You as the game master have the right to reject any character that you feel is too powerful - though you will not be able to do such a thing without a proper sign up sheet (something Giga also prescribed).

    Also guys, tone it down a little. As much as I know your interests are in the right place, we want to be accepting and not total perpetual assholes now, don't we? ;)
  11. Like Eebit said look around at other RPs. It's not that had. You're already in the right section. Just look at some other RPs. Please.

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