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Kingdom Project Take 2

Discussion in 'Creation Station' started by Flimzy, Oct 7, 2011.


    Remember good old Kingdom Project? Yea, that failed, while the laziness of some people where a big part of that I mostly blame myself and the system I was using.

    So I've decided to remake it! Only now with an actual story, hureh.
    It will be done in episodic content, every episode will need it's own supporting characters. This will give me an excuse to make the games hilariously short.

    Now, if you're going to be in this, I require that you MAKE ALL YOUR CRAP AHEAD OF TIME GOD DAMN. I am NOT having this problem of incomplete skill rosters AGAIN. Now I (kind of) trust past me to have explained most of the basic stuff, let's start with that juicy statistical data eh?

    [b]Profession or Title:[/b]
    [b]Personality:[/b] Be in depth, remember I'm doing all the writing for you
    [b]Role:[/b] What role you will in the game. explained below
    This IS important in game. Make the sprite here: http://hubpages.com/hub/Rpg-maker-vx-Character-Generator
    And now for stats...
    You have 20 points to add. No stat may go above five. You CAN add Zero, but if you do that with MP or HP I hold my rights to spit in your face.
    [b]HP:[/b] Reach Zero and you die
    [b]MP:[/b] You use skills with this
    [b]STG:[/b] Your basic attack damage and damage for some skills
    [b]DEF:[/b] Your defense against basic attacks and some skills
    [b]INT:[/b] Your magic stat, the ATK and DEF of all energy skills.
    [b]SPD:[/b] Determines turn order and effects evasion.
    PS: Every time there's four 3s and two 4s I cry inside
    [b]Weapon type:[/b] This is important, it will determine the attack type of your basic attacks.
    [b]Magic:[/b]  [spoiler]Because a key part of remaking this was in making the skillset stricter and adding a story, I have decided to call the skills "magic" however don't think that the "magic" of this universe can't be applied to other jobs, such as archer or knight. More one what to put here later.[/spoiler]
    Role: there are going to be "roles" for every player character position they each have a different number of spells they may use.

    THE HERO (1/1 slot)(10 spells needed)
    This is the main character of the episode. He will have the most spells, so only sign up if you REALLY know what you're doing.

    THE SIDEKICK(1/2 slots)(5 spells needed)
    A still very important and necessary role Good for if you want to be a big part of the game but can't think of a full 10 skills.

    GUEST MEMBER(3/3 slots)(3 spells needed)

    If you want to participate but don't QUITE give a shit, this is the role for you.

    I should note that you may indeed enter more than one character.

    I'm going to make a follow up post that will allow me to explain spells after a short break. DON'T send your PM without them, I will see to it that your brain is sent straight to masquerade.

    Here it is, the system that was the big killer last time.
    Let me explain this the best I can.

    The things I will ask for when you make your spell are as follows.

    Name: The name of the spell, no specific conventions here.

    Description: A brief description of the spell, or a joke if the name says it all.

    Medium: Here's the first block I ran into last time. This is basically what your spell incarnates itself as. Statistically, this will let me choose the animation for your skill and it's element. Here is what you may choose from:
    -A slash
    -A blunt blow
    -A piercing strike
    -A breath attack
    -An arcane melody
    -A flash
    -A roar
    -An arcane special effect
    -Shards of ice
    -A bubble
    -A waterfall
    -Throwing a rock
    -Rocks jetting upwards
    -Razor sharp winds
    -A Tornado
    -The power of light
    -An explosion

    Damage: %INT and %STG if only one than you may leave it out, 200% max each. Put "-" for healing skills. Other things of note is if the skill ignores defense, targets MP instead of HP, absorbs damage as HP (or MP if that's what the skill targets), or is a guaranteed first strike. Note all that apply.

    Target: This is, quite simply, who your spell hits or how many times. You may choose from:
    -One enemy
    -All enemies
    -One enemy twice
    -One random enemy
    -Two random enemies
    -Three random enemies
    -One ally
    -One dead ally
    -All allies
    -All dead allies
    -The user

    Statues: Statues may only have a few SET effects that I will list below. You get to name the status and it may have more than one of the effects. (or you can have multiple statues within the skill. You may NOT choose the chance of it happening. End results should be "Name(Effects) for # turns"
    -Resists armor weaknesses(No fail)
    -10% Damage over time
    -removes/guards against other statues(No fail)
    -Locks INT based spells
    -Lower accuracy by 75%
    -Half ATK
    -Half DEF
    -Half INT
    -Half SPD
    -150% ATK(No fail)
    -150% DEF(No fail)
    -150% INT(No fail)
    -150% SPD(No fail)
    -Stops all actions
    -Forced to hit allies
    -Automatically uses basic attacks without control

    Use message: Simple really. ex. "Flimzakin casts ultimaja." You can be more descriptive if you want, but do note the battle layout is mostly text based.

    There are something called "common events" that allow me to go A LITTLE outside of the box, talk to me if you feel you NEED one for a Spell you have in mind.

    Your finished skill should look something like this:

    +<Name>: <Description>. <Medium>. <Damage>. Chance of <Statues>. Targets <Target>. "<Use message>"

    Here's an example:
    +Thunderstorm: A rain of thunderbolts from the sky. Lightning. 120% INT (first hit). Chance of Paralyze(Stops all actions). Targets three random enemies. "Flimakin called forth thunderbolts from the heavens"[/b]
  3. Name: The Majestic and Wonderful Master of Prestidigitation, Supreme Above Others in Every Aspect, Handsome, Unabashed Magician of the Highest Calibur, Unmatched in the Arts of Illusion and Misconception. The Great and Charming Geoffery Owens (Or Just Geoff if You Do So Prefer a Name so Unbefitting such a Paramount Individual)
    Profession or Title: Magician
    Personality: Geoff is very arrogant and stuck-up. He truly believes that he is the best magician to have ever lived, even if all of his "magic" is, as it is often called, "smoke and mirrors." No matter how many times anyone could show him up, Geoff always will persist that there is none better than him. He likes to overdescribe any aspect of his, causing him to be quite boring to listen to at times, despite his own entertainment at these descriptions.
    Role: Sidekick
    Appearance: click

    HP: 3
    MP: 4
    STG: 1
    DEF: 3
    INT: 5
    SPD: 4

    Weapon type: Wand (Specifically "Magician's wand"(the kind that's black with a white tip))

    + Poof: Summons a cloud of confetti that... well who knows what good it really does. "shards of ice". No damage. targets all enemies. Chance of distraction(stops all actions) for 3 turns. "Geoff throws a whole bunch of confetti."

    + Shiny Balls of Light: Geoff throws little balls that glow extremely bright when thrown/ He bought them at a run-down item shop a long time ago, he must have bought a whole lot of them... Flash(es). 100% INT damage. Targets two random enemies. Chance of Light-blinded(Lower accuracy by 75%) for two turns. "Geoff throws out a bunch of extremely bright balls of light!"

    + Holy Smokes!: Geoff throws a small smoke bomb that makes a lot of smoke for its size. Fog. No damage. Targets three random enemies. Chance of ????????(forced to hit allies) for two turns. "Geoff throws a smoke bomb!"

    + Alakazam! Geoff does a weird twirl with his his wand that does... nothing? No animation(. No damage. Targets on enemy. Chance of laughing(10% damage over time) for three turns. "Geoff twirls his wand flamboyantly."

    + Oration: Geoff begins a long speech about his entire life to prove just how awesome he is. Sound waves. 150% INT damage. Targets all enemies. Chance of boredom(automatically uses basic attacks without control) for three turns. "Geoff begins to talk about his life... Here we go again."

  4. ~The Great Pelican~
    Profession or Title: Pirate
    Personality: The ruthless, money-grubbing, failure prone wannabe pirate. He is always trying to get his name out and build up his currently non-existant treasure hoard. The story behind his not-actually-missing missing eye is different every telling, and always grandiose and far-fetched.
    Role: Sidekick
    Weapon type: Pocket Cutlass, a two foot rod with a flip-out rapier-blade.

    HP: 3
    MP: 4
    STG: 3
    DEF: 2
    INT: 3
    SPD: 5

    +Ranga-That-Cutlass: Pelican spellbinds his cutlass to make it return. A Slash. 90% ATK. Targets One enemy twice. "Pelican let his cutlas fly! It came back!"
    +Under the Patch: Pelican goes into great detail about what's under his eye-patch with magic-soaked words. Soundwaves. No damage. Chance of Insane[Forced to hit allies, 150% ATK] for two turns. Targets all enemies. "Pelican tells a tale of his eye..."
    +Mystical Poison Dart of LEGEND: Poison darts that use mystical LEGENDARY poison. A piercing strike. 80% Piercing ATK. Chance of LEGENDARY Poison[10% DoT, Locks INT based spells] for three turns. Targets One Enemy. "Pelican throws a LEGENDARY dart!"
    +GUFFAW!: A magical battle cry, or so he calls it. A roar. Chance of 150% ATK and DEF for three turns. Targets All allies. "GUFFAW!!!"
    +Super Awesome Attack: An attack so amazing it must be magic! A Flash. 150% INT. Chance of DAZZLED![Lower accuracy by 75%, Half INT] for three turns. Targets All enemies. "Pelican attacked spectacularly!"
  5. Name: Tony Wattson
    Profession or Title: Brawler
    Personality: A Mountainman, he can tell how a person's personality and attentions just by looking at him. He can be loud at times but in short, he is a honest man with a big heart. In fights, he can go a bit overboard but is sometimes cooperative. He loves to drink and always trys to have "manly" fights everyday. He is illiterate and sometimes gambles. He never forgets debts or fees so he is never easily cheated out of money.
    Role: Guest

    HP: 5
    MP: 2
    STG: 5
    DEF: 2
    INT: 1
    SPD: 5

    Weapon type: Fists

    +Voltic Knuckles: Creates eletricity froms his hand and strikes with tons of power. Blunt blow. 200% ATK. One enemy twice. Beserk(Automatically uses basic attacks without control) on self for 3 turns. "Tony pounds his fists to generate sparks!"

    +Roaring Quake: Creates a superhuman shout to make the foes start cowering. Roar. No damage. All enemies. Intimidation(Stops all actions) for 2 turns. "Tony makes a intimidating roar!"

    +Blitz Breaker: Penetrates the foes defenses with a uppercut that has eletricity. Blunt Blow. 200% ATK(ignores defense). One enemy. "Tony pierces through the foes defenses!"


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