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Ivory Sense Story and Sign Up

Discussion in 'Roleplay Archives' started by Vero, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. ~~~Story~~~​
    In the universe of Ivory Sense and also Creation, on the planet Jinx, King Live has died. Shortly afterwards a young hero by the name of Kivvard Vinnet Obert'Son rose to the challenge to become king. Yet there is no protagonist without an antagonist. That was when Vincent was born. Vincent was a dark garbed fellow that had the ability that he only has, to control Shadows and Shades, both of which are parts of a dead person. The Shadows were the substance and will of an soul, while the Shades were the emotion and spirit. Using the Shadows and Shades Vincent waged war against the Governs of the continent of Karma to gain kinghood.

    While these events where unfolding, Kiv (short for Kivvard) did treacherous and deadly things for the favors of the Governs in hope that he, Kiv, would become king. Vincent, as mentioned earlier went to war with the Governs that would not grant them with their favor for kinghood, he only fought with three Governs. Ridge, Blake, and Hector. With Vincent's first war with Ridge, his army was small compared to Ridge's prisonguard force. Vincent in the climax of battle broke every prisoner out of prison turning the tide of battle dramatically. After the battle, Ridge, being defeated, swore loyalty to Vincent as his new found prisoner army vanished into the wilderness.

    Kiv after some traveling was captured by a band of the prisoners and that was when he was introduced to his crush-at-first-sight, the circus goer, Trish. Kiv, using some new ability escaped with Trish to the circus, which he traveled with for a time. Vincent now went to war with Blake, which was an eventful battle that doesn't concern us. Kiv was now traveling with the traveling circus who's leader was a Govern and becoming quite close to Trish. Now that Kiv had a favor of one, he sought out his second with the aid of Trish.

    Now Kiv meet up with Hector who seemed nice at first, until Hector had his lackey who was also his close friend, Kalub, poison Kiv and Trish. When Kiv woke up he was told to fetch something for him and in return he would help him become king and give Trish back. Angerly, Kiv went. At this time Vincent now has come to Hector for his quest for kinghood. Hector of course, like the other Governs would go to war first then have this guy for a king. The biggest battle had started, Hector calling for Weasly, another Govern, to come and help defeat Vincent.

    About in the middle of the biggest war, Kiv came back with Hector's sought for item. Upon seeing the mayhem, Kiv went to go find Hector, because he knew that Trish was with him. Upon entering Hector's room on the second to top floor, he found Trish over Kalub's dead body. It turned out that Kalub had fought many people to save her before Vincent came in and killed him with his power over Shadows and Shades, Hector came just in time to save her. Hector and Vincent were seen going to the very top of the casino to do one on one battle with each other. Upon entering the roof of the casino, Kiv saw Vincent deal the last blow before Hector fell into a lump of himself. After a few word, Kiv engaged into a battle with Vincent.

    Now arriving on the scene came Weasly Airman, the Sky Govern. Vincent broke off the battle with a quick flee and issued a command to his army. Vincent's army, bringing out their own airmecha (Battle ships for the air), engaged with an air battle. After a bit, Kiv had found Vincent again, started the last battle. The scenary was a blur of explosions in the air, as airmechas exploded. Vincent was dealing blows as well as talking to Kiv as the battle went on. Finally Kiv had the upper hand when Weasly's giant airmecha crashed into the building that had Trish in, creating a huge shockwave as the building collapsed, that was when Vincent told Kiv the final piece of his talk, making Kiv accept Vincent as his king.

    In one month's time, Vincent proved to be an ideal king, bringing happiness everywhere he went. Kiv on the other hand, although he looked cheerful on the outside, remained deeply saddened by his love's death. the only thing he had left to remind himself of her was a plain white mask that sticks wherever it was put and is easily taken off.

    After some grieving, Kiv joined the traveling circus where he spent most of his time with Trish, it turned out that the ringleader of the circus, the Govern, had died of natural causes and they were looking for a replacement. When the group saw Kiv, they, at first suggested he become the ringleader/Govern, but Kiv denied it, still a bit sad about Trish's death.

    Then they did something desperate, they just named Kiv as their ringleader and Govern and would fallow him around wherever he went. Kiv then became the ringleader and Govern.

    Where do I come in?​
    At Vincent's first battle with Ridge, when he made a prisoner army, they left at the end to enjoy their freedom. Out of these prisoners were the most evil group of villains. Ceerdy (Sir-d) and his loyal minions escaped to the almost vacant continent of Xyra.

    There they unleashed, at first, unnoticeable evil. After a bit his crimes grew larger and more threatening, putting innocent lives at risk, only for Ceerdy's gain. Vincent, knowing he needed to use the army didn't know who he was going to release, began to regret releasing everyone from the prison.

    Taking responsibility, Vincent created an armed force to tackle Ceerdy and his growing empire. Now you will enter as a person with a desire (at least) to combat Ceerdy, either because of a revenge type of thing, just because you don't like the guy, or you went to be a part of the armed forces and you are training to beat him. All I want is just a acceptable reason for you person's adventure

    Level: Start at 1
    Experience: 0/100
    Profession: (Profession: What your character does, should at least get a job promotion at least once during the game.)
    Stat gain:(Stat gain is the way your character will level up and also determine starting stats, the available stat gains are: Balanced, HP, MP, ATK, DEF, INT, SPR, SKL, SPD)
    Weapon: (Please choose two simple and basic weapons that your person can use, the weapons you choose will not affect the game in any way except what weapons are in the store)
    Armor: (something simple and basic and just like the weapons, these will only affect what is in the store)
    Accessory(s): Start with one of your own imagination, can equip a max of three at a time(+5HP, +5MP, +1ATK, +1DEF, +1INT, +1SPR, +1SKL, +1SPD, +1 MOV)
    Appearance: What your character looks like.
    History: (This could be long, short, or even optional)

    A-Skills: You are to make your own by using: + Name: Short Description (Optional). Damage% (Up to 120%) Stat: (P=Power, I=Intelligence, Q=Quick, and S=Skill) just pick on of them . Effect (Optional). Range; Element. MP.
    S-Skills:(Support type skills that your character possesses either active or passive. Active are always in affect, passive are activated. You can only have many S-Skills, but you can only have two at a time.) Use this when making an S-skill: + Name: Short Description. Effect . Element.
    R-Skills:(Reaction skill. Reaction skills are activated when a certain action has been preformed, when it is activated, you get the described action, you do not start with any. You can have many R-Skills, but you only have two in a battle at a time.)
    C-Skills: Combo skill (These are like A-skills except they involve more then one person to preform. MP is divided to all people participating. You do not start with any and it will look the same on both profiles.) + Name: Short Description (Optional). Damage% (Up to 120%) Stat (P=Power, I=Intelligence, Q=Quick, and S=Skill)just pick one. Effect (Optional). Range; Element. MP
    L-Skill(s): (Latent Skill. This is your special make-your-own skill. This is like the X-Ability on Statistical Colosseum, except it is available to your character when he/she is in the "critical" statues. You should start off with one L-skill and the max you can have in all is two. This skill gets leveled up every five levels. If you have more then one, only one will get leveled up every five turns) Here is the formula for an L-Skill: +Name:Short Description (optional), Damage% (It should be 150% at first if it is a single enemy or 90% if multiple enemies), Stat: (P=Power, I=Intelligence, Q=Quick, and S=Skill)Just pick one, Effect: This is where you would put the status effect if you have one, and Element (Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Thunder, Ice, Nature, Dark, Holy or Neutral). This has no MP cost since you can only use the L-Skill when you are in Critical, and you can only use it twice per battle. The first time you use it, no reductions to XP gain will happen, on the second time you use it in a battle, you will gain 90% of XP that you would have gotten.

    +Name:-This is what you would call the skill you are using, and is also an activation when you use it in you post.
    Short Description (Optional). This is just for added presentation or description.
    Damage % This will be factored in with a special formula that I made for the damage output.
    Stat. the stats are: P=Power, I=Intelligence, Q=Quick, and S=Skill.
    Effect (Optional). If your skill does anything else besides damage, then this is the place to put it.
    Range; You would put this like: 1 cell, line of cells, cells around your character, etc.
    Element. The Element of your Skill. Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Thunder, Ice, Nature, Dark, Holy or Neutral.
    MP. How much it would cost to use your skill when you use it

    For the Stats for your person just choose what 'stat gain' you want. Please do not put anything below, I will reply with the results of your character if everything is approved.

    HP: (Health Points)
    MP: (Magic Points)
    ATK: (Attack)
    DEF: (Defense)
    INT: (Intelligence)
    SPR: (Spirit)
    SKL: (Skill)
    SPD: (Speed)
    MOV: (Movement)

    Inventory: [ spoiler][/ spoiler]
  2. Name: Ramiro de Luca
    Age: 27
    Level: 1
    Experience: 0/100
    Profession: Witch Hunter - The one who claims this profession has taken up the lifelong task of hunting specialists of black magic and are usually purists who are concerned with the state of corruption in the world. They are capable of dishing out speedy, rapid-fire attacks.
    Stat Gain: SKL
    Weapon: Scythe / Mace
    Armor: Hooded Cloak - A cloak made of cotton built for coverage and comfort as opposed to protection from weaponry. [+1 DEF]
    Accessory(s): Crested Ring - A family heirloom that seems to possess some otherworldly charm to it... [+1 INT]
    Appearance: Ramiro is a fairly tall, muscular man standing with broad shoulders at a height of 6’5”. His face is usually covered by a mask of wood, painted to have an eerie appearance with unblinking eyes. He wears dark coloured clothing with a hood over his head to further enhance his mysterious appearance. Underneath his mask and hood, his skin tone is a deep olive colour, with sad gray eyes and jet black hair. He bears a scar along his left cheek that resembles a claw or the mark of a whip. His mask is rarely off, however, so few people have seen his face.
    History: [TO BE ANNOUNCED]

    A-Skills: Lynch

    + Silencing Slice: Ramiro makes a swift set of slices with his scythe, removing the supposed witch of their tongue and subsequently their magical ability. 110% Power Damage. Chance of Silence. Range: 1 Cell; Element: Neutral. 7 MP

    + Hysteric Preach: Ramiro attempts to warn the oncoming crowd of the witch amongst them, causing a potential panic attack in those listening. Chance of Confusion. Range: 3 Cells (cross formation); Element: Neutral. 10 MP

    + Ritualistic Assurance: Ramiro chants a brief ritual that enhances his entire being for a short duration of time. Effect: Once per battle, should Ramiro’s HP fall below 25%, all of his stats (ATK, DEF, INT, SPR, SKL, SPD) will be doubled for the duration of the following three turns. Element: Holy.

    R-Skills: N/A

    C-Skills: N/A


    + Purgatory
    Description: Ramiro manifests all of the burning passion of the purity within him, which he conjures into a powerful beam that he can direct in one single direction to burn every nonbelieving, black-magic-wielding scum alive. The fiery passion is certain to leave anyone caught in its path second-guessing their ways… should they even survive. Damage %: 150% Piercing INT
    Stat: S (Skill)
    Effect: High Chance of Severe Burn
    Range: Straight Line
    Element: Fire


    HP: 25
    MP: 25
    ATK: 6 (+1 when using Scythe) (+1 when using Mace)
    DEF: 4 (+1 Hooded Cloak)
    INT: 6 (+1 Crested Ring)
    SPR: 4
    SKL: 6
    SPD: 4
    MOV: 3

    Gold: 0

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