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Ivory Sense: Sad Version

Discussion in 'Creation Station' started by Vero, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. Please Read​
    This is the "Sad Version" of the original plot of "Ivory Sense," which means it might not fallow every last detail of the original. You can also see that this is the sad version, that means it will include death, heartbreak, and other stuff.

    Deep in an sea of stars, comets of many colors are streaking the sky, the nearest star millions of light years away.

    "Please...Tell...Me...A...Story..." Says a soft tone of a voice, the scenery brightened as two comets collided then quickly fading back into the darkness of space. The being that talked was never seen, just heard.

    "Alright, if you want a story, a story you'll get." Said the same voice that spoken before, yet it sounded different, the voice sounded confident and daring, almost happy. A red tailed comet zoomed across the empty area of space.

    "Thanks" That was the last thing that the soft voice said before it the whole universe became quite, as if waiting for the words of the storyteller to start.

    "Once upon a time," Began the stronger voice said, the void of space fizzling out, leaving only white. "There was a world of magic, full of lush green forests," A blast of dark green and brown appeared, creating a thick foliage of trees and small creatures. "Deep oceans and dry deserts" More blasts of colors appeared, blue and tan appeared, forming a world in a instant.

    The storytellers voice continued to describe the world as the soft voice spoke up "No, no, stop it." The soft voice staring to become panicked, "Not again!" The fear stricken voice faded in the background, the storytellers voice easily blocking out the panic and softness of the others voice.

    "And in this world, we come upon our hero, Kivvard Vinnent Obert'Son." A shriek came from the soft voice as the world became blank. Soon the stars came back, but only one voice was there, "It now begins." The storyteller said calmly, looking to a newly formed planet.​
  2. At the age of five, Vincent was taken by the Governs and put into the Shadowmancer's Keep, which was in all truth, a jail. Vincent, being only five, had no idea why he was put in this light filled place. Lights filled every hallway and room, eliminating any traces of darkness. Unknown to Vincent, he was a Shadowmancer, a new and mysterious type of magic user. With such mystery came many possibilities, one of them was, regrettably, being studied.

    Vincent had a normal way of life until he was caught in a crime of circumstance. Living above the equator on the planet of Jinx, just starting kindergarten, Vincent was in a group coloring project at the first week of school, wearing bright blue shirt with blue jeans. The project was to draw someone else in class. Vincent being the twenty-first student was left out since he had no friends yet. The teacher, being the supporting role she was, decided to draw him and him draw her. Vincent finished drawing with a simple stick figure of the teacher. As the teacher started her drawing of Vincent, she noticed a startling detail with Vincent's eyes, two extra pupils.

    With a shriek the teacher jumped from her sitting position and ran to the red emergency button that was located on the wall beside her desk, that was when mayhem broke out. What was so important about the two extra pupils in Vincent's eyes? The only acceptable answer was that, the only people recorded with extra pupils were the Shadowmancers. Vincent not knowing why all of this mayhem was happening with children running to the teacher for some unknown protection that an adult could only give, started running towards her also.

    The teacher gave another shriek as Vincent came towards her and she rummaged through her pockets for a slender stone, "Protect!" the teacher yelled as the air around the room warmed up, magic filling the air. As Vincent came close to the group of kids and the teacher he was repealed by an invisible wall of magic and a burst of orange, Vincent was unconscious.

    Vincent was in a dark dream, the dream was in a spiral of darkness that grew darker in the center, Vincent felt a pull to go deeper. The darkness was oddly reassuring and homely. "Come young one." said a prophetic voice from the center of a spiral. "Let me show you what is going on." Vincent had no fear as he strode into the darkness, his five year old feet bringing him into the darkness with a slow rate. Finally Vincent reached the center. "Look up." Said the prophetic voice once again.

    Not knowing what else to do, Vincent looked upward. Vincent saw a scene, it was filled with crying children, his teacher, and a tall man who seemed like a rich farmer with a bundle in his arms. Mouths were moving yet no sound came, which annoyed Vincent since he was sure sound was supposed to come, yet none did. "That's you." The voice once again came, now Vincent felt the presence of another being, yet Vincent couldn't take his eyes off the bundle the tall farmer was carrying. Then it became clear what was in the bundle as the tall farmer slowly turned, showing a five year old face, smothered with what seemed to be, black powder. His cloths seemed to be a bit charred and burnt from some type of fire.

    "What happened to me?" Came Vincent's clear small voice, shivers ran down his spine as the scene faded and the darkness returned. No not just darkness, darkness was created when the sun was blocked off from a spot, this place had no sun. Vincent them turned to look at the being he sure was there, yet he couldn't see who it was.

    "Your teacher put a spell of warding against all things she thought was dangerous, you were one of the things and you ran into the barrier." Vincent was about to spout off some few choice words that a five year old knew, but all compulsion left as the voice continued. "She was afraid of you, since you have power she doesn't, but you don't have the power yet."

    "How do I get the power then?" Vincent asked, already images of himself were starting to form in his mind, he was a heroic figure battle thousands of dragons, ghouls, and all other assortment of terrifying creatures with a single drawn sword, a crowd cheering in the background.

    A few moments passed by before the voice spoke again, "Just take my hand." As the voice said the sentence an arm appeared, followed by a hand, the fingers were pointed and spiked, yet Vincent eagerly took the hand and the darkness faded, leaving Vincent in a garden full of black flowers that extended as far as he could see, the sky was a light purple.

    Vincent looked around and saw nobody in sight, "Where are you!" Came Vincent's voice, "And why did it get brighter?" A few moments passed before an answer came.

    "I'm in your thoughts now," Came the prophetic voice, "and it didn't become brighter, you can pierce the darkness with your vision, allowing you to see in the dark." Then the voice gave it last sentence before leaving Vincent until he woke up, "My name is Coreros, you now have abilities that other would kill for, or kill you because of them, never use them unless I tell you to or else they will kill you!" Coreros said the last words with such urgency that Vincent believed that he was wanted for his powers he now had, Vincent also felt new power coming from within.

    "So what do I do now?" Vincent asked, yet Coreros was silent, leaving Vincent in the black flower garden all alone before he woke up in a light filled room, not even his shadow appeared. He was dressed in a white tee shirt and white cotton pants, his black hair the only color contrast in the room and for some reason Vincent's arms were chained to the wall, only leaving enough chain for him to walk around most of the room. Coreros' last words lingered in Vincent's mind, they will kill you, Vincent started to fear for his life.
  3. This... is brilliant thus far. Keep it up!

  4. Vincent had trouble sleeping in this light filled room, the only darkness that would appear was when he stared at one of the many lights then shutting his eyes tightly. He couldn't even get comfortable on the ground since his hand chains would sneak under his ribs and cause great discomfort. Yet after all of that, he fell asleep. Vincent dreamed of his house he used to live in, that he would go back to, he just had to. His mother came to him with a huge smile and a plate full of vegetables, he didn't like vegetables. Then came his dad, he was a tall person with a muscular build, slick black hair on his head and chin. "Am I going to look like that?" He once asked his father. His father gave a hearty laugh and told him about genetics, which was really confusing.

    Then Vincent was back in the black flower field, in a clearing in the center once again, "Mom! Dad! Where are you?" Vincent yelled, dream tears streaking his face, was it really a dream? Vincent fell to his knees, quietly sobbing. "What did I do wrong? Did I cause trouble?" He yelled at the black garden. Anger yelled up in his being, which quickly faded out as a wind passed over the landscape. A familiar presence was around.

    Looking up Vincent saw a heavily blue garbed person standing in front of him, "Coreros?" Vincent said weakly as the being nodded. "But, why are you here? I thought you were in my thoughts." Vincent said as he shifted up back on his legs, Coreros offered a hand to help him up. Vincent took the help gladly.

    "I'm going to teach you now, but not everything, yet." Coreros said the last word with a lingering thought, as a fat rich person would say to starving child, the child would get his or her fill, just not now. Vincent started to speak up, which Coreros snapped his fingers at Vincent once and spoke, "Do not speak unless told to do so." Coreros said with a bit of anger in his tone, yet his whole entire body was covered in blue cloths, so it was hard to tell if he was angry or not.

    "Now listen to me," Coreros gave a slight pause before speaking, "you are going to wake up in a matter of minutes, dream time and what you call real time are widely different." Two images appeared from the darkness, two clocks, one had 'Awake world' on it and the hands quickly ticked off, while the other was labeled as 'Dream World', which seemed like a normal clock. The point was easily made that the awake world was extremely fast, or the dream world was really slow.

    "Now everyday that you fall asleep, I will teach you skills of a regular Shadowmancer, which is what you are, was, and will be." Confusion appeared on Vincent's face, but Coreros kept talking. "The first ability I am going to teach you is something that should come in handy when we escape." Vincent winced, but liked the idea. "This ability is to go into another's mind and read their most recent thoughts." Coreros lifted up his ring finger and touched Vincent's forehead, a chill came down Vincent's spine.

    Vincent didn't know what to do, Coreros was just putting his finger on his forehead, "I don't think your reading my mind." Vincent said defensively, getting annoyed. That was when Coreros fell into a heap of himself, mumbling one word, power, power, power. Vincent looked horrified, Coreros was the only one who he knew in this place, "Coreros! Wake up!" Vincent said as he shook the body. After a bit, Coreros stirred.

    "You don't need to learn that, or a bunch of other stuff either." Coreros gasped in between words, his prophetic voice was gone. Vincent's mind raced through many thoughts, why did Coreros keep on mumbling about power? Why didn't he need to learn? Why was the world becoming brighter? That was when Vincent woke up, he was back in the world of no darkness.

    Vincent didn't wake up on his own will, a plate of food was dropped in front of him. Vincent stared at the food then at the person who dropped it. A blue haired woman who seemed to a nurse, also she seemed to be in her early twenties, which was in all five year old's thoughts, old. "Are you awake honey?" Said the blue haired nurse, why did she have blue hair? "Where going to do some tests in the following days and we want to to be well rested before then." With that the blue haired nurse started to leave.

    "Wait," Vincent said, "are the tests going to hurt?" That was a common question Vincent had asked to his parents whenever something was going to happen when he didn't know what was going on.

    The blue haired nurse stopped in her tracks, looked at Vincent, closed her eyes and gave a small smirk. Vincent was alone once again as the blue haired nurse left.
  5. Vincent's cries of pain echoed throughout the Shadowmancer's Keep for the past days, Vincent should have died on the second out of many tests, but Coreros saved him. Tears trickled out of five year old's eyes. "Why the pain?" His voice rasped out, "Please save me mom." Vincent had cuts and bruises all over his body, he used to be bloody, that all changed when he was unconscious and was sent into the medic center. Vincent wouldn't have known he was that seriously hurt, but once again Coreros showed him what happened when he wasn't awake.

    Vincent having all of his energy drained fell into a lump on the ground, the chains on his wrist clanged loudly. Vincent was once again standing in the familiar dark flower garden. "You barley escaped your last attack." Came Coreros' soothing voice, he was someone Vincent could trust. "Next time I will increase the power output just a bit, we need them to think that you can only increase your ability by a small amount or not at all." Vincent knew this lecture, if they thought he was powerless, they would get clumsy.

    "I want to know more about where I am." Vincent said, his voice sounded normal, as if all of the pain was erased from his mind. Vincent felt at home here and wanted to learn more about it. A nonexistent wind brushed through the flowers, causing a wave of flowers to move back and forth.

    Coreros studied Vincent's face before giving an answer. "This place is what some humans call, the Underworld." Coreros let the air tense, waiting for a freak out comment from Vincent yet none came, "The Underworld was always told as a place where all of the evils of the world exist, yet it is not all of the way true." This time Vincent had to interject.

    "How can it not be true?" Vincent said with some force, "If this is the Underworld, doesn't that mean all evil exists here?" Vincent was done with his sentence as Coreros turned away from him.

    "The Underworld reflects all of the inhabitants souls, and based on what you see here, what does that mean." Vincent knew he didn't have to answer, because the answer was simple enough, even for his five year old mind. The Underworld was a type of mirror, the scene was dark. This didn't explain the flowers.

    "Why are the flowers here?" Vincent asked, he was starting to get angry for no reason now.

    Coreros saw Vincent's anger, he let out a sigh, "The Underworld is trying to cleanse itself, each flower you see here is a soul of someone who committed enough evil in their life to be put on hold before they are sent back again." Once again Coreros sighed as anger flashed on Vincent's face. "The Underworld will soon be filled with these flowers, once that happens a flash of light will erupt through the whole world, leaving the flowers gone. Those flowers each have enough of a person's soul to create life, which usually becomes a demon, a regular human bound for evil, or," Coreros looked at Vincent sternly, " A Shadowmancer."

    Vincent stood silently in the world of flowers, thoughts flashed through his mind, was he reborn of evil? Was he once here? Will he bound for evil? Those thoughts and many more raced through his head as Coreros watched him. Coreros spoke up, "Remember, the only time that you can move a bullet in flight noticeably is when it goes to your head or chest." With a flash of light, Vincent woke up with chains hurting his sides.

    "Welcome back honey," The blue haired nurse said happily with a plate of food in her hands. Vincent recently learned her name was Elisabeth , but by Coreros' instruction, he should call her "mom". Elisabeth looked at Vincent with a smile, "I heard you called for me, so I brought you some food." Elisabeth put the plate in front of him, it looked like the same meal he had almost everyday, some sticks of dried meat, apple slices, and water. They changed the fruit every two days and kept the meat the same. Vincent wished he had milk.

    "Thanks mom!" Vincent said with the fake smile he usually mustered up every time he talked to her, he also used a cheery tone, that too was part of Coreros' instruction. In all truth though, Vincent would rather hit her with some condense shadows then to huge her. "I'll make sure to become big and strong for you." Elisabeth smiled as she turned to leave.

    Vincent then had a guanine smile as she closed and locked the door behind her, he would become big and strong, but not to help her. Vincent would be locked in this same room for five more years before he escaped. Yet Vincent didn't know that, right now he needed to butter up "mom" enough to allow a teacher to teach him, Coreros promised Vincent an escape and once again, instructed him to do so.
  6. Standing in middle of a growing field was a tall man, he looked to be in his early twenties, but in the dark, it was more around thirty. No matter how old he looked, he would be the same age until next year, he was twenty five. He let a sigh out of his mouth as he remembered one of his many tragic days, it was a nice day five years ago, just like today, the wind gently carresing his face and the crop of corn just barley reaching out for some much needed air.

    Five years ago he had imprisioned a boy of five, if he was still alive today , he would be ten. That was nine years older then his son. If it were his son that was the Shadowmancer, he would have hidden him until he died, the man of course, not the son. "I wonder how he is?" Said the tall man with a deep gruff voice, a voice that made every statment seem like the action that was preformed made him sad. Closing his eyes the world became silent.

    An image of the planet Jinx started to form in the man's head, at first it was enourmus, streaking from on side of space to another, yet it kept getting bigger and bigger, soon he could only see the planet in front of him. He saw the desert in the south, and connecting the desert northward was the great Jinx tracks, which would ferry people across the land. Northward was the snow disesed land that Governess Rigde controlled. That too was connected to the tracks. His mental imaged zoomed towards the icy caps of the northern mountains.

    Soon his sight locked on a huge building, alone in the snow torn mountains, as his vision came clearer as his vision got closer he gasped. The building was a like a coffin, bodies littered the hallways and the snow was red. Snapping out of his vision, he looked around, he wasn't in the mountains anymore, but the field of starting to grow corn. Turning around he started to go to a small villiage. Reaching the outskirts of the villiage, the man straightened his back and walked proudly through the streets.

    "Hello Kent" A man said as he walked by, Kent replied quick hello and kept on going, he needed to tell his wife something. After every seven or so people, Kent kept on getting stopped for some small chat, yet Kent remained purposefull and kept on going, brushing them aside.

    "Up to it again," Said a woman he passed.
    "I guess being a Govern makes him all high and mighty then."

    There was more to the conversation, but Kent couldn't here it after a bit, soon he reached his house, "Dear!" Kent yelled in the empty livingroom, "Something has come up again, I wanted to say bye before I left!." Yet no answer came, Kent closed his eyes.

    In his mind, Kent saw himself standing in the doorway, he was tall, had short hair, wore a some stylish cloths, at least stylish for a farmer, and had his eyes closed, just like now. The only difference is that time he shifted through time periods. First he thought of five minutes from where he was now, he remained unchanged, so he thought farther, ten minutes. This time he was gone.

    Opening his eyes, Kent sighed, he would have to wait ten minutes at most before he reached the moment in the future that would make him leave, he wondered into his house and went towards the fridge, it seemed a bit empty. Grabbing an apple he started to eat it. Finishing his apple he stood up and threw away the core and went back outside. It only had been six minutes.

    Starting to fidgit from anticipation he looked towards the main square of the town, it looked the same as always, stone roads leading between houses, the market crowded with people all looking for something to buy, the bakery on fire, fire? Getting his attention to the smoke, he saw that bright orange flame flickering off of the roof. Well, that explained why he wasn't on the porch ten minutes later, he would be in the town helping contain the fire.

    Kent got up and started to jog to the bakery, he really didn't have to go to the town square, he could have stayed right on the porch of his house waiting for his wife, seeing the future didn't mean it would happen, for one reason, he only saw the most propable future when he concontrated, that was why he needed to alert Governess Ridge about the upcomming problem quickly.

    Comming to the bakery he saw that everything was under control, yet there was a circle of people around the enterance, a woman started crying when she turned away from the circle and saw Kent. Other people looked down, they wouldn't meet his eyes.

    "What's going on here? Isn't everything fine?" Came Kent's rough voice, another woman started crying, why did Kent say that? It was a small fire, yet it might have gotten someone close to the people. "Move aside, let me see if I can help." People slowly broke away when Kent came closer, he saw a single body on the ground, slowly the body on the ground was moving with raggid breath, Kent's heart dropped.

    It is one thing to be waiting for your wife at your house, it was another seeing your wife after she got out of a burning house with new chared skin, "Lilly!" Kent's voice broke from his rugged outer shell and became almost high pitched. "Are you alright? Where's our son?" The body slowly turned around, the damage was clear, her hair was a bit burnt off, and it seemed that something landed on her and cought her on fire, which then badly burned her.

    A weak voice came from Lilly, "Our son, he is at my friend's house, you know, Jeniffer." Lilly once again went into shallow breathing as two men in white coats came over to Kent.

    Kent looked up and saw one of the men, "Take her to the best place you can think of, hurry." Kent's voice became cold again as he got up to let the two paramedics take his wife away. Once they got her into the ambulance, kent started to mummble, "Don't worry Lilly, well come to see you once you get better, me and Kivvard will both be with you and happy again." a tear trickled down Kent's face as he slowly made his way back to his house, then he would go and pick up Kivvard.

    Why was I even waiting at my house at the first place? Kent thought, it was going to be a long week.

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