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Introducing ZEJ Q&A Corner!

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Jonno, May 6, 2013.

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  1. Introducing...
    - brought to you by Jonno!​

    Have you ever been dying to ask one of ZEJ's most beautiful founders some questions regarding the forums and its members, or just something regarding life and the powers of the universe in general, hoping that he'd answer them over a questionable, brand spankin' new YouTube channel in his own sexy radio announcer voice?

    Well, whether you like it or not- now's your chance! In a debut feature on the all-new ZEJ Roleplaying channel on YouTube, Jonno will be answering a selection of your questions sent his way come every one or two weeks! Whether you ask your question through a PM or wall post to Jonno, or in a direct reply to this topic here, you will get your questions answered!


    There's only one ground rule here, and that is, while I totally embrace the ridiculous, please refrain from anything over-sexualized or gorey. It's not that I'm big on censorship, but asking me what I'd do to Eebit in bed just isn't going to fly for what's essentially an amatuerish professional radio talk show hosted on the Internet. Again, if you have any questions if you'd like for me to answer, PLEASE send them my way, whether it be over PM, wall post on my profile, or here through a reply to this topic itself.

    Without further ado, here's our debut! Hope you enjoy. If you do give the show a listen, I'm all open to feedback, as well as, again, questions of your own to answer in future installments. Look forward to more programs in the future, along with new episodes of ZEJ Q&A Corner to come!  
    Latest Episode:
    EPISODE 1: Marvel at Jonno's inability to gauge time as he claims questions  will be answered in a "few minutes" when in all actuality he begins answering them within the next thirty seconds whilst discovering the color of certain ZEJ members' blood. Featuring questions from Rose Swan, LaTyrannia, and more! 

    Full Episodes:
    Episode 1
  2. Oh, well thank you! There's definitely many more things to come on that lovely ol' ZEJ channel, so stayed tuned. If any of you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
  3. And then there was no Episode 2, or 3, or any all the way up to Episode 17.

    What happened? I actually kind of liked this thing... ;-;
  4. I just figured people weren't interested or really liked it at all, so I stopped putting work into it. xD Sorry to disappoint you. If you really want, I'll make an episode two just for you.
  5. I'd definitely consider partaking in this if you're looking for an interviewee sometime, Jonno~
  6. That would be lovely @Jonno bebo \o/
  7. @Jonno your voice is like sex.

    Continue this.
  8. We could pair this with the previous idea of a ZEJ Webshow or something, too? Maybe a podcast or radio show? Could be fun~

    102.1 ZEJ FM
  10. Eebit that was what I was thinking too. This could be a segment for fun ZEJ stuff during the show!

    And if we post this in youtube I'm fairly certain we'll attract people /positive

    do it.
  12. D'aww. The amount of replies to this now warms my fanciful Jonno heart. The podcast/radio show sounds like an excellent idea that I'm fully supportive of. Where would we start, ey, mates?

    Either way, an @Eebit interview-y thing generally needs to happen no matter how we format it. :p
  13. Another Q/A? That's the format that's been done, so you could do that while we dev another Thing?
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