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I Think I Heard Something...

Discussion in 'Interest Checks' started by Eebit, Nov 16, 2014.

  1. Finjennick, Planaya.

    It's a crisp morning in Finjennick, and you have decided to go for a stroll from the inn you have been staying at. Or perhaps from your home. Regardless of your source, you are out to enjoy a casual morning walk to stretch your legs, and perhaps to experience the local flavours of the downtown area, which you had been meaning to do the night before... well, until you dozed off prematurely. As you walk the streets of the scholarly mountain city, you cannot help but notice a piece of paper fluttering listlessly in the mountain breeze at your feet. From the looks of things, it has been tossed around quite a bit by the weather, but the printing is still mostly legible. It seems fresh enough, at least... if a bit soggy in places. You stoop down to pick up the page, scanning over the words...


    Alright, so this'll be a very basic quest to introduce Galamion to some statistical roleplaying. We'll have fun, I promise. As noted, this will be set in the Feretrenne Mountain Range in and around the city of Finjennick. So your character will either need to be from Planaya, or have some business being up in the mountains. I expect this quest will be relatively short, and it will be quite basic - I won't be throwing killing machines at you with the intent of giving you a Game Over on the first go.

    That said, I am not going to be super docile with my enemies either! It'll be easy, but hopefully not to the point of being braindead. As this is a Statistical Quest, you will need to send me a Level 1 character with at least the Statistical Section of the Galamion Profile Sheet filled out. If you need help with getting through it, I am perfectly willing to give anyone who needs it a hand.

    If you're interested, express so below. I will be taking a maximum of five characters (and a minimum of three) on this quest. We will begin at nightfall in a tavern in Finjennick, to meet the person making the request, and from there, we will roleplay.
  2. I volunteer as tribute...

    as soon as I make my character! XP
  3. Here be ye olde ellipses of explicitly expressing interest

  4. @Muddy has expressed his interest in participating to me over the IRC channel, so I am looking for just one more willing participant (and all of your profiles)!
  5. I suppose I should put my obligatory interest post here, even though I was more kidnapped than offered~
  6. Hey now, that's not entirely true! I asked whether you would be interested, sir. But welcome aboard nonetheless. I eagerly look forward to seeing the profiles you all concoct.

    If anyone else is interested, I'll be accepting profiles as a "first-come first-serve" kind of deal. So it's not too late!
  7. Would like to run this at some point... can I get a headcount as to who would still be interested?
  8. pls Eebit I sent you my character ages ago
  9. swiggy swaG swoop mang hmu soontimez with a character

    I know, as did Muddy and Silver. I just wanted to get a good idea of who I should expect to actually participate, since it has been a while since anyone expressed any thought on this RP.
  10. yeah yeah I'm gettin' on it
  11. don't take that tone with me young man
  12. What a freakin' rush my dudes, it's about time I bump this and give it a second shot. If anyone is interested in participating in this quest, give me a shout with a profile. I'd like to try and kick some life into Galamion a little bit again, but I need anyone who is interested to... well, express interest.
  13. I actually made a profile whaaaaat!?
  14. I forget what my original character was so I'm crafting a new one as I type.
  15. I sent you my character half a year ago Eebit :^)
  16. Thanks Gist, but you don't need to keep reminding me! The confirmation of your sustained interest is appreciated, though. :^)

    Three's a crowd, I suppose, so I'll probably get this show on the road in a hot minute. I've got a few things to do yet this weekend so it might be sometime during the week that it gets done. If anyone else is interested in the mean time, fire a PM my way. Otherwise, well, always nice to get some Galamion bumpin'.

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