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Discussion in 'Forum Game Land' started by Eebit, Mar 14, 2016.

  1. Heal Masq x1, Hurt Quackers x1
  2. The first of the many have fallen...

    The one known as the "essence of insanity," brought down partially by his own hand, went willingly towards the swift, sweet embrace of death. Not wanting to be toyed with by the invisible forces that had plagued him for so long, Shadow was the first of the staff body to be eliminated from our competition. Who will be the next to join him...?

    Shadow had already died by the time of this post (he was "killed" by Muddy), so I healed Giga twice instead.
  3. I have found salvation in death
  4. Oh, alas, poor Shadow... I knew him well.
    Is this the destiny he was willing to die for?

    He was a hero. I look upon the faces of friends and say to you, he was a hero. May we remember him with dignity for his sacrifice, tears in our eyes and resolve in our hearts. Rest in peace, Shadow. You are gone, but never forgotten.

    (Hurt Eebit x2)
  5. I... I killed somebody... What have I done? What is this feeling... Is it... Regret...? No... It can't be... It's... It's bliss. I feel bliss. I must feel this more. I have to.

    Hurt Eebit and Giga
  6. Hurt Eebit and Quackers
  7. Hurt Brawly x1, Hurt Mayari x1
  8. Shadow died for his destiny.

    Who's next... Ah yes, Dark.

    Hurt Nebulon Ranger x2
  9. Heal Masq x1, Hurt Quackers x1
  10. Hurt Eebit and Quackers
  11. wow wtf why do y'all hate my boo so much

    heal Eebit x2
  12. Heal Masq x1, Hurt Quackers x1
  13. Hurt Mayari x1, Hurt Poker x1
  14. Hurt Eebit and Quackers
  15. Heal Masq x1, Hurt Quackers x1
  16. Hurt Eebit x2, revealed my password on IRC and this is the biggest threat I have
  17. lmao not today 


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