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How Does This Sound?

Discussion in 'Interest Checks' started by Wonder Smash, Sep 17, 2011.


Does Guardians look good?

  1. Heck yes! Make it happen!

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  2. Yes! Good idea!

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  3. Maybe. I don't know.

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  4. No! Bad idea!

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  5. Heck no! Go on another break!

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  1. I've been working on this roleplay idea for a while. No, it's not called 'How does this sound?'. :D It's called Guardians. What is Guardians? It's mostly simple. You create a superhero, who can be almost anyone you want, as long as you follow certain rules, and team-up with other superheroes other people create to fight against supervillains that you or someone else has created. In other words, it's basically a superhero roleplay. Although it mostly takes place on modern day Earth, it can also take place in outer space, other dimensions, or even in different time periods. There aren't very many restrictions, so you can do pretty much anything you want, as long as it makes sense, unless your character's power is to make things not make sense. :D I realize this might not be a very good explanation, so please ask me for more details if necessary. So, is this a good idea?
  2. Being a Marvel/DC nerd, I rather like superheros, so I would prolly join. Sounds like a pretty good idea for a persistent RP.(ie non-ending, non-plot centered with a whole bunch of "mini-plots")

    So yeah sounds like a good idea to me ^^
  3. Seems sort of interesting... Not sure how I'd feel about it being an 'episodic' RP in the vein of Crossover, because that was very unstructured, which is my opinion of why it ultimately slowed down to a halt. I'd like to see a plot guided from start to finish by you, and not a 'monster/villain of the week' styled RP.
  4. Kakuzato - Thank you. :D

    Eebit - Actually, Guardians won't exactly have 'episodes', although if this roleplay gets popular enough that it makes a topic have a lot of posts, I might lock that topic and make a new one and we'll continue where we left off. However, the roleplay probably will be 'villain of the week' styled, but most of the supervillains will probably return again at some point. The plot will probably switch between being guided by me and guided by you guys, because I don't want to be in charge of the whole story, and I'll probably run out of plot ideas at some point. :D

    Edit - And like Kakuzato mentioned, this roleplay will probably be never ending.
  5. Unfortunately, the RP probably isn't for me then, as I'm presently interested in something that would be guided along (I guess sort of like a collaborative novel, with an ending). Good luck with it, though! :>
  6. Judging from the first post, it seems like you could make your own villains and stuff for your own character/team. Of course, it would depend on what Brawly wants, so you could probably make it so you and whoever wants to be with you(which I would probably do so) would have a more continuous, structured roleplay.

    Brawly, what do you say to this?
  7. Eebit - It'll probably be more like a collaborative novel with no ending so long as it has enough people to continue. :D That's okay if you aren't interested, after all, you can still read it if you want, and still get that collaborative novel feeling.

    Kakuzato - You've got the right idea, but most of the superheroes will be on one team called the Guardians, hence the name of the roleplay. Superheroes not with the Guardians will probably be minor characters who at least assist them at some point, which probably won't be a problem, because you can have as many superheroes and supervillains as you want. The Guardians will also share a headquarters, but they don't necessarily have to live there. I think the roleplay will start some time after the team was founded, and maybe people involved could make some kind of collaborative fanfiction detailing how the team came to be. Anyway, I think I've said to much. :D I hope that answered your question.
  8. Well, the way I meant it was more like 3 or 4 character teams that have their own arch-enemy. Something sorta like the justice league. While they were one team, usually, only the heroes that dealt with that certain villain were put on the task. Of course, this is just an idea, but it still might bring more people to the rp.
  9. I figured it would mainly be the villains we made that were arch-enemies with the heroes we made, with a few exceptions. And about the team idea, that sounds like a great idea. :D We would probably need at least four or five heroes per sub-division, so it would seem like a team, and I would probably need to make different topics for them, so we don't get confused as to who would be where. It might be a while before we get that many players though, so until we get enough characters, they'll probably be one small team.

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