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Heroes of Earth - Info, Sign-Ups, and OOC

Discussion in 'Roleplay Archives' started by Wonder Smash, Oct 8, 2011.

  1. Story

    There always have been, and always will be, heroes. Ever since humanity was born, there have been many heroes. However, the general public didn't begin to fully notice them until around the year 2000. There had been a few superheroes before, but they had gone mostly unrecognized. However, that all began to change with the appearance of Captain Fighter. He started small, stopping minor thugs and thieves, but eventually, he was stopping bank robberies, defeating street gangs, and even bringing some of the world's most dangerous fugitives to justice. His actions not only made him a hero in the eyes of the world, but also inspired many other superheroes to fight crime, in addition to indirectly inspiring supervillains to cause crime. Realizing the superhero community couldn't fight as effectively individually, Fighter formed a superhero team, the Guardians. Though it started with only a few superheroes, it grew to several, then dozens, then hundreds, and almost to a thousand. Supervillains, not wanting to be outnumbered, also banded together. Unfortunately, the majority of the supervillain community teaming up proved to be disastrous. An extremely large group of supervillains attacked New York City, killing many superheroes, civilians, and even supervillains themselves. One of the many casualties was Captain Fighter. Devastated by the huge losses after the massive battle, most of the Guardians retired from being superheroes, and whatever supervillains remained were too busy fighting each other to combat the remaining heroes. Years passed, and the Earth was a mostly quiet place, with very few heroes and very few villains. But all this time, the Guardians, led by Captain Fighter's old second-in-command, Minuteman, have still existed, barely known to the public. In addition, many other smaller superhero teams have formed, attempting to help any way they can. Unfortunately, supervillains have risen again, almost as dangerous as before. It's the year 2011, the five-year anniversary of Captain Fighter's death. Will the rise of superhumans once again cause great disaster? Or will these new superheroes make the world a better place? There always have been, and always will be, heroes, but it wouldn't hurt to have some more. So, will you be one?


    In this roleplay, you take control of a number of superheroes and/or supervillains in an alternate Earth where super-powers are real. You can be a part of any super-team listed, but you can also be a solo hero if you want. You can have almost any superpower you want, as long as you don't godmod.


    1. No godmodding.
    2. Carefully choose your powers. While I'll allow you to have nearly any power you want, including invulnerability and other powers that could make you unstoppable, and I'll even let you be a (made-up) god, you must make sure you don't abuse your powers. Even Superman isn't completely unkillable.
    3. Have fun!

    You might notice that I don't have any rating restrictions. That's because I think I can trust you guys not to do anything too inappropriate. :D Please don't make me regret this.

    Superhero Teams

    These are teams you can be a part of if you are a superhero.

    The Guardians

    Members - Around 100.

    Base of Operations - New York City, NY

    History - Originally founded by Captain Fighter, the Guardians are the world's first superhero team, and are still the largest. After Captain Fighter's death, Minuteman took over as their leader. Although they once numbered almost a thousand, today, they number at barely a hundred.

    Other - Most of the team is made up of some of the world's oldest and most recognized heroes, and almost all of them are over thirty years old. The roster has several different types of heroes, including mutants, and heroes who have powers from science, technology, magic, and alien sources, among others.

    The Science Sentinels

    Members - Around 50.

    Base of Operations - Washington D.C.

    History - The Science Sentinels were founded after some superheroes decided they would rather solve crime with brains rather than brute force. The majority of the team is made up of scientists, but there are a few technological creations of the team that fight alongside them.

    Other - There are a few members of the team who are widely recognized, but most of them aren't very well known. Very few members of the team have "real" superpowers, with most of them simply using technology-based armor and weapons, though there are some exceptions.

    The Mutant Force

    Members - Around 50.

    Base of Operations - Boston, MA

    History - The Mutant Force was founded after it became apparent that a good portion of superheroes were mutants. All of the members are mutants, with no exceptions. Although they are distrusted more than any other major super group, they try to protect all humans and mutants.

    Other - There are a few members of the team who are widely recognized, but most of them aren't very well known. They are distrusted more than most other super groups, but they're mostly treated well in their home city, but not so much anywhere else in the world.

    The Next Generation

    Members - Around 10.

    Base of Operations - Los Angeles, CA

    History - The Next Generation is one of the newest superhero groups, founded literally about a month ago, after a few select superheroes decided the west coast needed a superhero team. All of the members are teenagers, most of which have very little crime fighting experience.

    Other - Literally none of the superheroes in the group are known outside of their home state, and they're barely known even there. Some members in the group are as young as thirteen, and all of them are at the oldest eighteen. However, the powers of the heroes are very diverse.


    Members - Unknown.

    Base of Operations - Almost anywhere.

    History - While the majority of superheroes are part of some team, there are plenty of them who prefer to work alone. Ever since superheroes first appeared, there have been many solo heroes who have had wide recognition. Even after the tragedy at New York City, there have been some major solo superheroes.

    Other - There are plenty of well-known solo superheroes, arguably more than there are well-known super group team members. There are few restrictions as to what powers or ages they are, due to the fact that they operate almost always on their own. Some solo heroes are honorary members of a super group.

    Not done yet, feel free to comment on what little I have, or make suggestions.

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