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Gato's fabulously dumb artwork~

Discussion in 'Creation Station' started by Amethyst, May 19, 2014.

  1. Because I did say I'll probably live in the art forums |D

    I'll also put both my pixel art and drawings here, saves the trouble of having 2 threads.

    just a pixel doll of my pokesona |D

    my fursona being bored i guess |D

    Suicune is awesome as hell.

    a fakemon I did for a contest at dA. It has two pre-evos but meh. I'm mostly proud of how this guy turned out xD

    um yeah...That's it... for now anyway xD
  2. I still love that lightning dragon.
  3. Eyyyy that Suicune is hella nice. I look forward to seeing more artstuff coming into this dwelling! Keep it up!
  4. And it loves you too /shot

    Thanks c:
    Ah thank you so much <3
  5. need to be more active
    need to be more active

    upd8 thingy I guess??? xD

    I changed my Sylveon pokesona to an Espeon because I felt as a Sylveon, she was too mary sue-ish. So boop, made her an Espeon |D

    This was my part of an art trade with someone on dA. I'm hella proud of how I did the neckfur c:

    My Eeveesona isn't the only thing that changed. My fursona did too xD I rly love border collies omg- I need to draw her more often :U

    a contest entry. I'm proud of how this turned out. I actually got first place [​IMG]

    Noivern pixel art~ I pixel over'd this card: here I also made a shiny version to go with it~

    annnnd thas' all for now |D

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