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Galactic Ranch 1 - The Phantom Pony

Discussion in 'Creation Station' started by Fuzzydude, Aug 8, 2011.


    Twas' a smexi afternoon all over the galaxy. Nothing could've been smexier. Today, an intergalactic non-funky and totally evil people stopper league was created, for there were non-funky and totally evil peoples around. With the funkiness of a non-funky thing, and the evilness of a evil dude times 9001.

    "Finally!", said a non-funky and totally evil guy in the shadows. "Soon, the whole universe will be boring, leaving me to conquer it, because everybody will be too bored to care! MUAHAHAHAHAHAow my hip." The shadow dude started walking towards the computers that were in his shadowy lair thingy. "I will hunt down all the happy until no moar happy exists!", said the evil shadow dude guy thingy to himself once more. He reached for a button that said 'Touch for no moar happiness'. He put super awesome pressure-ness onto the button that started-up a machine. Suddenly, the machine was standing up on it's newly-revealed legs. It started walking towards an exit, and into the sunlight...actually, there wasn't any sunlight. There was boring light, though. Because that shadowy dude made it all non-happy. The machine, revealed to be...some type of imma-make-u-hurt thingy. It began walking out of the city and out into the outskirts, which were happy. Suddenly, it got out a cannon. Back in the evil lair, the evil shadowy dude (who happens to be tall) pushed yet another button. Suddenly, the machine's cannon burst out a grey ray (lol) and it started hitting the ground, making it grey and boring. All flowers and grass were replaced with boring flowers that speculate the meaning of life and grass that never grew. This looked like it was going to be bad...

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