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[Freeform| Sci-fi| Original] Tomorrow Never Knows

Discussion in 'Interest Checks' started by Red Starr, Jan 10, 2014.

  1. Tomorrow Never Knows.


    Jazz Hands! Welcome to yet another Starrplot which I promised myself to post after New Years and after I finished my Tourney profiles. Now, lets get on with the main plot, shall we?

    4,348 years after a series of nuclear strikes made by what was once China, Russia, the United States, and Iran, there were a strange series of events unfolding soon after the nuclear doomsday effects subsided. Most people exposed to the radiation did suffer lifelong consequences such as Leukemia and other forms of sickness, but others began developing "6th Senses" as they called it. They were far from having super powers like flying or running fast, but those humans who did not suffer the grueling fate of their dying kin improved in physiological wellbeing and even out-performed most people. Some developed an intense sense of smell, others had strange after-effects that allowed them to perceive the world in a much different way. What was left of the big world powers soon caught wind of these 6th sensors, and in order to take care of these potential threats in a least suspicious way possible, began corralling them into controlled environments to partake in various tests and experiments to make sure that the world powers can somehow manipulate their sudden gifts into what they wanted. A couple of years after that project began, a scientist discovered something rather shocking: At the rate they were going, there will be a chance that a 6th sensor would give birth to a child that will surpass all human limits due to it's mutated genetic code and constant breeding in part by it's ancestors. Some dismissed this theory, saying it was a 1% chance of ever happening, but as the years went by the 6th sensors abilities grew more and more heavier and aggressive with each generation born. Concerned, the new government and country, Zion, began their eugenics and selective breeding program to slow down their evolutionary progress. And at the same time using the opportunity to study their genetic code to develop countermeasures into stopping what felt like a small chance of absolute hell.

    Fast forward a couple of thousand years, the Zion eugenics committee halts it's programs and selective breeding efforts with the false perception that the 6th sense mutation had finally subsided.

    That was a grand mistake. ​

    Not even 10 years had gone by before the enclosed people who were carefully bred from the 6th sensors began to rebel against the Zion. Thousands died from the short rebellion until the Zion military took action and raided cities for it's people. They, according to the highest officials, were to capture the people and keep them locked up in prison mills for the rest of their days.

    All was going well for the government until one fateful day in a prison mill not far from Old Villa Basin...something happened. Witnesses said a person single-handedly eliminated countless guards and troops without even touching them. They said the person had a frightening stare and aggressively glowing red irises that pulsed often. It was all they knew until the being freed them from their prisons and literally, according to witnesses, "melted into empty space" to escape. It was the 1% anomaly, they called it. And as soon as that first incident happened, more happened. With the fear of a long-predicted human running around free, the Secretary of Defense decided to handpick a few prisoners to partake in a bounty hunt across Zion's prison mills to capture this being, dead or alive. How would these people stand against such a powerful foe? The government had a way to counter that being's power....

    Injectable abilities. The only way a normal human can be at-par with the anomaly.

    So uhh, if interested...don't hesitate to post here, please?
  2. I think I mentioned this on IRC, and if not I totally meant to, but I'd be interested in something like this for sure. Starrplots are a good time and everyone should be interested.
  3. This does sound cool, but uh, inject-able abilities - is that vague enough to involve anthromorphs? I have to know, just cause... yeah.
  4. Injectable abilities that grant temporary powers like elemental abilities or buffs to physiological form. Since its the future here, then sure spaught, even anthromorph injectables can be A Thing.
  5. YAY. I like that wordness you have... there... in there...

    Okay, I will do my best to partake.
  6. This seems pretty cool in my opinion. Just one question... How exactly does Zion form? I'm just kinda curious. I don't need a history lesson, just a short summary is cool.
  7. Zion basically forms a few hundred years after a catastrophic nuclear war. Because of Zion's location prior to forming [Zion is basically California, Baja California, Nevada, Colorado, Utah, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, and Alaska tied into one nation.] they got the worse of the nuclear fallout and thus, the heaviest populations of 6th sensors known. Because of that, what was left of the world powers [now russia and china] decided to split up what was left of the american country and isolate the regions where the 6th sense mutations were more rampant. Thus, the union of Zion was born. Zion in theory is a legit nation as it runs a bi-cameral legislature and has its own means of protecting itself and sustaining itself. However, the fact is that Zion forming and standing as a nation was accidental; Zion was truly only intended to keep the mutated masses in check, isolate them, and genetically manipulate them into getting rid of their mutations.
  8. Will be putting a Sign Up thread real soon for you guys, so stay tuned!

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  11. Gist.

    ~You're late to the party~
  12. Sign ups for this Roleplay will be up by later tonight to tomorrow evening. Reason why it's taking so long is that I'm pretty busy [mostly preparing my home for the massive influx of family members returning from their month-long trip abroad.] and I've been slightly tweaking the Sign up profile template over and over again to cater to TNK's theme and power mechanic. Be sure to be on the look out for the thread, and once it's posted I will give everyone about a week to complete their profiles. Don't worry, I'll extend the time if asked.

    @"bass-and-the-siren8976" it would be cool if you checked in with us if you're still interested in joining~

    We start in February.
  13. gotta put this on hold until my computer is either repaired or i get a new one.
  14. I'm definitely interested in this! We've done the kinda super hero-y thing in the past, but never quite like this. You've outdone yourself with the plot for this one, Starr. Do believe I'll be sending you a sign-up sheet as soon as I can.

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