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[Freeform|Sci-Fi] Hidden Records: CrazEcorp

Discussion in 'Interest Checks' started by crazE, Sep 28, 2012.

  1. Document 757-A:

    *Note: Experimentation with Experiment 757 has ceased since Document 757-A. All efforts to experiment further will be met with swift termination. To see about Experiment 757, refer to Document 757.

    *Addendum 101-757-A: This was the most fatal experiment ever made by our research team to date, resulting in the loss of 25 personnel initially and 7 more dying shortly after severe wounds. 32 in total died after this incident, half of those being some of our best researchers. I will say right now, there is to be NO MORE experimentation with 757 at ALL COSTS. I hold responsibility for all my staff, and I will not ever want to see this incident ever repeat itself. Any personnel even attempting to access experimentation with 757 will be immediately terminated for the safety of the rest of the facility. 757 will be contained permanently and will never be interacted with at any time. That is an order.

    ~Brian Knight, CrazEcorp CEO.


    Well, I've been talking about this for a bit, and well, yeah. This is just a document of one of the experiments done by crazEcorp, a massive research corporation founded by crazE's older brother, Brian, who at the time carried the name of crazE. It gives a window to just one of the things crazEcorp does and what the potential players might be dealing with if this happens.

    This RP will be freeform, the players taking roles as crazEcorp researchers. Prior to a facility being assaulted by an outside force, an outbreak of experiments are loosed into civilization, leaving these select researchers to work with crazE to contain them once again... or destroy them. Many side-plots and underlying plots will be revealed during the play of this RP, and hopefully it'll be just one of the funnest things you've ever RP'd.

    Oh yeah, no powers. You guys are mortal as all fuq and will have to work with what's around you. This will be to some extent like a brain game mixed with a horror RP, but in all cases there will be controversies, concepts, secrets revealed throughout this.

    Who would like to see dis? :D
  2. Severely fascinating. Can't wait to see what happens further; I'd love to be part of this.
  3. Count me in crazE lookin forward to seeing one of your addenums with me in it ;D
  4. Sounds cool, though it reminds of SCP Foundation style things, with how it's written. Still interested.
  5. I did base the documents from SCP style, but the whole RP isn't gonna be like that. That was just a preview-like thing.

    That's great you guys are all interested! :D

    Oh yeah, if Giga sees this, he should psot his end of this RP. I'll say more when I can, gotta go.

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