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[Freeform|Rebooting ARKNET]

Discussion in 'Interest Checks' started by Spaughtyena, May 25, 2014.

  1. Alrighty, this is just a way for me to get feedback/gauge how much interest this has. People, the last one was a bit shaky, so any criticism would be good. This is your chance to tear me apart! xD

    On another note, the starting sequence was a major piece of shit - when it comes to PbP's, I realize it needs to be more structured and linear as opposed to a highly opened and vague area for the players to explore that their leisure, so that has been changed! (unless of course you want that, but I find it can drag the story very slowly, however I will listen unto your whims!
  2. Finally got around to signing up for the last one, and it died, so I'd definitely be interested in trying this again.
  3. No...I mean Yes.
  4. Alrighty, all my notes and ideas scrawled down, I'm ready to accept players at their leisure!

    The SU is HERE!

    The OoC is HERE!

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