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[Freeform/Pokemon/ASB] Pokemon Chrome

Discussion in 'Interest Checks' started by Zantok, Feb 25, 2014.

  1. Hello there! Welcome to the world of Pokémon! My name is Oak! People call me the Pokémon Prof! This world is inhabited by creatures called Pokémon! For some people, Pokémon are pets. Others use them for fights. Myself...I study Pokémon as a profession.
    --Professor Oak, Pokémon red version.

    That's right everyone. It's time for a Pokemon RP and this one has been worked on for a long time now. Coming to you from @Zantok and @Gist, it's time for Pokemon Chrome.

    You will play the part of a Pokemon Trainer beginning their journey through the Zalgara Region. You've heard of the discovery of Mega Evolution in the Kalos region and of the conflict that happened there but so has Team Genus.

    Team Genus' goal is to experiment on Pokemon and attempt to force Pokemon to Mega Evolve without the use of a Mega Stone and keep them in that form permanently. They aim to do this through gruesome and immoral means but of course not everything goes to plan and in attempting to force Pokemon to Mega Evolve, dangerous mutations are created that could threaten everyone.

    It is up to you, the trainers, to make sure that while you fight your way to the top of the Pokemon League that you must also stop this immoral research and experimentation by Team Genus and to heal the mutated Pokemon. 

    Will you join the fight? Or will you casually stand by and let Team Genus win?

    This RP will be done in Freeform when outside of battle and interacting with other players and NPCs, but when it comes to the actual battling we will be using the Anime-Style Battling format or ASB. 

    We are looking for a minimum of 2 players to join in this RP but more are welcome as well.

    So, are you interested? Do you have any questions? Let us know.
  2. More information can be found here if you would like to see further developments for the project. At this current point in time, we are working to build a real functioning map not unlike that for Raised to Win, so if you have any questions about something, don't be shy to post it here. Once we get the amount of interest we need we'll go ahead and post the SU/OOC. We hope to see some interest here o3o3o
  3. Seems interesting. I'm in.
  4. Yeah, you know, I'll give this a shot. Why not, right? We'll see how it goes if this takes off.
  5. Consider tentative interest expressed on my part.

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