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Discussion in 'Interest Checks' started by Spaughtyena, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. It's so easy. Dying I mean. It's just so damn easy. You know, sometimes it's funny how one minute you're rolling down a nice country road, and the next – well... You can't hear me anymore anyways, but I think you got the idea... What did you think you'd get to do, huh? Did you think about kids? A job? Maybe a more base desire? Well, nothing to think about now, especially not with that spacy look in your eyes. Tell you what kiddo, I'll just let you figure things out from here.

    “Paintings. It's the name of a place,” someone once told me. “It's where people like to stare at nothing,” Were the words they used. Pretty accurate. I don't know how many bodies I've seen, or where they keep coming from, but I can never leave – It's my job to look at them, figure them out so that they don't have to... There was a time when I knew how I got here, and why, but I can't seem to recall. Sometimes, if I hear the roar of an engine or a newcomer-- I remember myself for a time, that's when the fear sets in, because I know why I wanted to leave. But the dead eyes comfort me. They show me that I don't have to figure myself out, as long as White-Eyes exist, I won't have to.

    Hello, I'm sure that intro was really vague and obscure, but hell, I KNOW. First off, no – this isn't an RP that 'kills off' the players to advance the plot, however it is going to be graphic (to the best of my writing abilities.) The characters meant to be made are not superheroes, nor mages of any kind, they are meant to be an average Joe that happens to be part of this plot. However, to compensate for the lack of, I dunno? Fantasy aspect? I want the characters to be 'Alive.' I want quality over quantity here. I'm looking for characters will real emotions, real desires, hopes and dreams!

    This setting will be taking place in a modern day time period, so that should give a bit of background help. As an added little: 'Spaught does shit again' thing that is sort of a tangent – I would have all of the PC's/NPC's as anthropomorphic characters. As for the amount of players – I'm not deluded, I'm looking for maybe 2-4 at most, as I would rather get this started with 2, than wait months for 4-6.

    As you guys probably well know, the setting will take place in 'Paintings' a large misted ghost-town surrounded on one side by marshland, and the other by mountains. If that helps. If anyone needs help on why there character had arrived in Paintings, DON'T WORRY I already thought of that. In Paintings, everyone arrives in the same fashion, each character will indefinitely wake up in the Paintings Hotel, from wherever they had been sleeping before at the same time, in different rooms. Leaving everyone open to write whatever they were doing beforehand.

    Remember, quality over quantity with posts and in-characterness!

    So, any questions?
  2. See, I'm intrigued by the content of this RP. Anthro characters are... not exactly my forte, but the setting/core plotline is incredibly appealing and I would definitely be interested in the concept. So we shall see what happens, I suppose!
  3. I'm glad you like it Eeboo, hopefully I can see a character from you assuming I get this started.
  4. I love the concept behind this. I'm getting really bogged down with prior commitments, but if time would allow, I'd like to read some of it :'3
  5. I'm interested. So, is everyone in Paintings basically dead? And the person in the intro, his job is to figure out the new people so they don't have to- figure out what? Like how they died, or something? Anyways, it's a pretty interesting idea.
  6. Bumping this, The SU is in the link above.
  7. I just had to get a post in here before bed to denote my interest. I'm very intrigued in this RP's storyline, and impressed in your conjuring it up, Spaught! I think I have a great character in mind that would fit right well into this, too, so there's that.

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