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[Freeform|Original] The Faces of Eebit

Discussion in 'Interest Checks' started by Jonno, May 8, 2013.

  1. hi @Gist ily 4evr ok lets do this
  2. @Gistofeverything @Eebit @Cid @Starrie @Kudamon @Shadow @crazE @"Nebulon Ranger" @Zantok @Flamezone @FallenBro @Goliath @Rose Hathaway @turbotaxer @Cid @everyoneelse, so how about getting this started? B)
  3. I...was only joking, Jonno :< I don't think I can take on another thing for a while.
  4. ;( Oky bb i undrstnd.

    I'll just make sure to not harass you all about this at a later date. (^:
  5. I'm still game :3 I'm almost through with my profile and will PM you as soon as I can.
  6. Crap yes. I'm bored, let's do it.
  7. LOL. YES!

    Alright, Gist. Just let me know. Same for you, Rose. :3
  8. I will most gladly battle for Jake's face and/or no-no square.
  9. O.K., it's time to gooooooooo... wait, three months late? I picked a bad time to go into cryogenic stasis!
  10. And yet -- there's still room for you if you're hankering for some Eeb-lovin'!

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