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[Freeform|Original] The Faces of Eebit

Discussion in 'Interest Checks' started by Jonno, May 8, 2013.

  1. How badly have you ever wanted something that you just couldn't have- and how far would you go to finally obtain it? ... 

    ...That's what this romantic roleplay based around everyone's favorite bachelor-administrator straight out of Canada dares to ask as seven potential suitors are given the opportunity to prove why they, as some of the sexiest ZEJ has to offer, should have a shot at having the golden-locked, blue-eyed wonder all to themselves!

    This is a story of not just love, but of everything before, beyond, and in between it.

    One cannot just simply have Eebit to themselves. The name of this RP is meant to represent each layer of the heartthrob, hidden somewhere beneath his perfectly-composed chassis. It's true, the debonair lad is much more than meets the eye. 

    Things will get unpredictable as the seven suitors take on the "Trials of Many Eebits" within the Tower of Eebit, teeming with Eebot .007, the latest model of incredibly intelligent robotic beings who have top of the line "Eebit Persona" software installed within them for the perfect simulation. In order to ensure their ability of wooing Eebit himself, each of the seven players must master the Eebots' Eleven Challenges of Fun.

    These challenges will be... challenging, and they will be for a number of reasons, indeed. However, the Seven Sacred Suitors will be able to relax in the Bikini Lounge, located on the first floor of the tower by the soda fountain as much as they please. Massages are also available for free, given to them by the most advanced, pleasure-inducing Eebots available- these puppies haven't even hit the market yet!

    All in all...

    Get ready for adventure.

    Get ready for love.

    Get ready for... 

    [size=xx-large]THE FACES OF... [/size][size=xx-large]EEBIT[/size]​
    (A romantic tale about a young, attractive boy exploring his sexuality and ability to love.)

    An all-new tear-jerking freeform roleplay brought to you by Jonno.
  2. XD I think everyone's been waiting for this for years!
  3. Better than Puke RP.
  4. I officially nominate this for Best RP 2013.
  5. This makes me laugh so goddamn hard. You don't understand.
  6. You know, something tells me Jonno would actually post a sign up for this Roleplay.
  7. I need that best RP award.

    This made my shitty morning pretty epic.
  8. This is the most hilarious thing I have ever seen on ZEJ.
  9. Well, it seems like enough people are interested, so I don't see why not. :5
  10. This is a very terrible thread and I demand that this be made into its own subforum.

    I approve.
  11. @Jonno you better be making this happen.
  12. @Jonno I still want this like the past wants Eebit.
  13. Can we sign up yet?
  14. In light of the fact that people have /seriously/ been asking for this to be a real thing, you know what? Let's make this a real thing. I'll develop a sign-up sheet in a few and post it up in OOC. You crazy kids asked for it.
  15. This thread is godlike, it deserves a freaking subforum and a banner with Eebit's face.
  16. Can't wait~ <3
  17. It's up. Now the next thing that has to happen is for everyone who expressed their interest to actually join and be entertained. :5
  18. I'm planning on making a character sheet for this this weekend.

    Am I the only one still interested?


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