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[Freeform] La Mort- The Island Called Death

Discussion in 'Interest Checks' started by Gold Dullahan, May 20, 2014.

  1. After being ravaged by a storm, remote island La Mort requests supplies and workers for repairs. Officials from the country Lyte find no evidence of the island ever existing. The mysterious monarch known only as T.R.H (The Royal Highness) Lyte insists on helping La Mort. Soldiers, medics, craftsmen, and the like are sent off to the island to help the citizens.

    As they near the island, a black storm cloud looms overhead with no prior indication of a natural storm. Tossed upon the island, the survivors awake to find a society where death lurks around every corner. And islander named Siren follows them like a shadow, apparently under command of T.R.H. Lyte.

    Why is the monarch hell bent on helping this strange island? Why does he/she insist on having Siren follow you (if her word can be trusted)? And will you seek answers through violence or diplomacy?

    Kind of a cliche idea, I know. I'm planning on having the general views of the island change depending on the way players act. Are you mostly violent? Maybe the islanders don't trust the Lyte citizens as much. Are you diplomatic? Maybe you will be more trusted in the future.

    So yeah, first RP idea... be gentle 
  2. Well, it'd be interesting to see where this goes. I'll place my faith in you.

  3. GIIIIIIIIIST <3 ヽ(;▽;)ノ
  4. When are you planning on starting it?
  5. Well, basically we'll have a little bit on the boat as they approach the island. Then we have the storm cloud, then they wake up in a small building with Siren on La Mort. Siren (who is kinda obviously me >.>) will act almost like a guide and kind of nudge everyone towards certain areas and certain task, you guys do your thing, etc.
  6. I believe Gist meant when will the RP start haha

    This looks interesting so I'll keep my eyes on it for now to see what happens and good luck to since this is your first ?
  7. Yes when not where XD though I appreciate the explanation; this sounds like a movie I've watched recently.
  8. Ah, when! If you mean story wise- idk... But it isnt exactly modern. If you mean the actual RP- Well right now we have 2 excluding me so if we get one other person we can probably start soon.
    I'm heading off for school so I'll unavailable for the next couple hours.
  9. I'm curious to see where this will go.
    I'll just go post a sign-up in an OOC thread. Don't mind me. >.>
  11. So uh... hey Mac here, i'd like to try out this business cause i heard death, i like death.
  12. So- I'm bumping this. A couple of you guys had interest in it, and then it just kinda... didn't happen.


    EDIT- Tagging all my new friend-things, wheeeeee-

    @Rose @Eebit
  13. Ok Moon I'll do this........You owe me though
  14. (P.S. You owe me Dutch Cookies :3 )
  15. Nu double posting. AND YES. I BROUGHT YOU BACK.
  16. RP up! As much as I'd wanted multiple people- It seems it'll be a one on one b/c Haunty is a terribly lazy little meanie!

    Things to remember:
    - The country Lyte has no records of La Mort existing prior to this, but your mysterious monarch will not take no for an answer and sends people to help.
    - Why are you being sent to the island? Are you a farmer, a doctor, etc?

  17. Hi I'm back, is this still a thing?
  18. Well I would've replied but you seem to have found the OOC so I guess you know. But, yes!
  19. I don't know much about rp cliches, or if I missed any, but it sounds like a decent idea if you asked me.

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