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Freeform Fantasy: The Village of Ice (Vamp/Were Clash)

Discussion in 'Interest Checks' started by PunkShock, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. Welcome one and all!
    So, I've broken down and decided to give starting a role play a shot.
    I have a few ideas about a vampire vs. werewolf RP that I need a bit of help organizing.
    Just to get this out of the way, this will not be a cliché werewolf vampire war - there will be some twists and turns along the way.
    I'm just wondering who'd be interested in joining this, and if anyone is interested, to help me flesh out or tweak the plot a little.

    First off, the basic plot. Here's what I was thinking:

    There is a valley that cuts across frozen tundra. This valley provides precious life to a multitude of creatures, nocturnal, diurnal, small, large, furry, slimy, etc.
    For centuries, there has been a small village on the developed side of the valley, which houses the more dignified creatures, such as elves, simple humans, and one mysterious neighborhood of vampires. They are very conservative creatures, staying in their large, elegant Victorian-style houses by day, and hunting by night. All in all, the families of vampires are an incredibly sophisticated group, and are quite reasonable. As common courtesy to their neighbors, they feed only on the animals in the forested side of the valley (deer, caribou, wild boar).
    But of course, as with all resources, the vampires aren't the only ones taking advantage of the game found in the forest. In the vast forested area of the valley, the more feral inhabitants are found; namely, werewolves. Of course, common stereotypes come between these two groups. They just dislike each other in general, seeing that they have very different values and lifestyles. The werewolves tend to be more rambunctious and wild, and expose themselves to the elements, whereas the vampires are sophisticated and live off the land, yet try to act as dignified as possible. The wolves are often referred to by the vampires as "gluttonous beasts", whereas most werewolves like to think of the vampires as "uppity and pompous".
    As many stereotypes as there are to be heard about these two groups, the initial divide between them was the competition over food.
    Now that the endless winter in the valley is seemingly growing even colder and food is growing scarcer by the day, tensions between the vampires and werewolves are growing more rapidly than ever. It seems as though this hateful dynamic could cause an explosion at any given moment...

    Next, the setting:

    The valley, as previously stated, cuts through brutal tundra in which a quite limited number of life forms are able to survive. Within the valley, there are various different species (not limited to vampires and werewolves) The valley used to be green and lush centuries ago, but since has turned to endless frigid winter, possibly due to abnormal weather pattern or a curse of unknown origin. The inner valley is always blanketed in around a foot of snow, and as you travel outward from the center, that amount increases in some places to 2-3 feet.
    More often than not, it is snowing, and storms are quite frequent. One side of the valley is comprised of developed land with houses, huts, and the like (depending on species). Often each species sticks to its own architectural cultures and therefore have their own neighborhoods. There is a common area around which the village is centered, where many of the shops are located. On the other side of the valley, is complete forest, some of which wraps around to the other side and runs behind the outskirts of the village, encircling it. This is where the werewolves live, and the vampires often go to hunt. The deep woods are where the werewolves primarily stay, and the vampires are held to the expectation that they will hunt close to the forest edge. (However, with the growing heat of the feud, the vampires have been encroaching further on the werewolf territory). The forest is completely evergreen, most of the trees in the heart of the forest being thick-trunked, sturdy, and overall huge.

    Additional Info:

    Werewolves and vampires are not the only creatures that inhabit the valley. That being said, there is a wide variety of playable species. Elves are a good primary example of this - very active in the community, the humble elf is active in the day, but can also be seen by dusk. Most are seen as being very diligent and friendly, but of course each is different. The majority prefers not to get involved with the feuding vampires and werewolves.
    The vampires tend to uphold a Victorian-like lifestyle, evident in their housing and to some extent their attire. However, if you'd like to differ from this normality, feel free!

    I feel somewhat like I'm placing too many restrictions on the role play and the character styles... keep in mind, these are there to guide the role play and help make it more specific and not too broad. Please don't feel like all characters MUST conform to these standards - individuality is welcome, just not to the extent that it overrides the plot!
  2. You never said anything about weres of any other kind, would that be allowed (ie: werecats, werebors, etc.).

    Also, does any other intelligent species live in the forest?
  3. I´m interested in Golds question too, but even if the answers no, I´ll still be happy to join.
  4. Of course. This is a sort of anything goes role play - if you'd like to establish your own race of creatures that live amongst the others in the valley, feel free to. The main conflict lies between the werewolves and the vampires, but the possibility of other races having to choose sides adds to the dynamic.
  5. Ok, so im gonna be a Werepyre, A mixture between a vampire and werewolf :3 (I became this by being bitten by a vampire, and a werewolf all in one night 0.o.....)
  6. I'll be a draconian, basically a humanoid dragon-thing. (They live in the forest) They're the size of a human, but they are carnivores, they have wings sized for their bodies, and they have reptillian skin. Oh, and yes, their wings do allow flight, but no, they can't breathe fire. (Although they can use elemental magics)
  7. I´ll be the grim reaper
    I can´t decide o na species, so I´ll just go with vampire.
  8. Very interesting. It'll be cool to see how this plays out with all the different species... Especially eager to see what happens with the werepyre. For prior reference, I'll be playing a werewolf or two, but they won't be normal werewolves... ;]

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