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{Freeform | Fantasy} The Spectrum Effect

Discussion in 'Interest Checks' started by Eebit, Jan 19, 2012.

  1. @Eebit since Daen's not around anymore, we have all but one, so...
  2. (I know I just mentioned this on IRC, but putting it publicly)

    I can't actually start it until I've got someone to fill Daen's spot, essentially. I'm waiting on either @Rose or @"Ziolang", both of whom have expressed interest to me. Rose I'm aware has her AP exams coming up, and Zio obviously won't be back until the 21st. So I guess it'll be up to them to decide who takes the spot.

    Also, @"Cid" just to be sure, I can count on your full participation, yes? As Dark and Spaught have told me, you've been logging some mad minutes on DotA...! :p
  3. I actually haven't heard anything from Zio and I don't want to piss him off by taking it from under him.
  4. He said when I responded to his PM that he didn't have the time or the means (with his presently-limited internet due to his mission trip) to communicate with you (and Gist at the time), so he'd just take what was left.

    So I guess we either wait until he gets back to sort it out, or something?

  5. I haven't even been playing Dota as much as I used to. I mean, I still play a decent amount, but yeah. I'll be capable of participating no problem.
  6. @Rose can have the spot if she wants it. Otherwise, if she decides against it, I'll take it.
  7. If both Rose and Zio would like to join, I'm willing to step down (which is incredibly likely irrespective, so you two might as well join).
  8. I can let you three work it out by yourselves. I would love to have all three of you, but if you guys don't feel like staying committed then I understand.
  9. I would like the spot but if you guys really want it...
  10. Here, let's just say Zio and Rose get the spots and I withdraw—I think that would be the easiest method of solving that.

    I would certainly love to join in and I'm absolutely interested in how it'll go, but regardless, real–life commitments will start beating down on my online time fairly soon, so I'm not sure how committed I can be, sorry.
  11. It's unfortunate to have to have you withdraw, Espy. But I do understand that things do get busy in the real world sometimes, and I think it's respectable that you are cognizant enough of that to withdraw now, as opposed to once the RP gets into full swing. Thank you for your interest, nonetheless, and I may tap you for playing an off-main-cast role if you are still interested in something like that.

    Now then, @Rose and @"Ziolang", the virtues of Charity and Temperance are open to the two of you. If I could get some profiles from the two of you (claim your virtues now!) then I am totally ready to get this RP in gear. Let's get things bumpin', amigos!
  12. Eebit; absolutely! I just felt it prudent to withdraw now since I don't seem to be able to juggle my other RP commitments as is, but I'd be glad to play a supporting character if you feel the need.

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