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{Freeform | Fantasy} The Spectrum Effect

Discussion in 'Interest Checks' started by Eebit, Jan 19, 2012.

  1. {Signup Thread || Roleplay Thread}

    Decided to sort of... revitalize a concept I had back a while ago. I had planned to make it a statplay, but upon realizing that I can't GM statform and also that ZEJ has far too many statplays, and not nearly enough freeform roleplays, I changed my mind.

    The basic synopsis is that the world is in discord. The world has seemingly stopped spinning, causing the colours to stop changing. One of the most respected professors in the world has decided that it is a sign to simply give up, and he does so.

    The players (of which there will be seven; no more, no less, or the RP can't run as I want it to) will step in at this point. None of them know each other, but they all are against the professor's belief that the world is over. They seek answers from him, each for their own reason, and end up joining. Each character also corresponds with one of the seven virtues, so please keep that in mind when you're posting your interest. Stake a claim, if you really want to be on the ball.

    The world will have monsters, but the primary race will be humans. Haven't decided if I will allow other fantasy races into the picture, but if you really want to, post that in here. Otherwise, humans will be the only race.

    This is, of course, only a little synopsis. I just want to gauge interest first, before I get too far into the planning stages. Let me know if you want clarification on anything.

    C'mon, ZEJ. Don't let me down.


    Adding the claims list here. If you claimed more than one in your post, I'm not going to mark it down until you come to a concrete decision. If a virtue you want is already claimed, I will let you have it ONLY if you:
    1. Take it up with the claimer.
    2. The claimer doesn't post their sign up within a month of the SU thread being posted.

    The Seven Virtues
    Chastity ~ Desare Adatmal ~ Played by Cerby (CerberusLycan)
    Temperance ~ Jaya Erith ~ Played by Daen (Electro)
    Charity ~ Hyvéro Karuna ~ Played by Espy (EspyBounce!)
    Diligence ~ Layla Marasdotter ~ Played by Nate (The Kakuzato)
    Patience ~ Tanves Ranight ~ Played by Kudamon
    Kindness ~ Crystal Belle Atcoon ~ Played by Spaughtyena
    Humility ~ Regent Magus ~ Played by Cid
  2. I'd actually be very interested. It seems to have a good base and an attractive mechanic (7 colors, virtues, etc.); I can probably get deep into RP. I'd join!

    You know, of the seven virtues, I'd probably be chastity. XD I bet Flaem could especially vouch for that! XD
  3. This does sound like fun. No clue which virtue I'd be, though. XD
  4. I'd be willing to join in too ~
  5. Id be willing to join, and it sounds like fun, id probably be Humility... :3
  6. I'd like to join, except I don't fit any of the Virtues. I think it would be cool if there were player controlled villains, each relating to a different deadly sin. I'd probably be Pride or Wrath.
  7. Forgot to call a virtue. I'll take diligence I guess
  8. I´ll play too. I also would have said humility, but Charity/Generosity could fit to me too. (Without wanting to sound vain or so.)
  9. If it's avaliable, i would join as Kindness
  10. @Daen: Unfortunately, I'm going to be controlling the villain for this one. I've already got a fairly good idea of what I want to do, story-wise, so I'm simply looking for players who are interested in being in protagonist roles. Thanks for your interest, though!

    Also, do bear in mind that you won't be playing as yourselves, so the virtue you pick only holds bearing on your character as you craft their personalities, and whatnot. It has nothing to do with self-reflection~
  11. Claiming temperance, I guess.
  12. I guess I'll take Patience.
  13. As my future is still unknown, I wouldn't mind taking a claim as of now, if you're willing to accept I could give it up at any time... well... almost anytime. [I'll try not to =x]

    Anyway, if it's still available [seeing it isn't crossed out] I'll take Charity, but will go with the other if it is. I can make a character for anything =x

    so yeah, claim Charity, secondary claim on patience if Charity is unavailable.
  14. You know, I was just wondering, Eeb, if there are not one but seven villains - the mirror reflections / vices to the seven virtues? :p Is that the plan for the RP? XD
  15. @Zio actually I had posted that I´d take charity yesterday, but I guess Eebit forgot to edit his post. On the other hand, patience is fine with me too. I´ll leave the pick to you Zio and then I´ll just take what´s left.
  16. Kudamon already claimed patience, that means there weren't actually any Virtues left when Zio chose his.
  17. Ah, I see. The head post has been edited accordingly as well. Ah well, I probably don't have the time for another RP anyway XD
  18. Possible reboot. If the claims list were to be wiped, who would be interested in getting this going again? I'd really like to actually run this RP, and allow for things to take a course of action this time instead of winding up dead in the OOC section. It'd be nice to have something be up and postable alongside Grenian Conspiracy.
  19. I'm still up for it... I think? XD

    Actually, Kudos seems to be the only one who hasn't posted his profile.
  20. Yeah, but the problem with starting as-is is that Gaara shows up very sporadically, and Light has decidedly moved on from ZEJ.

    I'm as of now unsure whether or not Kuda still plans to join with Tanves, as there is a WIP profile in her character database, though she also mentioned that she was going to have to withdraw from the iteration I had posted at Magnolia, so that's another factor.

    So I guess with that, if everyone else is still interested, then by all means, let me know... but Light has been removed, and if anyone wants to claim Gaara's spot tentatively, I will let them have it if he doesn't post first.

    (For the lazy, this means that the virtues of Charity and Kindness are both open for the taking.)

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