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[Freeform | Fantasy] The Hunters

Discussion in 'Interest Checks' started by DING DONG THE BITCH IS DEAD, Aug 20, 2012.

  1. For hundreds of years, monsters have run rampant throughout the land, terrorizing the villages and towns. They killed hundreds of people before finally someone got the smart idea of setting up a group that was almost like a police force for the monsters. People, come age 18, were allowed to enlist, pair up, and hunt the monsters that attacked each night for a large sum of money per kill. By day, they live normal lives, and at night, the true fighter within comes alive.

    But the monsters have begun to act funny. They seem to be looking for something. They've gotten stronger and have been appearing more frequently. And no one really seems to know why....

    I'm looking for an even number of people so we have groups of two. They will then be assigned at random who will be working with who. If you are interested, plase post.
  2. Thisssssss
    this is what multi-million dollar shows and games are made of, so instead
    it shall make for an epic RP tale.
    I wants to be a Hunter
    and be party to this beautiful idea.
  3. Oh, I'm interested. A quick question, though. Is this going to be something semi-realistic, as in it could take place in a world just like ours (but more advanced, obviously), or is it supposed to be some sort of medieval fantasy thing? Either way, I think I'd be interested. It sounds like it'd be fun if we got a fair amount of people in on it!
  4. Sounds cool. I'm in.
  5. x10100101
  6. x9001*
  7. Cid, are you sure you can handle it?
  8. *nudge*

    Hey Rose, you haven't forgotten about this have you?
  9. Yeah, I was really looking forward to this... :<
  10. @Rose

    can we bring this back

    (saw a guest looking at it)
  11. I'm up for reviving this if people are interested still. If only one of you is still up for it, I can make this a 1x1 or something.
  12. hey mayari what brings you to this neck o' the woods
  13. I just want to hunt stuff don't judge me D:
    It's the family business.
  14. <3
  15. What're you upto? Saving the family business? Hunting people? The thingsā€¦?!!???

    Hang on that's not quite right

    [kek sorry for the outsiderpost, i HAD to comment there lol]
  16. Counting @ShadoeMayari , @Eebit , and @The Kakuzato then me, we have an even number. We'll go with that as a start. I'm sick and bored so I'll get an OOC up for this.

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