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| Freeform | Fantasy | The Blackblood Shifter

Discussion in 'Interest Checks' started by Shalespine, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. Salutations, fellow roleplayers B333 Call me Shale.

    I'm brand new here and armed with a solid RP I'm wanting to try out.

    Some quick notes:

    -- This is a post-apocalyptic fantasy in a medieval-esque time-frame

    -- Certain norms in a medieval RP won't apply here, such as royalty (aside from the later specified "Dark King"), paladins, or anything of that sort

    -- Shapeshifters normally cannot join; however, in the last few times I have played in this RP, I have made an exception or two. I am always very accomodating and welcome elements that will add twists to the plot. When in doubt, ask!


    First we begin with a rather grim setting:

    The world is bleak and muted. The sky is constantly under the cover of a thick and acrid smog that blots out most of the sun and its warmth. Flakes of ash still fall even after weeks have passed since the horrific tragedy occured.

    Civilizations are destroyed, feeble dwelling places sprouting from the rubble like weak seedlings off of a fallen tree. The earth is scorched and bare , most of the wildlife either eradicated or struggling for survival in hiding. The large number of survivors is dwindling slowly, and the remaining settlements war with each other constantly, fighting over food and supplies. The crumbling mountain range to the North acts as a fortress for this world's new dominating power, however this story begins in a struggling and unassuming settlement.

    It is a shabby small town of crumbling rock and rotting wood, run-down homes littering the dusty clearing. Upon entering the main road, several shops and taverns line either side, a central hub for travelers.


    And now that you have a sense of the world in which these poor people live, here is their plight:

    Once under the protection of a wise and benign creature known only as the Guardian, the world now lies in ruin beneath the crushing power of a sadistic lunatic, who slayed the beast with a foreign and dark power unknown to the world and took his place as ruler. Using this power, he is now slowly molding the world to his liking, treating it apart in the process.

    The land crumbles beneath the people's feet as they struggle to survive this new world where shadows rise up and give life to new and terrible beasts, all which roam in the name of their king and creator. Among these are the Blackblood shifters, amorphous beings that borrow the shapes of numerous dark creatures to both enforce his law and instill paranoia in the people.

    As the world decays, the people cry out for a single desire that order be brought to this chaos before it is too late. Those that hear this plea have taken matters into their own hands, and they are now slowly gathering in secret, waiting and plotting a way to end this dark age and allow the world to recover in peace.

    While all seems against them, a ray of hope shines down through the curtained sky. A Shifter has defected and is now running afraid through the world, hounded by its former allies. If they can capture it and learn its secrets, they have a chance at bringing down the "Dark King".

    This is not as simple as it sounds. The Shifter could be anyone or anything, and the information it holds may not be so easily accessible as one might hope.


    I hope I'm not forgetting anything XD I play the defected Shifter in this o3o^

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask! This is a very complicated plot.
  2. Sounds interesting to me at least. I think it's safe to say you can count me in. A question that does arise, however, is the extent of the world's normality. Such as magic, strange powers, etc. I know our supposed villain has 'powers not of the world' but do powers of that world even exist?
  3. Magic is no stranger here, if that's what you mean XD Magic users are very scarce right now, but creatures/beings born with abilities are not, if that makes sense.

    Like, a wizard would be hard to find, but a magic wood elf wouldn't. I hope that makes sense XD
  4. You KNOW I'm in this, I'm the one who got you to post it here. :p
  5. I gotcha. It makes enough sense to me. lol Oh yeah...

    And, oh Kuda....
    Kuda edit: how does that even fit in this context.

    Shadow edit: just, oh kuda.
  6. I´ll play too. Sounds cool .YOu mentioned wood elf. What species are there roughly?
  7. The wood elf was just an example, but really any species within reason is welcome.

    You just have to be able to explain how that species would fit into the plot.
  8. Sure, I'll jump on this bus.

    I may even honor you with a Demon ;D
  9. Ill join, sounds like fun
  10. Oh, does this mean we can play non-humans? I once played a roleplay with an elf. I rather liked her. If possible, I would like to join this roleplay as well.
  11. You sure can! Join away ;3
  12. I suppose I'd be rather interested as well ~
  13. I also, would be interested in this, so I would love to join!
    One little question-o. Are rangers allowed, like the ones that can use knives, bows and arrows? I would like to add a little twist, though, and that would be that I would have the ability to make them go on fire and stuff at will. x3

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