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[Freeform|Fantasy] Empties.

Discussion in 'Interest Checks' started by Spaughtyena, Apr 29, 2014.

  1. 'The wailing laments of those without. The savage bloodlust of those who want. I have seen it all, and they are both the same. The circle of greed, hatred and insanity plagues us all-- assuming we have met the same fate... you and I... It is without question, that you and your aquaintances will question what is to come. To wonder what it was that made you deserving of slavery, damnation... execution. The answer my friends, is simpler than you expect. You have done just enough. Not anything... but nothing... The conveinience of that which is you was too good to be ignored, and you you we're the eggs first plucked from the nest. The Hen doesn't even know you're missing - she is too stupid to know otherwise. She can only lay more, only to have them snatched away at our leisure. You my friends are eggs... or should I say; Shells.'

        This roleplay involves anthropomorphic characters persuing a common goal; They must find what was stolen from them, who it was, and to find a way to balance the land(s) they live in.  don't want to give out any other information just yet as it would spoil the surprise. (assuming this things gets off the ground.)
    I'm looking for at least 3 players. And yeah, I'd like some fuzzeh people. I'll leave the questions and comments to you bros/gals.

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