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[Freeform|Fandom] Dangan Ronpa: Post-Despair

Discussion in 'Interest Checks' started by ShadoeMayari, May 25, 2014.

  1. (For those who have never hear of DR before (spoilers): High school of Ultimate Students gets hijacked and the apocalypse happens, then the bringer of the apocalypse removes all of the students’ memories of it, locks them in a school and tells them that the only way out is to kill another student without getting caught. Yeah, that’s about it.)
    Years had passed since the Despairing Incident and the world is still in shambles. Only in some isolated locations such as the Jabberwock Islands in the Pacific have there been signs of recovery. Under the leadership of the Future Foundation, a utopia inhabited by those “Ultimates” and their spawn flourished to protect what was left of humanity from succumbing back into despair.

    Guess what, guys? It’s a high school RP.

    A new Hope’s Peak Academy had been erected in Jabberwock to search for and educate the leaders of future generations. Only those at the very top of their field are permitted to attend (which can be quite troublesome since some of them are located elsewhere in the despair filled world). But, despite everything appearing all fine and dandy for now, the legacy of the Ultimate Despair will always live on…

    btw calling Ultimate Violinist bitches

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