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Fate/Lunaterra ~ OoC Thread

Discussion in 'Out of Character Discussion' started by Shadow, Sep 29, 2014.

  1. Profile Thread >>
    RP Thread >>

    Discussion thread for Fate/Lunaterra. I'm unsure whether this will require an actual Profile Thread at some point, but I'm listing it anyway.

    I've received 5 "profiles" so far, all of them Masters. I'll assign Master/Servant pairs once I receive the last Master summary, and then start the RP after this is done (above link will be updated accordingly). Masters will receive a PM containing basic information of their Servant, as well.

    So, I suppose you can start taking bets now.
  2. Judging by the bits of information I've heard about some Masters...

    I bet Keileon's Master will be paired with Caster,
    Shadow's Master will be paired with Archer,
    my own Master will be paired with Saber,
    The-Kakuzato's Master will be paired with Rider,
    Flimzy's Master will be paired with Berserker,
    Ziolang's Master will be paired with Assassin,
    and I bet mayhaps Eebit's Master will be paired with Lancer.

    The bid is seven souls.
  3. Betting well, more hoping that I'll get Saber and Nate'll get Assassin, but that's all I can guess so far.

    @eebit submit your master soon pls
  4. And so, the RP begins~

    Note that further applications aren't impossible at this point--so as long as you submit a non-Master character, you can jump in the RP at any time.
  5. ... I got tired of waiting. ^^;
  6. @Eebit this post is part 1 of probably 2 so you can post if you want but you don't have to for Blaise to find Alasdair.
  7. I think I'll wait on Blaise to find Alasdair if it's all the same to you. I won't have much of a chance to post tonight or tomorrow, so just whenever you have time is great!
  8. Dev will come to either your PM or your Skype within the week Eebit
  9. Cheers~ I look forward to it.
  10. @gist @"the kakuzato" @flimzy @shadow

  11. Let progress be had.
  12. Sorry this took so long. This whole post was pretty much me being like

    "k, let's make a post" *several minutes later* ".... Shit, what do? *closes .txt*
    *next day* Okay, let's try this again" *several minutes later* ".... Shit, what do? *closes .txt* *repeat until actual idea forms*
  13. @Shadow @"The Kakuzato"
  14. Can we get a status update from each of you, Nate and Shadow? I know you guys are each struggling with certain things, but are you any closer to being in a position to actually post? If not, just let us know. As long as you are at least still interested, that is the important thing.
  15. @eebit btw I came up with a solution to the gist problem

    carry on as if the character has faded into the background

    and then berserker can eat her
  16. @Eebit I'm gonna do a couple of things with this post, you know how to reach me if you have concerns.

    perhaps we can finish our scene before the end of the year.

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