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ÉspyBounce! - The YGR

Discussion in 'Creation Station' started by Zygardia, Oct 9, 2011.

  1. THE YGR


    {If it's been scaled down, view the large version; better quality. Also, inform me if the résumé appears too blurred, kthxbai.}

    Welcome to Éifi's Art wall - ÉspyBounce!! This is the YGR, a branch of EB! where I fulfil your sprite needs and requests!

    • Trainer Cards
      ~ Name -
      ~ Friend code (Optional) (Give me the number!) (Specify whether D/P/Pt/HG/SS) -
      ~ Card Colour (R/G/B/Y) -
      ~ Background -
      ~ Trainer -
      ~ Pokémon (6 or up to 6, give the Pokéballs too) -
      ~ HGSS Strolling emotion for trainer -
      ~ Badges* (Specify) -
      ~ Contest Ribbons* (Specify) -
      ~ Ranger Ranks* (Specify) -

      *Ask for a max of 16 in any combination.
    • Recolours
      ~ Base Pokémon / splice -
      ~ Pokémon to override base's colours -
    • Paper Outlines
      ~ Pokémon / splice to outline -
    • PokéBalls
      ~ Top Half Colour -
      ~ Bottom Half Colour -
      ~ Pattern / Design -
      ~ Any Pokemon body
    • Splicing
      ~ Pokémon to splice (Specify up to 5 Pokémon) -
      ~ Recolour? If so, which Pokémon to use -
      ~ Apply dispersions (Yes / No) (Dispersion will be given separate from the splice) -
    • Silhouettes and Shadows
      ~ Do you want a silhouette or shadow or both? -
      ~ Pokmon to silhouette / give a shadow -
    • Dispersions
      ~ Pokémon / Splice to distort -
    Note that I do not do Userbars any more.
    Again, C+CC and all the blah, please? Thank you!
  2. While I could definitely do this myself(and I may have. I don't really remember atm)...

    ~ Base Pokemon / splice - Daikenki
    ~ Pokemon to override base's colours - The invert of Daikenki's pallette. (In other words, take the pallette, invert that pallette, then recolor)
  3. Okidoki!

    Here it is!


    Not sure whether I like how it went out, but wth. XD
  4. Hey Dororo, I actually used to do some of this stuff in my spare time, and if I can ill see if I can find any of my work to show you :p

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