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Dream vs. Dream [OFFICIAL THREAD]

Discussion in 'Creation Station' started by Knightmare, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. Hello, everyone!! Dream vs. Dream is still in production, and things are going smoothly! The second set of characters is being worked on, and actions towards the first demo are being taken!

    Dream vs. Dream

    General Info:

    For those who do not know currently, Dream vs. Dream is a fanmade fighting game based off a surreal horror game called Yume Nikki as well as a few very well made fangames that are either based off of it or are "sequels". In these games, you generally explore the main character's dreams and see the sights inside their mind. You run around, collect effects, see weird things, and sh!t brix.


    Assuming you are playing on Xbox 360 controller, the control scheme goes like this:

    Control Stick: Movement
    X: Light Attack
    A: Medium Attack
    B: Heavy Attack
    Y: Parry
    Back: Taunt
    Bumpers: EX Attack
    Both Triggers: Dream Ender
    Start: Pause

    The game's gameplay mechanics are a little confusing, so be sure to pay close attention.

    In this game, you need to work to unlock your special moves (called Effects), your Supers (called Special Effects), and your Ultras (called Dream Enders). At the beginning of a match, you start with only your normals and some command attacks, which are specials that are integral to your character. As you hit and get hit, you build on your Dream Progression meter for the Path you're on. As the meter passes checkpoints on the bar, you unlock moves from the Path you're own.

    Paths are sets of three Effects, one Sp.Effect, and one Dream Ender. Each one has a different mode (Aggressive, Defensive, Mobility) and you can switch between them in battle (not during combos) but each one has their own Dream Progression meter.

    In addition to this, you've got Guard Breaks and Mind Crushes. Guard Breaks happen when the Guard meter fills up the top and you get attacked. If your guard is broken, you are very temporarily stunned and left wide open. Mind Crushes cost two units of super unit, but they knock enemies back a great distance and can be activated at anytime, even as you are getting comboed. Lifebars in this game are actually three in one, so the battle lasts longer.


    Characters from Yume Nikki:

    Madotsuki (pic)
    Poniko (pic)
    Monoko (pic)
    Monoe (pic)
    Seccom Masada (pic)
    Shitai-san (pic)
    Tokuto-kun (pic)
    Pipi (pic)
    Mafurako (pic)
    Kyukyu-kun (pic)

    Characters from Yume 2kki:

    Urotsuki (pic)
    Tako Otoko
    Kanchou no Musume

    Characters from .flow:

    Gisoko no Onnanoko

    Characters from other fangames:


    Guest Characters:

    Grey Man​


    Dream vs. Dream OP - Reverse Dream by Kanabun
    Menu Screens - 1000 Word Diary by J-MACHine
    Continue Screen - Never Give Up by J-MACHine
    Game Over Screen - Never Wake Again by J-MACHine
    Theme of Madotsuki - Tragic Circumstance Chronicles by J-MACHine (ROUGH WIP)

    If anyone has any questions about the project, feel free to ask! I will keep this updated with new info as things progress.
  2. Definitely looking forward to the updates on this one again! I admire how long you've kept this up, and it's looking fantastic thus far! Of course, it'll always be fantastic and can only get more fantastic from here. :D Some nice soundtrack ya got up, too!

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