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PLANET Discussion: Galamion

Discussion in 'The Manaverse Wiki Project' started by Eebit, Mar 28, 2014.

  1. Discussion of and questions pertaining to the collaborative world created by the Guardians of Galamion, Galamion, go in here.
  2. Hey Guardians, if you don't mind filling out the information on Galamion to the article that you can contribute, that'd be stellar. If you have any questions on what Galamion's presence in the so-called 'Manaverse' entails, shoot me a PM and I will do my best to explain it out. Currently, the page is set up to follow the Template for the world, so just editing in as much information as you can on your country would be super.

    We're just getting set up for now, so providing the general info is the first goal. We can work on the fine-tuning as a whole community. Feel free to check out the other articles for ideas on how others have set up their pages.

    @ShadoeMayari @Rose @blackoutEquinox @CodasterTheDisaster @Sole
  3. Eshdao and Planaya are up on the main Galamion page. Page created for Planaya and partially filled out but way not complete
  4. Added some cities to the Planaya page. This page is basically my/Guardians' to-do list. I'm trying to focus more on Planaya at the moment so @Eebit can get his Statplay going in Galamion, but the whole thing needs work.
  5. You know, it literally just occured to me...

    Why are the Continent subsections countries?
  6. um... maybe I fucked up. Maybe I just took the template and didn't tweak it to meet my needs. woops. don't judge me
  7. I set up the page to begin with, not you Rose. I was the one who overlooked that, but on the other hand, none of the Galamion "continents" have names. So I guess just renaming that section to "Countries" would be fine? Unless anyone can think of good continent names.
  8. Nah, that's okay. Countries is an alright section header.
  9. To be fair, Giga, Ferona's page was like that initially, before I updated it to list the UR as the actual continent with the republics under it. Nobody called me on it. ;)

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