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PLANET Discussion: Euthora

Discussion in 'The Manaverse Wiki Project' started by Eebit, Mar 27, 2014.

  1. Discussion of and questions pertaining to @"Keileon"'s world, Euthora, go in here.
  2. Is there anything on Euthora's page that you guys feel needs touching up/clarifying?
  3. hello yes i have a question about euthora (well, it's more of a worldbuilding prompt/stimulating question to jog them thinkin' muscles, but I digress)

    If I were a Manaverse spacefaring tourist that was visiting Euthora, what would be some "must-see" tourist destinations on Euthora? What are some areas that you would absolutely avoid, as a tourist?

    This can be across all Eras/Timelines. I'd be interested in getting this information presented the way you might see it in a Euthoran "travel guide" or somesuch.
  4. In Prime, after the middle or so of the Dissonant Era, you'd want to stay far away from Durasken if you're human or could be mistaken for one at a glance; the Shapeshifters are fiercely territorial at that point. As an offworlder in general, you'd want to stay away from the planet during the Reformative Era, since it would be actively attempting to kill you.

    Actually, Durasken's a dangerous place in general after the Radiant Era because of frequent warring. If you have to go there, you'd want to stay near Tarik, both for its defenses and because it's the largest city in the country. Also a good place to try Durasken's, uh, delicacy (read: dragon meat) if you have a decently strong stomach (reptile is an acquired taste). If you can fly and take high altitudes, the Plateaus Range in Kelvelas (a "province" of Durasken) is a sight to see.

    Nienearcl's Glass Plain (Teir Zsulis) is a hell of a tourist attraction already, and the nearby town of Ryoyu is a merchant town with a lot of glass statuettes and baubles to catch the eyes of more wealthy tourists. They like to advertise quite a bit that the glass was forged by dragonfire.

    While they're not seals in Prime, the locations of Ustream's seals mostly have impressive landmarks- a towering shrine to Cor in the east, castles in the northwest and northeast, and Sundavr's Skyking Altar in the south.

    Ethanol is a coin flip. The mountains are breathtaking, but the climate is harsh and the wildlife is vicious and feral. You could either stick to the settlement at the southern coast and listen to songs of myth and legend, or you could brave the blizzards and risk dealing with X├║skedev if you want to go north and look at the castle.

    Heading to Acaran, the main thing to see is Aravolta Darz (Divinity's Peak) in Carisitai. It's the highest peak on Euthora and is known as "Divine Rest" in Acaranian. It's said that the pantheon lives there (it's kind of the Mount Olympus of Euthora) and Skyking Shyr is known to roost there when he's not traveling. He'll welcome you with open wings if you can make it to the top.

    You'd want to be careful in Farixya regardless of species or homeworld. Mostly populated by Shapeshifters (less hostile than in Durasken, but more wild) and ruled by Skyking Ausurath, it's not overly dangerous as long as you're careful and respectful. Ausurath isn't the testiest of dragons, but he's old and powerful and lives on a mountain overlooking a rip in the earth created when he battled his brother Krthonius.

    Avoid the oceans.

    In Alter, I'd suggest steering clear of Euthora at SCT because I think CoU shenanigans are going to get very serious very soon. The Cult itself might as well be a tourist attraction by this point though.

    Drei isn't developed quite enough for me to give much of a guide.

    In the hypothetical Threnodic Era, you might do well to avoid Euthora unless you want to bow to your dragon overlords.
  5. How interlinked (from an economical standpoint) are the continents of Euthora? From my perspective, it seems like the Sulsian countries have robust economies and trade routes, but I haven't seen much mention of intercontinental transport.

    I guess that gives rise to another question -- when does Euthora develop the capacity for intercontinental travel? Has it always been A Thing? Do people travel by dragon the most, or are the various methods of water transport commonplace on the planet? Aside from ferrying people back and forth to the Euthorica Islands, I don't think I know much about the means of travel from Forvulrasuls to, say, Acaran or Farixya.
  6. Most intercontinental travel is done by ship- travel by dragon is actually very rare, and usually involves either dracomancy or bribery. Most of Euthora developed that capacity in the late Radiant Era.

    Sulsian trade routes are the most developed, but I have gotten it to this extent:

    -- Duraasken and Nienearcl have an alliance of trade with each other and the Acaranian country of Carisitai
    -- Seotara trades with most other Acaranian countries, though they get intercepted fairly often by Durasken and its allies
    -- Farinaelian and Nienearclian ships often cross paths and attack each other; while not at war, the two countries have tense relations.
    -- Farixya is an odd case since it's an isolated bubble of Radiant Era customs until very late into the Dissonant Era. Durasken gives it a wide berth because they don't want to deal with Ausurath, but on rare occasion another country might come to shore and do a bit of haggling.
    -- Carisitai helps the settlement on southern Ethanol with restocking supplies.
  7. So in terms of countries/territories that are developed... do you have anything in mind for either of the areas labelled 7 or 10 in Acaran on this map? I know it's probably outdated but I wanted to check in.

    Also, I noticed that someone in the comments on one of the maps you posted on your FA profile suggested that Ethanol be renamed to something like 'Ethana.' Any thoughts on that?

    EDIT: And I also found this flag for Durasken on your FA while looking back. Really just adding it here for reference so that I can close the tab lol. But is it still canon?
  8. That map badly needs updating, so idk.

    I legit don't remember that comment, but I may do it because >Ethanol

    Still canon, but could use a design touch-up.
  9. What is your favourite specific thing about Euthora?
  10. Draconic culture.
  11. So in terms of Euthoran history... is there something (an event, a political movement, etc) that could be or has been misconstrued/misrepresented throughout the ages? Something -- due to ethnocentrism or willful ignorance, for example -- that ultimately ends up with that same sort of feeling of "history is written by the victors" in our Earth?

    Basically, if such a thing exists, I'd be interested in hearing what that event is (in terms of "actual" historical presentation, i.e. the subjective viewpoint that gets recorded) and how the longstanding "misinterpretation" causes it to differ from the how things actually happened. If that makes sense.
  12. Almost anything involving dragonkind is skewed one way or the other depending on who's telling the story. The dragons recount events during the Radiant Era much differently than humans do- for example, the fall of the Skykings can be heard as either "lesser beings rebelling against their kings out of fear and intolerance" or "humanity rising up to overthrow the tyranny of prideful beasts" respectively.

    Aside from that there isn't really much in the way of history being written by the victors. There are plenty of cases where history is miscounted because people simply weren't there to see it, but it's usually motives rather than events that truly become subject to embellishment and such.

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