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PLANET Discussion: Deveron

Discussion in 'The Manaverse Wiki Project' started by Ziolang, Sep 11, 2014.

  1. I suppose I should probably supply a thread for the discussion of the red-headed step-child of the multiverse. Deveron, the shattered world.
  2. Added a page for Vorpal. Will need to discuss with Eebit/Shadow to further develop the page~
  3. When it comes to Kivorde, I can't help but feel like it might be some sort of "anti-Eon" or Eon repelling substance in some way. It has been discussed how Eon somehow acts as an 'anchor' for dimensions and timelines... in the case of Kaichrona, it exists unanchored to either in the Manaverse.

    So I guess I want to talk about what exactly the Vodera were aiming for when creating Kivorde, and the nature of what went wrong when they did so.
  4. For reference:

    Ziolang Hmmm... you bring up an interesting question regarding Kivorde/Eon relations
    Eebit Oh good, you saw it
    Ziolang Yeah
    Ziolang I'm not really sure how to answer that
    Eebit That's okay -- it was meant as food for thought, mostly. Kivorde as an entity is still very much a mystery to me. I gather it is a construct, but I'm not sure about much else about it (beyond it being 'grafted' into Vorpal somehow)
    Eebit Is it aetheric itself? How do the Vodera create it, and from what?
    Ziolang It is not aetheric; it's... more like a concept. Like, Kivorde itself isn't necessarily an entity you can interact with so much as it is a... 'voice' telling Vorpal how to act.
    Ziolang I'm still uncertain how Vorpal is made let alone how Kivorde was made. That's where we enter the realms of my characters knowing more than I do
    Shadow I was under the impression that Kivorde was a separate aether
    Ziolang I'm not entirely sure what it is; most of my comments about it is speculation
    Shadow If it's a command more so than a """substance""" then it's likely it's a foreign particle attached to Vorpal or something
    Ziolang ^
    Ziolang Hence the "grafted in" idea
    Eebit An artificial particle attached to an aether. Interesting
    Ziolang Originally, Hirasu, who created Vorpal or at least was the lead to the process, could connect and command Vorpal. So Demons just relied on him. But gradually and ultimately Hirasu's consciousness basically melted into the aether altogether... so they needed a new method
    Shadow Aethers are in turn composed of their own particles (with some common factors--like psions), so we could think of Kivorde as an artificial particle leeching and "hacking" into Vorpal
    Ziolang So they either applied the concepts they needed into Kivorde to command Vorpal itself for them or they intended to have it be like a communicator, but if the latter that definitely didn't work
    Eebit But its nature seems to be that of "organization" in some capacity, given that it had the power to completely dismantle Deveron as a planet and somehow fragmented it into several subdimensions
    Ziolang Kivorde in and of itself doesn't really have any power if I'm understanding its nature. It just tells Vorpal what to do
    Eebit So that's where I wondered if there was some inherent connection to Eon -- would it somehow have attached to the Eon/the Eonbranes "connecting" Deveron the planet to the Manaverse as well?
    Ziolang And Vorpal is compelled into obedience
    Eebit I don't know much about Eon beyond it being a sort of anchor for timelines/dimensions, though, so that's just me musing
    Ziolang I'm not sure. Kivorde may even be unaware of Eon as it is of other aethers. I'm rather unfamiliar with eon myself
    Ziolang Demons deliberately put themselves into a dimensional field when they made Vorpal; a two-part process to their invasion schemes. Kivorde simply took the dimension it was in; the only universe it understood, and divided it further
    Shadow Eonbranes are really subtle fields to begin with, and aren't actually physically anchored to the universe. You'd have to slip through the cracks of timespace to find this "pure" Eon
    Ziolang In fact I think it is /because/ Deveron was in a dimensional pocket that Kivorde even managed to exist. Had it been made without the dimensional field it probably would've immediately started attacking the mana that would still inevitably exist on Deveron and would pursue that course until it expended the entirety of vorpal combating the infinite mana.
    Eebit Hmm... so Deveron already had been put into its own dimensional pocket before Kivorde?
    Ziolang yeah
    Eebit That rules out it being a sort of bioterrorism weapon, I guess
    Shadow Actually, /Vorpal/ was the bioterrorism weapon
    Ziolang Sorta, yeah
    Eebit In what way?
    Ziolang Well from what I understand, mana is a rather passive energy. So if a foreign energy came along and was liek "get out shoo" it could fairly easily push the majority out; so you pop into a world via rift with Demons and Vorpal in tow and swarm the planet; the inhabitants being mostly cut off from their aether
    Ziolang /or/
    Ziolang They vorpalize the planet somehow
    Ziolang As I've said these are all relatively new developments so i'm still piecing things together
  5. If someone dies on Deveron, how is it handled? What do the Vodera do with their dead?
  6. Ah... I don't know!

    I do not get the feeling that Vodera bury their dead, nor that they would leave a body to decay somewhere. So I guess it would depend on the circumstance. I imagine each Vodera clan would harbor a place of the dead; a tomb or maybe a catacomb of some kind. So should the Vodera's clan be known and circumstance allows, the body would be brought to the clan to be seen to.

    However, no dead are to be kept on the Keldemen plane; it is a place of sacred life. There is a single exception to this wherein the Myroti clan keeps one tomb carved in the central mountain Zhimen itself. Therein, as legend tells, lay the bodies of the "great Vodera past." A right reserved only for those born the highest of respects. This includes each clan head of Myroti, honored Vodera like Dreigon (should he die that is where he would be placed), and legends speak that the six kings themselves are therein entombed. The site is respected and sealed, opened only to allow a new corpse.

    Another exception to this general idea would be the desert plane Murthul. In complete contrast to Keldemen, it is considered a plane of survival and death. Should a Voderafall here, he/she is left to the mercy of the plane and its beasts. Murthul is widely viewed and utilized as a proving grounds. Those who die therein, failed.
  7. What is the strangest geographical feature on Deveron?
  8. Well, the natural rifts between the dimensions are the most interesting things. Most of them are constant and unwavering, but there are a few well-known ones that open and close at specific times and remain open for an exact duration.

    There is a very neat landmark on Murthul, with many names and titles [because I haven't pinned it down to one yet.] There is a deep canyon ravine-shaped basin that is probably about a quarter-mile wide, and a little under a mile long. It's several, several stories deep and at the base is a river; not a lake or pond or other collection of water, but a river. From the edges of the basin, you can see what looks like the river is flowing out of solid rock , running the length of the ravine basin, then doing the same as it runs directly into the wall on the other end, without hitting it.

    The phenomena is that there is an unseeable rift open on both basin walls that the river is eternally flowing from and through. Yet if you let an object float along the river into the rift, it will take about half an hour or so for it to appear from the other side, if it does at all. Demons avoid it generally, as basins on Murthul is the nesting grounds for Wurms, and the watered areas are where the Murthul Phoenixes like to hunt [which are more like actively carnivorous condors]. Murthul is a very wild plane, precious few Vodera live there.


    Another interesting thing is the islands on Razhmeon. They all float. There is no ocean floor, at least not that any Vodera has been able to find. As such its assumed that the "bottom", "center", "core" or whatever you might call it of Razhmeon is a single "rejection" rift, which means if you pass into it you'll come out at the same spot. No one really knows why or how the islands float; it's pretty much attributed as just another oddity of a dimensional world system.

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