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Cyber Warriors (A game where we dethrone Shadow)

Discussion in 'Interest Checks' started by Electro, Apr 2, 2012.


Are you Interested?

  1. Yes! We must rise up and defeat this oppressor!

  2. Yes! We must protect our noble and benevolent ruler!

  3. Yes! I must prove my dominance! (Only for Shadow)

  4. Yes! But I want to run it!

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  5. No! This is a terrible idea! Shadow, eliminate this imbecile!

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  1. As I have mentioned twice, I believe the only way to defeat Shadow is to bring him to a level playing field. If you would side with Shadow in this conflict, we have a place for you too. The dungeon, er, I mean, you can be a minion. I guess. Basically, you must create a character for yourself (based off your username) in order to combat Shadow. No changing your username to fit your character! If you're interested in either helping the rebellion, or being a prisoner, er, I mean, minion, say so. (Btw, we would need Shadow's participation). Also, if you feel you have alterations and/or would like to lead the roleplay, by all means, say so. I don't really feel like making this, but no one else thought of it, so I kinda have to.
  2. ... To be perfectly honest, even if this is a joke, it sounds like fun. XD
  3. Actually 100% down with this idea
  4. Well, it was originally an attempt to get Shadow off the throne of the ZEJdom, but if you guys are interested, I did enjoy the idea, and we could change it so that it's not necessarily a quest to destroy Shadow, or we could file it away as a backup int the case that Shadow regains power.
  5. ^I actually want to try working for Shadow. I'm probably insane, I know.
  6. This'll sound strange to CoU people but somehow I do, too. Not decided tho.
  7. Shadow's my bro, no matter how much I hate how he keeps all of the peruvijuana.

    Never get high on your own supply bro!
  8. What you don't realize is that my throne is still intact.

    In other words, bring it on.

  9. Ohhh sh- *me getting hauled off by a dragoon*
  10. I could still get down with this idea. Anyone want to step up and lead the crusade against our tyrannical "leader"?
  11. Sounds cool, I suppose we should flesh it out a bit more? Like, setting or whatever, and what's allowed and what's not.
    Still planning on using Shadow or...?
  12. @Shadow get in here

  13. ayyo i'll just drop this right on in here
  14. His new IRC quit message is Let us hear the world cry, as this black babel burns the sky. Whether this is relevant or not is up to you guys.
  15. Ohey, an excuse to kill Shadow~
  16. I'd play since he never noticed me anyway.
  17. pssst- is this still gonna' be a thing?

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