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Crystal Clear: Genesis

Discussion in 'Interest Checks' started by Silver, Jul 30, 2014.

  1. [​IMG]
    deal with it
  2. Goddamn it, you two. I initially wanted to use ire, but I guess I'll have to waterfag again.
  3. Sorry for taking so long to really correspond; life and all that. However, the Jonno is here now, and the Jonno is here to stay (for this RP :5). I'll take dark, if that's cool.
  4. That's perfectly fine! My character's crystal really doesn't matter all that much, so I'll grab the Wind crystal. And with that out of the way we have someone in each crystal type! I'll get the actual thread up later tonight and I can't wait to start this journey with y'all!

    Fire – Taken by @Rose
    Ice – Taken by @Black-Moon
    Lightning – Taken by @Irouk Inverse
    Water – Taken by @Nebulon Ranger
    Earth – Taken by @CodasterTheDisaster
    Wind – Taken by Myself
    Light – Taken by @ShadoeMayari
    Dark – Taken by @Jonno
    Plant – Taken by @Eebit
  5. Is this gonna start ever?
  6. Yes yes! Sorry all, moving into college and getting used to my new schedule is taking some time. We will begin either Thursday or Friday!
  7. All right, cool. I just wanted to make sure this was still a thing :)
  8. This is still A Thing! I promise! I'm just having some difficulties.

    I want to start this right, and getting the opening the way I want it is proving harder than expected. I like to sit down and really get into it, but I haven't had the time, especially with my show opening next week. It's busier than ever, but after that things will calm down. And we will start! I promise you all! :)
  9. I was talking to @Silver about this a few days ago, and he said I was free to drop a bump in here to see if there would be anyone interested in returning to the world of Crystal Clear. The reason I'm bumping this is because I thought the premise was quite fun, and it seemed like it had a lot of people interested in joining.

    Would anyone else be interested in seeing this start, by any chance? Silver did say to me that he was thinking he would direct his focus to True Origins, but I'll let him speak for himself and post here on his own.
  10. I'd be up for it, I think I still have the concept somewhere.

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