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Crystal Clear: Genesis

Discussion in 'Interest Checks' started by Silver, Jul 30, 2014.

  1. 2XX4

    A thousand years ago, our forefathers arrived in this veritable Eden with the intent to start anew: to build up from the ashes of our ruined nations and find peace in the rolling fields. As it was peace they so desired, peace they so found. Their first settlement in this foreign land flourished. In between rolling fields of grain and snaked by ribbons of crystal clear waters, it seemed as though the land itself had decreed that this would be our ancestor's place of rest. The plants and vegetation offered up many a bountiful harvest, the wind carried itself across the fields with endless vigor, the fires they burned provided warmth to their last cinder, and the shift between day and night remained a tranquil exchange. Even during times of great strife (fires that ripped their way across the land, storms which rained down the fury of the heavens, the most brutal of floods, or the heaviest drops in temperature), the land seemed to respond to its newfound children, protecting them and providing for them in ways unknown to the time before paradise. Our people quickly grew to love their new home, and it, in return, loved them, for this land must have gained a sort of benevolent sentience which helped pave the way to the beauteous society of today.

    But things were never quite so simple. For this land held a secret to its paradisal qualities. The very reason for the crystal waters, ever-burning fires, lush fields, and gentle breezes came not from happenstance, but rather a sort of mystical force never before realized. Crystals. Unknown to the first settlers of this land, the very source of all things within their home came from the infinite power of these structures. Never would they have been revealed had an outsider, a man known as Gaiza, not stepped from deep within the darkened woods at the edge of their sanctuary.

    Gaiza, as our people's history states, strolled directly into the main settlement of Pinna and, without permission from authority or any grace whatsoever, took a stand in the central plaza. With a voice smoother than the finest silks and sweeter than any honey, he announced to all who could hear the truth behind the land. He called it not Eden, but Crystalis, claiming that many years before our people had arrived that his own people had lived here in seclusion from the rest of the world. He spoke of the Crystals which gave the land its fortune, and of how he and his people had lived beside them in peace until outsiders had come before our fathers. Emotionally, he carried on about the fate of his brethren––how those first outsiders had shattered the crystals and attempted to claim their power in order to wage war on the innocent people living there. When all the town had gathered before him, he finally spoke of how he had watched them, afraid that they were like those visitors of the past––afraid that they too would search for the crystals he had hidden––and that he too would fall prey to a greed matched only by those who had come before our people. He continued, however, to state that he saw a difference in us. He saw compassion and a love for this land which had treated our broken people as if they were its own. Touched by our sincerity, he let down the ominous forest and revealed the shrines of the crystals, which he had spent years gathering the pieces of.

    Gaiza's role in our people's history is foggy at best following that event, however it can be said that our people did not react out of greed. Instead they too found solace in living beside the crystals as Gaiza's people once had. They shared the strength of the land and lived in peace––no wars or suffering or endless terror of days long since past. Just tranquility.

    In our day, we have prospered from Crystalis, having built up cities while preserving the land and maintaining the delicate balance. We have learned to not only live beside the crystals of power, but learned to borrow and return their essence so that we may further the betterment of our lives and the lives of the future generations. True be it that there are those who disagree with the use of the crystals, but they are of few number. All uses of the crystals today are for nothing but our growth and development as a society. To keep us safe and happy. The aged members of society use their power to provide a better life in the form of technology and nourishment, and the young provide us with different outlets. Creative, unique, intellectual expressions of the crystals' power, which can only lead to a future full of bliss.

    . . .

    Little does anyone know of the latest craze to hit Crystalis: Crystal Dueling.

    - - - - -

    Okay, so this is the official interest check for the newest Silv!Freeform to hit the market. I think this will be super fun and I hope those of you who have already expressed interest thanks to Jacob's pimping will find yourselves bursting with excitement! For now, just state whether or not you are still looking to join and I'll get a profile sheet/thread up soon.

    Looking forward to this! :)
  2. Please. I wanna set stuff on fire.

    (I'm also summoning the @AmberSerpentofGlory for this)
  3. Interest peaked!

    I just have one problem-
    my mind has thought up too many crystal fighting possibilities and now i'ts going to be terrible to sift through them...

  4. Awesome! :)

    For y'all and whoever else is interested, I feel I should mention that the types of crystals are limited by elements. This should still give y'all enough to do whatever you really want, but, as the IC hinted, the crystals only house the forces of the elements. As such there are no Psychokinesis crystals or anything like that, but there are the following:


    At the start your character will have one single crystal and their unique way to approach Crystal Dueling. Their "Battle Style" is entirely up to you, and should be their primary form of fighting unless in-game events lead them to believing they need to try something different.

    A profile sheet/thread is still in the process of being created! Look out for it!
  5. Sure, I'll join. Just as soon as I think of a concept for a character
  6. Here because why the fuck not.

    plserino no character sheets
  7. Insert George Takei "Oh Myyy."

    This looks interesting as Hell.

  8. Just an update for everyone! I will be home in approximately 6 hours and will be posting a profile sheet then. As it stands I'm going to accept all of you which is equally exciting and terrifying! Never managed a roleplay this big before, much less one this hyped! Here's hoping to a very successful future for the Crystal Clear Chronicles!

    . . .

    Did I mention this has really good potential to span at least two roleplays? Cause seriously, that's how big this thing is at the moment! ;)
  9. Alrighty guys, I'm going to start taking character sheets starting tonight! For reference here's what your sheet should look like:

    [b][u]Name[/u]:[/b] (Full. First, Last, and Middle if they have one.)
    [b][u]Age[/u]:[/b] (Try to stay within the 14 to 30 range. Most people younger aren't permitted to participate in Crystal Dueling and anyone older generally doesn't partake or is affiliated with those against the use of the crystals. Go figure. :P)
    [b][u]Gender[/u]:[/b] (I'm taking every kind of gender identity.)
    [b][u]Appearance[/u]:[/b] [spoiler](Image or description, either way works.)[/spoiler]
    [b][u]Personality[/u]:[/b] (Give me a general idea of what your character acts like under normal, heightened, and otherwise circumstances.)
    [b][u]Crystal Collection[/u]:[/b] (This is the starting crystal type––of the nine listed in the interest thread post––you will receive shortly after the roleplay begins. Crystal Dueling is new and, in most cases, hasn't been picked up by many people. An exceedingly slim pool of people have already been keeping personal crystals––ones used for professional or otherwise affiliated official use, yes, but not for fun. Note that I say 'collection' because it is possible to attain other crystal types, or possibly multiple of the same type. I will go into further detail on this when we reach that point in the role-play . On a side note, let's try to not have too many multiples. At the moment we have a total of eight... possibly nine people which is enough for one of each crystal. Not saying we all have to pick a different one, but this will be no fun if we all have fire crystals. That being said, my character will be using a Darkness Crystal.)
    [b][u]Dueling Style[/u]:[/b] (This should relate to the personality quite a bit. People react to challenges in different ways and, furthermore, combat things differently. Someone who's incredibly hasty isn't going to spend time charging up attacks. Likewise, someone who is calculated and precise isn't going to just fire like mad. Make it make sense! Dueling Style could potentially shift between Crystal types, but that is not something to worry about just yet.)
    Lastly, in addition to your profile sheets, I would like for all of you to send me just a brief post of your character in action. Do something simple. Have them hang out at a mall, or perhaps get into a fight with their parents. Something. I just want to see your character in an actual roleplay perspective as it will help me define some arcs that have not yet been fully developed and give me a taste for each of y'all as writers.

    Can't wait! I'm super excited about all this! :)
  10. @Eebit @Rose @ShadoeMayari @Irouk Inverse @Nebulon Ranger @"Black-Moon" @Jonno @CodasterTheDisaster
  11. So just a quick question, will the sheets be through PM?
  12. Yes. @"Black-Moon"
  13. I will either be taking Plant or Air (depending on which way things pan out), I think, unless there's any qualms with that.
  14. Alrighty, so sorry for the massive delay. Packing for college and saying goodbye to people has taken up a lot of my time, but I'm ready to get this under way and get it under way immediately. That being said, I have an announcement: CHARACTER SHEETS ARE NOT REQUIRED AT THIS POINT.

    You heard me right. I'm not taking profiles at this point––a decision I reached after a very short conversation with @Eebit . Instead we will begin as soon as possible (I'm not just gonna copy paste the IC intro over into the story thread, more will come). For now, I'd like for all of you to settle on your crystal types. Everything else will come in due time~

    @Rose @ShadoeMayari @Irouk Inverse @Nebulon Ranger @"Black-Moon" @Jonno @CodasterTheDisaster
  15. I think I'm going to go with Lightning.
  16. I'm gonna hit up that earth
  17. I'm going to go ahead and take ice. Because its- /Weiss/ cold. (#badRWBYpuns)
  18. Can I have fire? Fire is love, fire is life.
  19. How dare you I wanted to burn stuff.

    I'll take Light, then.

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