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Crossover Task Force Characters

Discussion in 'Roleplay Archives' started by Wonder Smash, May 22, 2012.

  1. Want to know the characters that have appeared on Crossover so far? Here you go!

    Main Characters

    Riku – A boy who dreamed of leaving Destiny Islands and exploring new worlds, Riku escaped his home’s destruction after a race of strange creatures called the Heartless attacked his home. However, he was persuaded to join the aforementioned dark force’s ranks in order to save his friend, Kairi. Eventually, he left the Heartless and helped his other friend, Sora, save several worlds from destruction. He found himself on a journey of self examination, opposite Sora's journey of memories, and while helping Sora from the shadows, realized his destiny as a warrior of the dawn. Upon saving Sora from Xehanort, he went to Crossover City in search of warriors to aid them in their battle against the Thirteen.

    The Medic – A doctor with no medical license, the Medic is the local healer for his team, BLU, who fights against their business rival, RED. He has no regard for the Hippocratic Oath whatsoever, and is mildly sadistic, in addition to possibly being insane. His weapon of choice isn’t so much a weapon as it is a tool for healing, which can even make his allies temporarily invincible. He decided to go to Crossover City for its annual Medical Convention.

    The Chinese Chef – A Chinese chef, as his name would suggest, the Chinese Chef is also skilled with ranged weapons. He is one of many different chefs who work at Orientals, a Chinese restaurant that also houses a gang of criminals. This particular chef decided to leave his gang after he got into an argument over a dish. He went to Crossover City to start a new life with a new restaurant.

    Kay – A martial arts student cat who was the best in his class, Kay stole his Master’s mystical blade and left his town after his school was to be demolished in favor of one made by Gorilla Minister Shun, a gorilla, as his name would suggest. He eventually managed to help his land rebel against their dictator and bring about an age of peace. Afterwards, Kay went to Crossover City on a field trip.

    Steve – A strange person who lives in the wilderness and can build almost anything imaginable with the right tools, Steve is a bit of a hermit, and prefers isolation over large crowds. Not much is known about his past, but he seems to be very creative and strong, able to gather resources with only his bare hands, and has fought countless monsters in his quest, whatever that quest is. He has travelled to Crossover City to stock up on supplies for some kind of expedition.

    Last Updated 6/20/12
  2. I have added the first four characters. For those of you who will be controlling them, please let me know if you would like me to change their reasons for going to Crossover City or something like that. :D
  3. Umm, maybe I just know too much of the story line for KH, but this would probably be a post 3D Riku, so his story would be extended, unless you have a problem with it, of course. If it's okay, I'd like to rewrite his backstory.
  4. I certainly wouldn't have a problem if you expanded Riku's backstory. :p I just kept it brief because I didn't want to over-represent any of the characters. As long as it isn't so long that it's a basic plot summary of the Kingdom Hearts series, it should be fine.
  5. I have added Chinese Chef and Zar'roc's expanded backstory for Riku. If anyone else would like their character's bio expanded, all you need to do is type it and send it to me in a PM, or post it here, whichever you prefer. Just make sure it isn't too long.

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