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Beast Pit: Bared Fangs

Discussion in 'Interest Checks' started by Gold Dullahan, Sep 2, 2014.

    Here's an IC for "I have no god damn idea".

    AKA- I'm just throwing random crap around and this will be where people will add there crap and polish it, and by the end we will have a very big, polished, beautiful piece of turd.

    This doesn't have a clear story, so anyone's free to toss in ideas- even if you won't express interest once we get to the end.

    The way this works- I post an idea, then you talk about it a bit, and then change/add something. Then we continue doing that to the above post as we go.

    A masquerade- but like, in space...? (Sorry, I watched Guardians and now I want to force space into everything.)
    With all classes- "nobles", soldiers, criminals, etc. OOOH- Lizard fighting!? Or some other creature? Like- enter a thing, place your bets- toss all the shits in a pit and see who wins????????

    Space criminal Pokemon?!
  2. RE: Well, it's me MoonMoon, so ya' know it's "good"?

    Criminal den deep-space exotic animal fighting ring and bar
  3. RE: Well, it's me MoonMoon, so ya' know it's "good"?

    Underground exotic alien pet fighting ring and bar in space
  4. RE: Well, it's me MoonMoon, so ya' know it's "good"?

    But if it's in "space" how is it underground?

    Underground exotic alien pet fighting pit, bar, and smuggling ring on another planet
  5. RE: Well, it's me MoonMoon, so ya' know it's "good"?

    This thread is becoming a legitimate Interest Check!
    So on IRC, Cerby actually asked if I would try Statplaying, soo... thank the keeper of havoc and hell for this??

    Beast Pit
    Bared Fangs

    Beast Pit, an illegal arena under the surface of Artemis AV72- the planet of barren rock, a home to the largest mining industry in the Nightshade Galaxy.
    With housing for regulars and sponsors, the Beast Pit is a high quality bar/arena, well... as high as the quality of such a place could be. In it's main room, a large circular pit had been dug out, and in certain spot minerals even stuck out dangerously. Around the edge of the titular 'Beat Pit' were various seating arrangements where criminals, the rich, and tired miners would sit and watch the biggest event on the planet and perhaps the criminal world...
    Bared Fangs.
    A tournament in which various animals or lesser life forms are pit against each other in battle, guided by the words of their masters who hover above on a special caged platform.
    For the first time in years, the tournament is being held exclusively for first-timers.
    Grab your seats, open your cans of Fireworm Ale, and clear the screen of your Star Visors-
    Because this is a tournament the world will never forget.
    Because this is the tournament with an unseen force within it-
  6. So what would our characters be? The trainers (which would make most of us summoners) or the brawl-pit beasties?
  7. Underground as in illegal.


    Also I know multiple people have told you this already but I have to advise against trying to run a statplay with no prior experience. It's been attempted and those attempts ended in failure. My first (couple of) time(s) running a statplay didn't go over well either, even with experience in using the system.
  8. The brawl-pit beasties which are all kinds of strange alien life form things. But if we were the humans, we wouldn't be summoners because these are like animals, they're out in the wild and considered less than human, you'd just have to capture one.
    I know, and I understand where everyone's coming from because yes- Statplays are as difficult as people say for beginners. But... Statplays are pretty... dry, I guess. So... I feel really compelled to try.
  9. Knowing that, then, I'd be interested in joining.

    Out of curiosity, what do you mean when you say statplaying is "dry"? I will say you already seem to have an aptitude for it judging by your profile in the tutorial.
  10. I guess along the lines of... I don't know, barren? As in, there haven't really been many recently. Or maybe it's just me?

    But Shadow seemed pretty "excited" (or interested, at the least) about the prospect of me starting up new statplays, so yeah.
  11. Charmaigne would be a great fit here. Give me a bit to finish her~
  12. Is this still poised to be A Thing?!
  13. If we've got interest. Anyone good to go?
  14. I hereby present my ellipses of interest

  15. Alright, so far:
  16. I'm definitely interested in taking part. I would like to know, however, whether our characters will be in a single party, because with the Beast Pit being an arena like dog-fighting, I initially get the impression of PvP (our characters against each other). Either way, I'm making a front-line Atk. DPT, if others want to make sure to fill other roles assuming we are a united party.
  17. I'm hoping we're in a united because otherwise people who end up losing their first few battles are kind of screwed since they'd always be at least a level if not more behind. And the whole competitive thing doesn't work if someone is 4 levels higher than another. I'll be making a melee ranged carry tank assassin support mage bruiser jungler.
  18. Yes- united team. The arena battles are both 1vs1 and team battles, and you happened to be in a team.
    I'll be a ranged INT, I guess.
    Anyone else?
  19. I'm still interested if you're still running it. Also pls revive your other roleplays while you're at it ;3;
  20. If you anyone wants RP revivals shoot me a PM and I'll see to it, possibly.

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