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ATTN Jake "Eebit" Fryer

Discussion in 'Спам Oстров' started by Keileon, Mar 19, 2020.

  1. You're an ass and it took two years of you being gone AND you randomly softblocking me everywhere to realize that.

    For all of your Canadian niceness (read: passive aggression) and seeming willingness to be the confidant you apparently had no problem absolutely throwing a years-long friendship into the trash without giving me so much as the courtesy of explaining why, or even entertaining one of my multiple attempts to reach out. Mutual friends are afraid of asking lest you block them as well. This has only happened with one other friendship, but that person at least did me the courtesy of allowing an open dialogue.

    And even when we were friends you weren't a good one. Jumping right to starting drama when I subtweeted instead of talking to me privately about it, insulting me and then making me feel like I'm overreacting, constantly convincing me that the latest argument or fight was my fault for being unreasonable. I'm not still mad about you calling my shading "ass". I'm not still mad about you saying I should discard a nearly-completed piece and start over because something was crooked. But I do remember both of these instances and how you acted during and after them. And there are more, many more. You were held on a fucking pedestal because you were a founder, a staff member,


    (not quite worthless though: opening the game to grab this screencap made me notice an error. Good job.)

    You were a toxic friend and after so long away from you I realize that now. Maybe you think this post radiates "kuda mad" energy and if so that's basically just proving my point. I've had some rum but that's only giving me the metaphorical balls to say this now.

    I'll never know why you cut me off because you're too much of a coward to confront me directly when I'm not in a state of heightened emotion and desperate to resolve the conflict in any way possible. No, I'm not 19 anymore. I have self-respect. I stand up for myself. The difference between you and Shadow is that Shadow's honest in his abrasiveness. He gave me the time to acclimate to him without constantly making me feel like I was overreacting. To paraphrase one of my favorite shows: You're a wolf in flower's clothing. Shadow's in a shell of toxic Doom clan culture. But at least he'd admit he's a wolf.

    No, I'll never know for sure. But I have a guess. And if my guess is correct it's the number one stupidest reason to ever cut off a years-long friendship. Never do that to any of your real friends, Jake. They don't deserve that.

    I trusted you. You took that trust and stabbed it with a rusty knife. You're never going to get that back.
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